Mccoys Classic 15 Pack 480G £1 @ Tesco (instore)

Mccoys Classic 15 Pack 480G £1 @ Tesco (instore)

Found 11th May 2011Made hot 11th May 2011
Shocking prices of crisps now but found McCoys 15 packs (5 x cheese & onion, 5 x salt & vinegar and 5 x salted) for £1 instore today.

Website says £4.29 so must be instore only.

No idea how long on for, SEL just had £1 with no special offer on it.

Thanks to Money maker on MSE


Cheap as chips!

good price for the best crisps

excellent deal, never pay more than 10p a bag

Have the packs got the 2 4 1 curry vouchers on


my local tesco has box of 36 walkers crisps for £4 that i cant find online either - heat given

heat added

Couldn't see any, but I did see an 8 pack of ridged crisps in a gold packet for 66p.

Usually you can get between 12-18 packs in poundland, the prices these go for by default at supermarkets is stupidly inflated. Good deal still, hopefully my local express has them in.

Didn't work for me. The pack had the 2 4 1 curry promotion

Just been to Tescos North Harbour, Portsmouth and picked the 15 pack up after seeing this thread. Sadly not £1.00. Scanned at £4.29
Just thought I'd let any others from nearby know. Still a hot deal for those who can get them though!

Will give it a go later,cheers

Scanned at full price in Leeds Roundhay.

£4.29? Dont think so!!!

Scanned at 4.29 in Tesco Bradley Stoke Bristol. Had to leave them at till !!!!

So has anyone else found and got this deal at a store?


So has anyone else found and got this deal at a store?

A NO to that...!

None in my tesco
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