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Posted 21 July 2023

Mazda Mazda2 Hatchback 1.5 e-Skyactiv G MHEV Homura 5dr

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Mazda2 Hatchback 1.5 e-Skyactiv G MHEV Homura 5dr sports a number of great features and technical specs.

This includes a fuel economy of 60.1 MPG combined and 107g/km CO2 emissions from the 4 cylinder, 1496 CC engine with a 6 speed gear box. This produces 90 BHP with a top speed of 114 MPH and a 0 to 62 time of 9.8 seconds. The car fits into insurance group 18A.

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  1. Michinom's avatar
    Manual transmission in case anyone was wondering
  2. badgaltritri's avatar
    I have this car and I absolutely love it
    Tuta's avatar
    Same spec or just the same car?
  3. Bibizzzz_3's avatar
    Can this be purchased on finance ?
    fishmaster's avatar
    Yes click on the FINANCE tab >

    "Finance Options If you would like a competitive finance quote for this vehicle, please submit a vehicle enquiry and one of our salesteam. Once your enquiry has been allocated, one of our team will contact you to discuss further and will introduce you to our panel of finance brokers who can provide you with a competitive finance quote."

    I find it is always better to finance a car myself if I need to. So I take out a personal loan and use that. What matters is the interest rate on the loan. I always manage to find a cheaper deal than the dealer can offer.
  4. Mrepg's avatar
    God that ugly and looks like it should be £8k
    craighunter86's avatar
    Great input. Show me where I can buy a brand new hybrid car for £8k…?
  5. paulde2007's avatar
    In the scheme of hybrids which aren't good anyway.... we have mild hybrids.

    Almost no environmental benefit and almost no additional mileage (edited)
    boostii's avatar
    An extra little shove here and there to smooth out the engine's power delivery is surely a better use of excess energy than dissipating it as heat?
  6. Westy12's avatar
    Looks like a great deal for this car. Thanks
  7. sandozer's avatar
    50636741-8F1Q0.jpgI bought this to replace my 2016 Sport Nav, virtually same car with 6 speed box, lane guidance, rear view camera, no fog lights! The "mild" hybrid does have an effect, subtle though. (edited)
    Smoggy1970's avatar
    Nice colour!
    I think I'd be considering this if I was after a small car.
  8. preecey's avatar
    I have a 2018 Mazda 2 89bhp 1.5l petrol SkyActiv which has returned an average real world economy of 51.5mpg after doing around 18,000 miles in it since buying it two years ago. That's a mix of city and motorway miles.

    On the motorway it can do around 55-60mpg.

    Usually used to buy only diesels but this little petrol car offers great economy that easily surpasses competing small petrol hatchbacks.

    Nice to drive too.

    Chain cam engines as well
    Supergolo's avatar
    For comparison purposes, 18000 miles cost about £340 in electricity in an electric car (home rate not motorway rates) (edited)
  9. rrr99gp's avatar
    Great value, for a very good looking car (good engine choice too). This might be the ticket before you think about going full electric. Hybrids seem to be a bit of a compromise in many ways. Makes sense to stick to dino-burners for now, then switch over completely when the time is right.
    deleted231063's avatar
    After the events of Thursday, I see there are now calls for the ban on ICE cars to be pushed back from 2030 to 2035 (quote 'like everywhere else'). Can't post the link as it's deemed 'political' but if you Google it, you'll find it. (edited)
  10. ivan_glojene's avatar
    Gutless engine
    Mazda uk has useless customer service too

    No engine temperature gadget
    To noisy start
    There is a better choice out there for this money
    deleted2844744's avatar
    Customer service I had no opportunity to deal with but with the sales and service team yes. They are useless and without any knowledge. But that is the case basically in most dealers in the UK. Sometimes I just ask myself how on Earth they managed to get the job.
    Noise start it is true. It is like that in the first minute and I complained about it but someone explained to me that is a good thing, but I do not find that post to link it.
    Engine temperature gadget is not present also no option to check the tyre pressure monitor. These all available with more expensive Mazda, but not here. Money pinching...more annoying, that the side windows can not remove the water from it when you lover them. The rubber at the bottom of the window do not have contact with the window that is the reason. The windshield is weak, I had many stone chips. I used half of the price base model Corsa (2015 plate) and I have not had all these issues I experienced here.
    I had the most expensive paintwork and it chipped very easily.
    So yes there are some issues with this car but Mazda is in the top 10 most reliable brand on Earth so if you can accept these small nit-picks it can be your partner for years.
    For better choice out there....I hardly thinks so. Value for money in the supermini not EV segment this is the best. (edited)
  11. futura's avatar
    Isn't this just based on a 15 year old Fiesta platform or have they changed it since the original Mazda 2?
    W77's avatar
    Fiesta is a great little car, bought a second hand one for my wife and ended up driving it myself most of the time, its 1.5 deisel with MPG mid 60s zero road tax suspension is a bit firm but very good low cost transport (edited)
  12. NikhilKulkarni's avatar
    No automatic transmission?
    sandozer's avatar
    It is available in 90bhp model.
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