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McDonalds Monday 20/03 - Cheesy Bacon Flatbread £1.19 // Big Mac £1.49 via App @ McDonalds

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  1. MangoVango's avatar
    Cardboard flatbread
    jungleboy123's avatar
    yeah, got one of these free with monopoly stickers. Tasted like cardboard.
  2. Bedrocks's avatar
    Bring back the breakfast wrap

    These flatbreads are terrible!!
  3. Change_Me's avatar
    rather gets fries extra with that big mac for an only 50p more with the £1.99 vouchers
    bkpatel's avatar
    Do those still exist
  4. Pancakes42's avatar
    The flatbreads are abysmal. Go for anything else really
  5. fuuuuuuuuuuuu's avatar
    Honestly, the flatbread isn't great but it's also not terrible. Frankly, for the price with a coffee, I'd rather go to Greggs and get something nicer.
  6. lucas's avatar
    That looks depressing. McDonalds bacon is the worst
    donny's avatar
    true - but you can make them at home for the kids with nice bacon
  7. RaMoS87's avatar
    The Breakfast Bagel was by far the best item they had, they should bring that back 🙏🏼 McDonald’s are you listening to us HDUKers
  8. yozzman1234's avatar
    Like eating cardboard. Tried once , never again

    Bring back the breakfast wrap . Why did they stop selling it ? It was so popular (edited)
  9. donny's avatar
    Fair price, but try and make them at home as very easy
  10. Spartan117b's avatar
    Personally Their bacon should be crispy in their wraps and flatbread always opt out bacon for this reason.
    David_Private's avatar
    Can't crisp bacon they way they cook it
  11. Glasshalfsmashed58's avatar
    That looks grim.
  12. royals's avatar
    Terrible, like eating cardboard
    RaMoS87's avatar
    Tastes like the bag it comes in
's avatar