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Mazda 3 Hatchback 2.0 SE-L Nav 5dr 9+23 x £152.40  PCH/Lease @ Mazda Holdcroft - £4876.80 term
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Posted 6th Jul 2018Posted 6th Jul 2018
Mazda 3 Hatchback 2.0 SE-L Nav 5dr 9+23 x £152.40 PCH/Lease @ Mazda Holdcroft - £4876.80 term£4,876.80
Mazda Holdcroft in Hanley You won't find this deal on their website but you'll have to contact them directly, it is a stock vehicle. I would've gone for it if I needed a car withi… Read more

just got one delivered last week, its not bad. Only con is that it has a bit of a lag and thats cause there's no turbo but apart from that its a nice car. The suspension is really good, it just glides over bumps an pot holes(small ones, I wouldn't dare risk the bigger ones lol).


You’re wrong. Leasing is sometimes the most cost efficient way to drive a new car. My lease is cheaper than buying. It’s not for poor people. It’s for anyone who wants the lowest cost way of driving a new car replaced every two or three years.


Great examples. Real life context.


Do agree in part, however the way I approach big ticket items is to lease anything that depreciates and purchase anything that appreciates, my current lease costing £5k over 2 years would of depreciated £8k over the same period had I purchased outright. My 2 properties on the other hand that cost £175k to purchase are now worth more than double, but I never go into any lease without knowing I could if needed pay off the outstanding. Agree there are those driving around in £30k vehicles who cannot afford to switch on the heating come winter.


This site is for talking about the savings that can be had with such a product. Even though we are all thankfully, welcome for our opinion of course but if leasing is cheaper than the decreciation of the vehicle in it's given time, then leasing is of a better option, if you want a new car every 2-3 years.

Mazda Mx-5 Convertible	1.5 SE 2dr - 24 Months Lease / 8000 p.a - £159.80pm / 23 months / £779.40 up front fee - total cost £4,454.80 @ Mazda (Loughborough)
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Posted 17th Jun 2018Posted 17th Jun 2018LocalLocal
Mazda Mx-5 Convertible 1.5 SE 2dr - 24 Months Lease / 8000 p.a - £159.80pm / 23 months / £779.40 up front fee - total cost £4,454.80 @ Mazda (Loughborough)£4,454.80
In stock Sandicliffe Mazda Loughborough Mazda Mx-5 Convertible 1.5 SE 2dr £159.80/month Rental Profile 3+23 Annual Mileage 8k Miles p/a Initial Rental £479.40 Additional Fees … Read more

Picked up mine yesterday. Love it already. Yes features are basic by many rivals standards, and all the foibles are true, however the sheer fun and driving experience far outweigh any of the negatives (excited)


Just got mine today. Decent 50mpg on the motorway. Visibility is poor though and it's the basic model. So sparse inside. Will update again once I've been on some country roads giving it some hammer. Mine did have a key warning light which we will have to sort out. Dealer put it in writing that they will cover any costs if Mazda refuse warranty fix.


If you go for the rf model from then it has all the extras you'd want plus electric folding hood etc for 40quid a month more. It's still cheaper than the basic model from everyone else


Wow. No wonder it’s cheap. Basic.


Yes, if you want Bluetooth then get the model with it, simple.

Mazda 6 2.0 Skyactiv 145PS SE-L on a 42 month PCP for just £243.93pm, after £3k deposit
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Posted 19th Feb 2014Posted 19th Feb 2014
Mazda 6 2.0 Skyactiv 145PS SE-L on a 42 month PCP for just £243.93pm, after £3k deposit£21,095
Mazda is offering its very impressive Mazda 6 2.0 Skyactiv 145PS SE-L for just £243.93pm on a 42 month PCP after a £3,000 deposit, with a final payment of £6,423.88 to keep the car… Read more

GFV will always go the right way. They're desperate to do a deal...


True depending if the GFV goes the right way etc, Just go crazy...... mmmmmmm


But you'll never own the car. At least with this deal, you have collateral to use to flip...


Just seen this.... Mazda 6 Saloon 2.0 SE-L 10k a year No deposit, 258 a month over 4 years. Surely a better deal due to you keeping your 3k in the bank? Only difference is maybe the car model is different? Leases are great at the moment and beating PCP by a mile, depending which makes you look at


They're dearer...

Mazda dealers price matching for Servicing
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Posted 24th Aug 2013Posted 24th Aug 2013
Mazda dealers price matching for Servicing
Mazda are price matching independent garages for servicing. Just got a great deal on a 12,500 mile service at the Mazda dealers, £180 reduced to £120. £60 saving!
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It's quite common practice in the VW, Audi group too. VW used to have it on the website, not sure if they still do but there is an ongoing radio campaign. The only proviso is that they use genuine parts and carry out all operations in the schedule.


