Mayfair Leather-faced Executive Chair £100 delivered (was £300) plus Quidco @ Staples online

Mayfair Leather-faced Executive Chair £100 delivered (was £300) plus Quidco @ Staples online

Found 30th Dec 2012
Seems a great deal for this executive leather-faced chair. Big reduction in standard selling price. It is only reduced to £240 in-store, but available for £100 online.

Use Quidco for an additional 6% / £6 cashback from Staples online.

This is sure to sell out soon I bet!
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It was never 300. I got it half price for 99 long time ago. Very good chair, worth every penny.
worth buying? How well does the leather wear as it looks incredibly thin?
Maybe other chairs looks thin but this one is well made., No 1 @Staples store I checked.
Yeah its a nice chair.
Had mine (black) about 2 years now. Leather still looking good but some of the padding has sagged a bit so less cushy than new.

Can echo above though.. I paid £99 which i think has always been the price
They are two different chairs!!! One black one brown, brown above is front made leather, where the black not.
i have this chair looks so much better in my room than a boring black one...matches my brown suite and decor... i'm well pleased with it...i use a small cushion under my bum to catch the fart residue
Hot for me.

I sat in this chair at a Staples store 3 years ago and boy is it comfortable. It was on offer then at £99 and I've kept an eye on the price for 3 years and for the vast majority of times it is genuinely at least twice this price.

The only reason I didn't buy it (yet) is because the display ones I've seen have had dry cracked leather on the leading edge of the seat and I'm unsure as to how my daily use would compare with the abuse a showroom chair gets.

Considering 3 years of inflation, £100 today is a brilliant price.
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I need a nice computer chair as mine is falling apart now. I have black leather suite how to people think this would look? It looks like dark brown so it might match but I don;t want it to look odd in the corner. Anyone got this alongside dark leather furniture.
it is dark smoky brown, should be fine, go to Staples, they should have it on display.
Out of stock now
That brown one looks very nice. Decent price as well. Hot form me.
Been waiting for more stock and it seems to be back in now - just ordered. Thanks for posting!
It is a great chair indeed. Anyone know where I can buy the black version online or retail?
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