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McDonalds Monday 13/02 - Filet-O-Fish £1.39 // Free McCafe Hot Drink when you purchase a Bacon Roll via App @ McDonald

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63096_1.jpgThere is a typo in OP photo, Fillet-o-fish is available before 5am or after 11am.
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    I find the standard fillet fish on its own rather bland. I add the other ingredients to make it taste more acceptable like pickles lettuce etc
    I love adding extra pickles 2x, onions, and mustard. Personally I like those and think that they work the best inside.
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    Didn't know they sell the Filet-O-Fish during early mornings
    The Filet-o-fish deal possibly starts at midnight and then stops before breakfast time (i.e. 5am, where the bacon roll offer is on, and then the filet-o-fish offer starts at 11am) some Mcdoanld’s are 24h (though not entirely sure because of Sunday trading rules) that’s how some McDonald’s deals have worked midweek. (edited)
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    Deals becomes less and less desirable ! Cold as Ice
    Agree. Hardly worth bothering now.
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    Never understood why filet o fish is priced the same as quarter pounder, Big Mac etc. You get so much less for your money.
    So true, it's even worst when they use the quarter pounder box

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    I really don't understand why these deals go hot, when you can get a Whopper from Burger King for £1.99 every Wednesday. Infinitely better.
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    Between 5am - 10:59
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    Better when the deal was 99p. This is not a deal (edited)
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    Love the soft bun of the filet - o- fish

    Unsure I am ready for fish before 1pm though… (edited)
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    Tried one of their bacon rolls once. They should consider using actual bacon instead of the limp tasteless vaguely look alike filling.
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    Love me a 'fillay' but haven't bought for years...way too overpriced.
    Pretty sure they're half the size now too.
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    Since when did the fillet fish come available on the breakfast menu?
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    Can you buy more than one for that price?
    Only 1 per account.
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    Oh no it now says £1.49

    But gives me option for other burgers

    EDIT: Just noticed the £1.39 offer now showing up (edited)
    That £1.49 deal is a seperate personalised offer on your account, not available to everyone.