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MBNA Platinum 36 months 0% balance transfers credit card
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Hey guys. I spotted this great balance transfer deal: The MBNA Platinum 36 month balance transfer Visa credit card offers: 0% on balance transfers for 36 months Balance transf… Read more
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Just looking on MBNA, I went for the 31 month with 1.1% fee I looked at the Santander and Sainsburys 0% fee but according to MSE i was only 40% likely to get those cards, but 100% likely to get the MBNA one.


Santander 0% balance transfer with 0% fees. Isn't that a better deal??

MBNA credit card: 0% on purchases, balance transfers and money transfers for 30 months
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Hi everyone According to Moneyfacts, MBNA has launched a brand-new All Round 30/30 Credit Card. This deal offers: 0% interest on purchases for up to 30 months. 0% interest… Read more
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Is this deal this around. Can only find the 28/28 card.


Posting a similar question I posed on the Tesco 0% card here too : I am looking for a 0% APR card to spread out the cost of a kitchen refurbishment - can someone please suggest if this is the best card to purchase on and then pay over a few months with no interests to boot or are there better options? Please spare me the don't fall into the credit debt trap comments as I know what I am doing - have plenty of cash parked in other investments which I don't want to break if I can rather have a 0% option, but still appreciate your concerns. Thanks for any help.




Hi people. Could you help me out please. I want to consolidate some cash owed to very and PayPal credit to keep the interest down and spread the cost over a couple of years. Would I need a money transfer card to do this, or would I effectively be able to use a standard credit card with a 0% interest period on purchases and class the payment as purchases? No idea to apply for a card with better money transfer deal, or one with better purchase deal. Cheers peeps.


Not bad ... 4% is a bit on the steep side .. but otherwise looks good . I notice they offer cards on either of the two main networks Visa/Mcard so it could be a good backup for any other card on the opposing network , just in case (TSB , Visa, Hackers) :/ No annual charges ?

MBNA Platinum Credit Card 0% on balance transfers for 32 months, 1.15% BT fee
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
If you’re looking for a decent length BT deal with a low fee, this card from MBNA is worth checking out. The MBNA Platinum offers: 0% on balance transfers for up to 32 months… Read more
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Very handy thanks. Barclays wouldn't offer me ANY balance transfer at all (0% or otherwise) so its bye bye Barclaycard lol. Also one for 36 months, although I should have eveything cleared by 32 months!


Any credit to MSE :/ :/

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MBNA Thames Clipper - Kids Go Free - 20-21 Jan + Free Lumiere London 2018
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Cheer up your January with a fantastic offer from our partner MBNA! Enjoy a day out in London for less with this kids go free offer. Treat your little ones to an adventure through… Read more

Plus the dirty water of Thames is not a good sight.Still voted hot for those who it may appeal to.


A bit cold for me at this time of year especially when i have got the flu!!😷

MBNA 38-months 0% interest balance transfer credit card, 1.44% BT fee
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Here’s a decent deal for people who need upwards of three years to clear their credit card debt. MBNA has upped the deal on its Platinum Balance Transfer credit card from 37 mon… Read more
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Much better deal here


Exactly. Downvoted this on principle for the plagiarism.


Just what I was going to be looking for this morning. Thanks!


Will I get accepted for this if I’ve already got an MBNA balance transfer card? Thanks


Glad to see stoozing has survived the hike in interest rates.

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MBNA 37 months 0% interest on money transfers 3.45% fee
Found 1st Dec 2017Found 1st Dec 2017
This is a decent deal if you have non-credit cards debts (i.e. a loan or overdraft) and want to switch them to a 0% credit card. MBNA’s Money Transfer Credit Card Visa offers: … Read more
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Yes, that's basically how they work.


Great deal. I've been a customer with MBNA for 7+ years. Has anyone tried ringing them to see if this can be applied to your existing account?


Yes, I did this to buy a car a while back, and paid it back slowly over the 3 years. There will be the 3.45% of the amount of money transferred upfront.


Good find. Heat added


V good deal, the rate for balance/ money transfers gas just gone up to over 20% so another company that reels you in then well and truely screws you. Time for me to mov

MBNA 30 months 0% interest on both purchases and balance transfers
Found 14th Aug 2017Found 14th Aug 2017
Hi guys MBNA has launched a brand-new All Round 30/30 Credit Card. This deal offers: 0% interest on purchases for up to 30 months. 0% interest on balance transfers for u… Read more
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Sorry to bump this, but just need a bit of advice. I was in between jobs for five weeks there, meaning that these next few weeks are very tight as I haven't received any pay for a month and won't receive any from my new job until the end of the month. Would you recommend using this card for things such as getting the shopping in and transport? Plan to pay it all back within two months so only want it as a short term option. Never had a credit card before so thought I'd ask before I apply!


