McCains smiles jacket potatoes 2 boxes (6 potatoes)for 2.00 @Farmfoods

McCains smiles jacket potatoes 2 boxes (6 potatoes)for 2.00 @Farmfoods

Found 29th Mar 2013
To cook the three potatoes takes just over seven minutes.Ideal for a quick meal for the family :-)They say these potatoes are small .I think they are medium sized, and are adequate if your having something else to go with them.


No deal, I can buy a bag of spuds for £2 and stick it in the microwave and have the same results.

How can people stand for these? Surely buying your own potatoes is a no brainer?? Or are they that hard to put in the oven until cooked?

These potatoes are worse than Hitler.

I am just glad princess Di is not here to witness such a monstrosity.

Consider the cooking cost ie. gas or electric for 2 hours

Good god people here are thick as sh1t.

These are instant potato jackets- that's jacket potatoes ready to eat after 4-7mins in a microwave.
Normal potatoes put in a microwave do not magically transform into jacket potatoes and they take a lot more than 4--7mins,
and the oven takes at least 30mins.
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