MBT exercise shoes Instore only at Office. Bargain half price at £65.
MBT exercise shoes Instore only at Office.  Bargain half price at £65.

MBT exercise shoes Instore only at Office. Bargain half price at £65.

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Spotted that Office had a sale of MBT shoes in the store in Windsor today. Don't know if it's national but can only assume it is. They don't seem to have them online though.

These normally sell at £135 and they had them for £65. I have been looking for these for ages at a cheaper than retail price and you can never find them!

Got myself a pair and am very pleased! I do have very achey calf muscles though! For those of you that don't know what they are there's some info here mbt4fitnessandposture.co.uk/wal…php


Overpriced failed fashion-statement wannabe's

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definitely not a fashion statement! They are more exercise equipment. trust me if I was choosing footwear it would not look like this but they are fantastic for posture and joint problems

hehehe looks like fake prada shoes

I had a pair - lasted 2 years of constant wear - best footwear I've ever had - miss them greatly but have been stalling buying because of the price - will be looking into this tomorrow! VOTED HOT HOT HOT

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2 years, that's pretty good! I was worried as the soft heel doesn't seem like it will last but I guess it does! Full price is a bit much though. Couldnt believe it when I saw them today! :o)

Thanks for the heads-up Lizzy!

Looks like tosh to me,

Maybe if they looked abit nicer

excellent price, i had purchased the chung shi shoes as they were slightly cheaper at £119, that was a while ago though.

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Maybe if they looked abit nicer

So not the point of them though!! There are loads of designs but they are not meant to be a fashion item!

Yh maybe not, but they look like disabled shoes or something a retard would wear :oops:

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some people.....
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