Mcafee Security suite half price to download

Mcafee Security suite half price to download

Found 3rd Jan 2007
The well known McAfee security suite is half price to download. The website says:

Stops Viruses. Automatically blocks, cleans, and removes viruses so you can surf the Web safely and download files.
Blocks Spyware. Blocks spyware before it installs on your computer and removes existing spyware so you can surf the Web safely.
Stops Hackers. Protects and conceals your computer from hackers so you can surf the Internet safely.
Improves PC Performance. Cleans clutter off of your computer so you can keep your computer healthy and running smoothly.
Backs Up & Restores Files. Automated backup and one click restore so you don't lose photos, music and important files.
Secures your Identity. Protects your online identity so you can shop, bank, e-mail, and instant message worry free.
Prevents Spam & E-mail Scams. Prevents spam and phishing scams so you can e-mail with friends and family safely.
Protects Children Online. Filters offensive content, pictures, and Web sites so you can keep your children safe when online.
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Just found it on an American site for cheaper too. Check the link.
Mail In rebates are only for americans... you can't do it if you live in UK
Didnt realise it was a mail in. Sorry guys.
Anyway, McAfee is horrendous bloatware! You'd be as well off getting Avast or AVG (I prefer the latter.)
Even at half the price it's not a very good buy.

You can pick up the retail product from pcworld for just £22.49

OEM versions can usually be found for under a tenner...but be careful where you buy from!…263
The full program McAfee 2006 program was selling for £2.99 on last year, must have sold out because I can't find it there. A lot of places are getting rid of it because it's just not up to the standard of a few other programs, including free ones such as Avast and AVG (as previously mentioned by mistersquiddy).
[SIZE=2]I think a lot of the places (like 7dayshop) that were getting rid of MIS 2006 cheap late last year was probably more to do with the fact it is now obsolete and has been replaced by MIS 2007 (as promoted by this thread) rather than any issue over it's quality.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]A lot of major international companies use McAfee as part of their IT security. [/SIZE]
I had McAfee on my Dell laptop and hated it.

I wouldn't put it back on my system if they paid me.
I purchased the McAfee Security Suite 2006 at £8.99 + delivery including updates for 12 months from last year. It sold out at that price. It was never £2.99.

Only McAfee VirusScan was offered at £2.99 + delivery from which doesn't include the Security Suite's Firewall plus, Privacy protection (Hackers/Key loggers) and Spamkiller.

To use VirusScan only will not make a PC secure. My 2006 McAfee Security Suite updates itself regularly and automatically. I'm satisfied with the product and trust that it's protecting my PC.

I had McAfee on my Dell laptop and hated it.[SIZE=1]I wouldn't put it … I had McAfee on my Dell laptop and hated it.[SIZE=1]I wouldn't put it back on my system if they paid me.

[SIZE=1]I also did on my Dell too and I also hated it. It was behaving hysterically, pop-ups every where. It was driving me mad.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]The McAfee Security Suite is so different. It behaves and works [/SIZE][SIZE=1]quietly in the background. I thought I'd never put it back on my PC but at £8.99 for a full 12 month security suite I thought I'd try it.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]I thought I may have to send it back for a refund but was pleasantly surprised. It was easy to install and remove with no residue. To be fair, the only thing I had to modify was remove the annoying sign on screen at start up. Once done, it's a pain free experience.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]At the time I was desparate for a reputable security suit. If it wasn't for the special offer I'd never of given McAfee a second chance.[/SIZE]
I have had McAfee Security Centre on my Dell pc since purchasing my PC as it came pre-installed on it, I have had no problems with it what so ever and its been on my pc now for 4 and a half years. I wouldn't change it for the world.
bloody hell, how did you manage to dig up a 2 year old post??????????/
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