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Posted 2 October 2022

McDonalds Monday - McChicken Sandwich £1.39 // Breakfast Roll £2.19 via App @ McDonalds

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    McDonalds Monday price were 99p in Aug, £1.19 in Sept and £1.39 now.   
    It's not looking good brev. It's NOT looking good.
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    They say inflation is 10%. Rubbish. Used to be 99p then 1.19 now 1.39 that's 40% increase!!!!!
    I think you are confusing food inflation with CPI. I think CPI is around 9% but food inflation in my personal experience is anywhere between 10% and 40%, sometimes even more. CPI is based upon cars, computers etc in other words, people who have very high incomes that would regularly buy these expensive items. I am basing my personal food increase on what I pay now compared to what I have been buying for years, I am a creature of habit!
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    That’s me done with the Monday scheme. Does not meet the price level anymore
    Its still not bad for £1.39. Go to Aldi, Lidl or any other supermarket that sells the typical rustler burger or 'clone'. Most of it is fake meat and costs more than £1.39 now.

    Not saying McD is best, but the quality is a bit better and is cooked hot, so save you electricity bill on microwave.
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    It’s called corporate racketeering, I’m not posting regarding taste/ preferences some posters will comment on that just pricing . McDonald’s large latte have gone from £1.69 to £2.09 other products have gone up similarly no way can you justify the increase considering the amount that they sell. Same with many more companies they are just jumping on the bandwagon. Want the price to come back down then don’t buy it, it’ll soon come down maybe not to the previous price but certainly to a more reasonable increase. Not just McDonald’s though it’s everywhere
    Agreed. Unfortunately a company like McDonald's are just too big. These price rises will not stop the majority of people buying their food. In fact, I'd hazard a guess that the majority of people who eat at McDonald's don't even really look at the price...

    It's sad because like you said most companies are just jumping on the bandwagon but these huge price hikes will make everything more expensive permanently moving forwards. Sucks. (edited)
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    Thanks for posting. Shame about the price going up
    its a few pence.
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    Just make your own burgers, hell I made a batch of 6 quarter pounders with home made fries for less than £6 with organic mince and onion's and potatoes and m+s brioche buns...
    I am sure you have seen a few McDonalds restaurants whilst out and about. They clearly serve a purpose which 500 grams of mince in your pocket cant.
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    Nice to get email offers with the quarter pounder or mcchicken sandwich & medium fries for £1.99.
    48347472_1.jpgMakes a change to the £1.99 big mac & fries receipt code offer I get all the time. (& Free cheeseburger + lettuce&mayo with new account trick) (edited)
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    I wouldn't touch MC donalds even with my feet
    Good call, old Ronald has made a lot of people's lives hell undetected...heart disease, obesity, diabetes...all proven on super size me, that guys cholesterol went through the roof in 14 days and had to abandon the film.
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    looks like KFC daily wrap again for me ... yummy
    Always great value at £1.99. Just wish they did them on weekends too!
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    Once they start 3D printing food, like in some sci fi movies, i would imagine it would taste like mackies!!! Fake!
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    Rhymes with miss/hiss/this poor (as they deleted my last comment).

    Over 40% inflation in 2 months is trap/zap/bap