McCoy's Crisps 6 x 32g - All Flavours - 85p at Tesco

McCoy's Crisps 6 x 32g - All Flavours - 85p at Tesco

Found 2nd Aug 2011
McCoy's Crisps 6 x 32g - All Flavours - Half Price offer - 85p at Tesco

Offer includes:

McCoy's Cheddar & Onion 6 x 32g

McCoy's Meaty Variety 6 x 32g

McCoy's Salt & Vinegar 6 x 32g

McCoy's Variety Crisps 6 x 32g

McCoys Flame Grilled Steak Flavour Crisps 6 x 32g
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saw these in tesco yesterday. heat added
Just Had A Pkt Of Plain Salted .... Hot
Got some of these today
Best of all crisps.
Hot as they are 85p.
I would never pay full
price, that would be a
rip off.
oo lovley, cheese ones for me mmm
just bought some. have got the curry deal on the multipack too so extra good buy. heat added
Heat. love these.
Not that good a price, can usually get 12 packs of these from Poundland.
Got 2 pcks yesterday for the coming weekend
i cant find chicken sweet chilli in mccoys., where can i find them...............
I was in Tesco yesterday and they weren't marked as on offer there- I can't remember how much they were over £1, I ended up buying the Tesco version instead.
For those with a Costco card, the 3 flavour (steak / mexican / cheese ) multi packs are on offer this month

15 packs for £1.57 no vat to add.
REMEMBER to get the packs with the "2 For 1 Curry" red banner on top. Then you get a free curry for 85p as well! The voucher is the outer pack, the individual packs inside will not have the voucher. The individual packs with the voucher cost about 63p. Voucher valid until end of November. Check which restaurants here...…php
my local doesn't stock salt+vinegar ones grrr
stupid tesco only priced the s&v at 85p in my local. So I only got thoes although wanted them all
bear in mind these are small bags not the usual 50g ones.....
great price love these gotta be a pack of C & O and Steak mmmmmmmm
Iceland also Poundsaver £1.00 for 8 32g (ready salted x2 , salt and vinegar x3 , cheese and onion x3),

works out at 12.5p vs 14.16p per pack

Walkers are launching a new flavour.

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