Cost £245 for service on my last 6 Sport, independents up here wouldn't touch it because they couldn't update the DSR. Haven't got it anymore thankfully. Mazda dealers are awful.


£120? Is that the cheapest you could find at a local indie? That's main dealer Ford pricing around here!


Good deal, however, I agree with hornetsam. Just had my 75k done by my local independent garage at 1/3 the cost and it's brilliant. Much better than my local Mazda garage


Mazda dealer serviced my MX5... Front to rear tyre swap - failed to change tyre pressures (i discovered this the hard way exiting a motorway ramp). Oil leak at filter following service (tried to balme spillage and it would run off). As above at next service but worse Poorly fitted wiper blade. After calling to check car was ready to pickup following service, I arrive to be told car not ready yet it was being valeted and would be 15 minutes - car arrives 20 minutes later, filthy - never seen a drop of water. The service from the dealer when trying to buy the car was much worse than this.

Mazda £169.00 per month with NO deposit
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Posted 10th Feb 2013Posted 10th Feb 2013LocalLocal
Mazda £169.00 per month with NO deposit£10,495
Hi all, this is my first post so be nice :). Seeing as everyone is posting car deals how about this deal :) 42 Monthly Payments of £169.00 On The Road Price £10,495.00 Mazda Depos… Read more
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Maths wasn't your strong point at school was it. Just talking numbers and without getting into debate about one car vs the other, as you seem to think it's only the number that counts, lets do the sums shall we. Mazda deal - £169 x 42 = £7098 Plus the final payment of £3178.00 and including the £219.00 deposit contribution makes a total amount payable to OWN this car of £10,495.00 Your Vauxhall deal - £250 x 60 = £15,000.00. So a total amount payable of erm, £15k a mere £4.5k more than the Mazda deal you rubbished!! and the Mazda deal is also 0% and is fixed payments!! Furthermore you have a concern about affordability and yet you think paying £250/month is better than £169/month. You must be a car sales persons dream come true. :p




yes they run on same floor plan


The other deals have free insurance... this one does not :(


You can buy the whole Mazda company for £10,495 ???? BARGAIN !!!

NEW Mazda2 1.3 3dr TS Air Con 0% VAT £8755 @ Mazda Dealers
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Posted 11th Oct 2012Posted 11th Oct 2012
NEW Mazda2 1.3 3dr TS Air Con 0% VAT £8755 @ Mazda Dealers£8,755
New Mazda 2 for £8755 is a great price for a new reliable car. Avaliable at all Mazda Dealers •Manual air-conditioning •CD player with auxiliary input •Electrically adjustable d… Read more
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I have a 2008 Sport. Identical to the white one above, the TS model in this offer will be the face-lifted version with slightly improved suspension. The TS is the base model of the range. Even with improved suspension it's a firm ride and due to the reduction in weight the 2s have undergone, road noise is pretty loud. It's not an awful car but if you're after a fairly refined small car, this aint it.


haha..I like that!!


You can still open the windows lol.


No good for me, I like to be open the windows


It means it is not automatic or climate controlled, just an on and off button.

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Mazda 3 1.6  Tamura £13,777.50 on the road
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Posted 1st Sep 2012Posted 1st Sep 2012
Mazda 3 1.6 Tamura £13,777.50 on the road£13,777.50
The wife has been looking for a new run around and came across this deal, personally i think it's a good price for a brand new car.

Suzuki Swift ...


Looks nice but a Honda Jazz (1.4 ES would be my choice) is better value and more practicle as a family run around. Better mpg and lower RFL cost as well as really good resale values. Surprisingly roomy and very versitile space means you can transport large loads with ease (had a large cooker in the back of my wife's Jazz and the guy in the shop could not believe if fitted in so easily as he had struggled getting similar into larger cars). They are also very reliable and well built.


Good buy will get one just need to win lottery


Surely the Mazda3 was introduced in 2004? Still I guess driving an imaginary car will save you even the two grand, you're 14k up now ;)


2002 mazda 3 £2000 £12,000 in my pocket it is after all a runaround not for a round the world trip

Mazda6 1.8 5DR TS - 0% VAT and 0% APR over 3 years!!!
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Posted 9th Jul 2012Posted 9th Jul 2012
Mazda6 1.8 5DR TS - 0% VAT and 0% APR over 3 years!!!£16,214
If you are looking for a new car then this is a cracking deal. 0% VAT reduces the price from £19,320 to £16,214 and then 0% APR on the residual of £8,967 post a £7,250 deposit over… Read more
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No worries. At a glance it does actually look like a deal worth considering based on the upfront discount. You do get a lot of car for your money with Mazda. I just didn't want you to be over-optimistic about the cost of ownership.