I have had one of this in 2006. I think it was 3000 or 5000 limit After two years they closed my account for using limit , clearing balance and using it again 3 or 4 times every month The reason given was not allowed to use for business use.


After being rejected for m&s got this with a £7400 credit limit promptly reduced to £5000. M&s take ages while this took minutes! Funny that they think i can't pay back the money or maybe they just won't make money out of me! Hence rejection. 24 hours after being rejected i was accepted for this. Dont give up peeps. However only use these if you have to or are very clever and sharp with credit! Perfect for the heating system


Hello, hope the trip goes well. Makes sence of you are booking it in £'s fo you are doing euro transactions you may want to check if there is a fee for doing this. You might want to check MSE cheapest way to travel section to find out the cheapest way to buy in euro's. just a thought


are there any decent 0% cards that give rewards/ points? I've just finished my 18 month 0% on Tesco so looking for something similar to earn points on

MBNA Platinum Credit Card - 0% on money transfers for up to 36 months - 2.99% handling fee
Found 26th Jul 2017Found 26th Jul 2017
It's the best I can find and I use them to overpay mortgage payments (only of use if your mortgage rate is above 1%)

Agreed didn't notice that. I took it for the BT rate


That's 1.9% for 20 months




I actually think that Virgin deal doesn't exist now. Do you have a link?


This is a money transfer card. The ability to borrow £xx.xx over 3 years for a 2.99% fee. Use it to offset mortgage payments and it's a sound thing to do,

MBNA: 42 months 0% on balance transfers (2.79% fee) or 30 months (0.64% fee)
Found 28th Jun 2017Found 28th Jun 2017
Hi guys The latest deals from MBNA look pretty hot. There are two options: MBNA Platinum credit card 0% for 42 months on balance transfers – the longest on the market. But ther… Read more
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£20 cashback on transfers of £1000 and over at the minute too (certainly with the 0.64% offer anyway) :)


I had no problems with them either :D


MBNA are the best by far. and always send new offers out all the time and always putting up your credit limit. and you can hold more than one MBNA credit card.


It does. If you close a credit card after you paid off your credit score goes down, two of my friend had it, that's why I was asking how manicmidlander does it. If you don't touch the card after a while the company cancel it apparently so it won't affect anything.


​Why should closing an account affect credit score?

Football credit cards from MBNA with upto 29 month 0% purchase
Found 17th May 2017Found 17th May 2017
Credit Cards available for the following teams: 1. Arsenal 2. Chelsea 3.Liverpool 4.Spurs 5. Aston Villa 6. West Ham
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Yeah, 2nd from bottom. :D


I bet when Villa fans went down they thought it would be all doom and gloom but look at them now. 8)


That's the 1st time this decade Arsenal have been top of the table.:D


This will be a good offer in September time when they throw in free shirts, but for now it's freexing cold!

MBNA's new online-only brand Nuba launches with 41 month balance transfer offer, and an 'all-round' credit card, plus a £20 Amazon voucher sign-up perk
Found 27th Oct 2016Found 27th Oct 2016
Read about it here on Moneysaving Expert: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/cards/2016/10/mbna-unveils-new-credit-card-brand-featuring-20-amazon-gift-cards MBNA has unveiled … Read more

Sorry about that - amended


depends on the amount you lend. they only have the options to pay the minimum or pay balance in full, so create a standing order for the rest


Title needs amending to show the fee as it isn't 0% as stated.


misleading title


yep, title is very misleading.

mbna credit card with 0% on balance transfers for 41 months
Found 23rd Sep 2016Found 23rd Sep 2016
I'm not an expert on credit cards by any means and neither I'm interested in one but this seemed like a decent deal.

Had no problems in about 6/7 years. Someone abroad spend £3000 on it once and was quickly spotted and removed from my account.


You do not need to be a financial expert to gave a credit card, two simple steps, set up a direct debit for the minimum payment but make sure you fund the account. On the anniversary of the account being opened when your interest free period ends make sure you have moved to another card. Really if you can't do any of that you, yes you shouldn't be getting a credit card or any other loan, of any type of bill that you have to pay in a certain date. Really it's not rocket science :(


I agree. Any card will charge you ridiculous fees if you don't manage it properly. The fees here might be slightly higher... But the key is to avoid them completely. As for the deal, 3.49% fee is high compared to, say, Tesco 0% for 24 months...


