McAfee Live Safe [Unlimited Devices] - was £79.99 now £19.99 (1 year subscription) at Argos

McAfee Live Safe [Unlimited Devices] - was £79.99 now £19.99 (1 year subscription) at Argos

Found 3rd Dec 2014
This is not just another anti-virus or internet security. I think you get a lot for a £20 note.

- Your annual subscription covers all the PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.
- Securely stores your usernames and passwords for your favourite sites on all your devices.
- Keeps in sync across all your devices.
- Includes lost device assistance, free support, and advice
- Since McAfee LiveSafe supports Windows 8, you can use your touch screen to manage security on all your devices.
- Voice and facial recognition technology.
- If you lose your Android smartphone or tablet, you can track, locate and lock it remotely.
- Provides protection against: viruses, spyware and trojans and phishing
- Easily filter out unwanted calls and text messages.
- Auto back-up and restore.
- 1GB of ultra-secure cloud storage accessible from any of your devices.
- Robust security systems work together to block every trick of malicious software, using real-time anti-malware as well as a two-way firewall to frustrate fraudsters.
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Why the cold votes looks good to me?
McAfee that's why. More holes than a teabag and you get the added bonus of system conflicts time after time.

I haven't voted but I hate McAfee with a passion.

Itz wordse than a virus
£20 for scareware.
You don't need any of these. Just don't watch porn and u will be fine.

Why the cold votes looks good to me?

Different devices need different types and levels of protection. Trying to sell as extras stuff that is already provided and probably superior for free on these devices is basically fraud.

The Linux credo for software developers is do one thing and do it well. For McAfee that should be stopping viruses on Windows. If they stuck to that they might get less flack.
you get this for free if you bank with hsbc
if you are using this on android you get it free from google play store
3 letters for you all, AVG!! and its free! only anti virus I've ever used and never let me down.
Heat added good price
It's a good price, but these things seem to go through the same cycle.

The appear on the Market (McAfee been around for many years) and they are great, lightweight and effective.
Then over the years they bloat up into something ridiculous full of unnecessary stuff, people start to hate it.
Then the next one comes out and goes through the same cycle.

Good price though, for unlimited devices.
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