Thanks SuffokLad222 - I know nothing about car resale prices. I am just looking for a new car as my lease period is nearly up on my current one and thought this was a pretty good deal especially as you actually end up owning it rather than just giving it straight back.


To be fair, these prices seem to be the very top end prices for purchasing from a dealer. The price you'd get after 3 years would be closer to the £5000 that sowotsdis mentioned. £7000 would be my top estimate.


3 year old 59 plate Mazda6 1.8DR T on Blacks is valued at between £10,050 and £10,850. If you get the top price then it has depreciated by just £1,788 a year. Get your facts right...


oh and it will be worth £5000 by the time you have paid up

0% VAT on Mazda cars plus 0% finance available.  e.g. MX-5 for £15,051 & Mazda 2 for £8,755 at all Mazda Dealers
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Posted 8th May 2012Posted 8th May 2012
0% VAT on Mazda cars plus 0% finance available. e.g. MX-5 for £15,051 & Mazda 2 for £8,755 at all Mazda Dealers£8,755
Manufacturer offer of 0% VAT on Mazda cars. MX-5 from £15,051 Mazda 2 from £8,755 Mazda 3 from £13,361 Mazda 5 from £15,201 Mazda 6 from £15,754 Mazda CX-5 from £21,395 0% or 5… Read more

Good deal for a mazda 5 mpv surprised it did not get wider coverage in the press


My biggest issue with Vauxhall dealers is the huge price differences for the same service from different dealers, had the same issue with Peugeot too. Luckily I've found a decent dealer in Cannock who does my services and price matches :).


I would think the sunny weather is helping too.


after all the fighting, whos bought one then? i've seen a few 12 plate MX5s driving around so the deal must be doing well for them


Vauxhall & Mazda's main failings are the same. Their dealerships. I hear Lexus & Skoda have by far the best dealerships in the UK.

 20% off Mazda MX5 (Upto GBP4629) @ Mazda and 0% Finance with 50% down
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Posted 31st Jan 2011Posted 31st Jan 2011
20% off Mazda MX5 (Upto GBP4629) @ Mazda and 0% Finance with 50% down
This is a cracking deal - more than 3 times the saving recommended by the What Car Target Price! All you have to do is click on the link, and then register for a voucher via faceb… Read more

Hot from me! Seems a great deal(_;)


Pretty good deal if it works out. MX5s are brilliant cars, and I wish I could justify the purchase.


One way is to have facebook on a smart phone. Choose places when you are nearby the dealer, and a list of places nearby should come up. Find the dealer in the list and select it. A voucher will appear that asks you to check in, check in and it will activate the voucher. I imagine if you can't do it you could probably call the dealer, tell them you read about the deal and see if you could just skip the voucher part.


Clicked on the links and see that I need to "check in" to the facebook page of one of these dealerships. How do I do this, please.


shame it isnt off the mazda 3 mps.... still on the lookout for a decent second hand model of this car.

20% off any new Mazda- HM Forces discount
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Posted 17th Feb 2010Posted 17th Feb 2010LocalLocal
20% off any new Mazda- HM Forces discount
Being in the Forces has it's advantages- not quite as good as the USA over here with love for troops, but if you don't ask you don't get. We went into the Mazda garage in Lincoln f… Read more
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Very true. The RAF Regiment have received heavy losses too.


I will get it fixed if Arnold Clark ever return my call!!!


What about when there is nothing on the seat????


No doubt you will delete this, but please edit your own post: our brave forces are not the Army. We have three fine services / HM Forces: Royal Navy, Army, and Royal Air Force, not to mention the Royal Marines etc. Please Please Please do not generalise all forces as Army or even worse as soldiers. You might see it as misc or trivia but it is important to us. Thank you.


Yeah, I know some people who trash everything they own too. Is it an intelligence thing or are you just VERY unlucky?

Mazda BT-50 scrappage deal from £6,425
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Posted 4th Sep 2009Posted 4th Sep 2009
Mazda BT-50 scrappage deal from £6,425£6,425
On mazda website they are stating that the Mazda BT-50 can be had for £6,425 which includes scrappage discount of £6,000. Sounds pretty good, havent followed up on it so dont know … Read more

unexpired as per reports


Was just about to repost, but they have removed the £6425 price on the website now only on the top priced model. Might be a mistake?


Reply below from mazda dealership in strabane. "Thanks for your enquiry, This offer is for a Mazda BT-50 4X2 Single Cab Pick-up which is available on the Scrappage deal from £6425. This does exclude Vat and RFL which amounts to £1730. If you can give me call I can go through the process with you or e-mail me your number and I can call you. I can also arrange a test drive, finance deals or just send you a brochure. Look forward to your reply." Mods please unexpire or op please post this deal again, ( with right pic this time) someone spammed it so maybe it cant be unexpired.


What dealer.??.. my local main dealer says no.


can a mod please unexpire.