As ridiculous as it may be for financial buzz like you, I was just sharing my experience of how much fees and other charges they impose, maybe not just this company but out of many other CCs I have had this has got to be the worst. Just for those thinking they will be on track with it all, just be careful as one day it does get out of control. Take it as an advise or ignore it as a ridiculous post and state the obvious which I have already, up to you.


Sorry but that is the most ridiculous post I have ever seen in all my time on this site, you are correct you are at fault, finance is an important part of life and anyone who doesn't take it seriously is crazy, if you mess up any card you will get interest and fees charged that is what they are there for. Unbelievable don't follow the terms of your card, get charged and then blame the company :(

Free Spurs (third kit) Shirt - MBNA Credit Card
Found 20th Sep 2016Found 20th Sep 2016
Spend £200 on a new MBNA credit card within 90 days and receive a 'free' Spurs shirt (third shirt) I have an existing MBNA card and this wasn't a problem. Repay the balance befor… Read more
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yeeeessss! -201°


But it would seem they can't even give them away (got to love this site sometimes!) :D


The third shirt this year is the pinstripe gold one, much better than last season's purple one.


Fair enough, personally i think it's a cheap way of getting a shirt (granted they're overpriced)


You can pick the size, if you don't submit a preference they default to men's large (unfortunately large won't be too big for me anymore! :(

MBNA Balance Transfer Card, 0% For 40 MONTHS! (2.55% Fee) + (Option to get pre-approved).
Found 10th May 2016Found 10th May 2016
Good deal for 0% for 40 months. + Money transfers (4% fee) Also gives you the option to check if you'll get approved WITHOUT leaving a footprint on your credit file!

​Surely this is why you regularly save each month?


​The second week of January the company I was employed by for over 10 ceased trading with no warning. Wages, overtime and expenses etc unpaid. Due to some dodginess with the transfer of assets to another company we've been denied redundancy payments. I'm so out of pocket it's scary.


True, but life changes and if you are, say, made redundant MBNA would stuff you much quicker than many others.


MBNA, unlike many lenders, do not put up with financial difficulties even if temporary.


If you miss your min or monthly repayment, a credit card is not for you.

MBNA credit card 0% on balance transfers for up to 39 months
Found 31st Jan 2016Found 31st Jan 2016
Just received an e-mail from MBNA regarding this. Seems like a cracking deal - 3 years and 3 months of peace of mind. Also the initial transfer fee is not that high 2.9%...yes, bef… Read more

good deal. got mine a month w


Lol now I see...


As Joey Essex would say : "Reeeeem!"


If you transfer your balance to this card you will have longer to pay it off at 0 percent - it's a no-brainer surely ?


wary not weary surely ?

Travel for free around London using MBNA MasterCard on Friday 13 November 2015
LocalLocalFound 11th Nov 2015Found 11th Nov 2015
Travel in London on Friday 13 November 2015 and, thanks to your contactless MBNA MasterCard®, it won’t cost you a bean. TOUCH IN ON TRANSPORT FOR LONDON THIS FARE FREE FRIDAY To… Read more





I have a Mbna mastercard which is a credit card. Can that be used?


I've only ever used it when these offers come around. Can't seem to find anything about it online and haven't got round to calling them yet.


Have you ever used your MBNA Mastercard as a contactless payment?

MBNA Reward Credit Card
Found 4th Jul 2015Found 4th Jul 2015
Ideal for those who wants rewards out of credit cards as many of them offering low cash back and points due to EU law changes. Not for everyone however. Doubly Convenient Double… Read more

Great card, great company


I have this card. It is 1p per 2 points. so the minimum order for gift vouchers is £10 using 2000 points.


Not sure if it being with MBNA is the only reason for this being cold? I'd need more information on how much different rewards cost because if you can trade say 10,000 points for a £100 Tesco gift card card it would work out as a good deal. This would be because each point is equivalent to 1p and so the AmEx would give the equivalent of 2% cashback (4% in first 3 months) This probably works out as being better than the AmEx platinum cashback card, but more research is needed into whether the rewards are the equivalent of 1p per point.


I've used cards from MBNA owned subsidiaries before and don't have much to do with them, just do my balance transfer and ensure I have an SO, or DD in place and leave it until the 0% expires and then move on.


The worse credit card company in the world to deal with. If they take over the running of a card I cancel it straight away

MBNA £5 Cash Back for iTunes Spend
Found 23rd Jun 2015Found 23rd Jun 2015
Shop at iTunes or the App Store using your MBNA credit card 1 and you could get up to a maximum £5 cash back. With millions of downloads, you could be surprised how much fun a five… Read more
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It's not a freebie (ie. it requires a purchase).


Looks like a limited offer...might want to add this to the title as well "Your account was selected for this email based on your account status as of 06/06/2015."