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A fast food and drink restaurant with a varied menu and drive through service, McDonald’s is a familiar sight in UK towns. To save money on meals out, diners can keep up to date with all the latest vouchers and promotional events on the McDonald’s page at HotUKDeals. Read more

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Free cheeseburger for Blue Monday with app download - Valid until 25/01/19 @ McDonald’s
25/01/2019Expires on 25/01/2019Found 20th JanFound 20th Jan
McDonald’s are giving away a free cheeseburger from 10.30 am on blue Monday through their app. Download app from Google Play Store Download app from itunes Valid until Fri… Read more
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If people didn't argue, that'd be quite a boring film! Predictable plot but good acting from a good cast made it interesting for me.


I fell asleep.Why do they make films with people arguing against one another ;) ?


Because most people don't know about the offer, despite the advertising. Just because you know about it and HUKD knows about it, doesn't mean everyone else knows about it.


I used to ask for no pickles, but I forgot first time as I was rushing. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it! I bet you ate half before asking the server! :D How was the film?


I got one today,no pickle.Got a second one, again no pickle.I looked at it.It had pickle.I started eating it.I called the server over and told her i said no pickle.She said do you want another one.Yes please i said ;) .

It's Back!  McDonalds Bacon Double Cheeseburger £1.99 @ McDonalds
LocalLocalFound 6th JanFound 6th Jan
It's back on the main menu nationwide, the Bacon Double Cheeseburger at McDonalds This had been on trial in the midlands for a while, and you were able to create it yourself if … Read more

Thank you. :D


They should taste better when they're literally over double the price...


you can do whatever you want with mcd's burgers now days. When I go I ask for a double cheeseburger, ask them to put shredded lettuce, extra gerkins and big mac sauce on. tastes just like a big mac, can hardly tell the difference.


I tried it, didn't like it. Will continue to order regular double cheeseburgers, as they are 50p less, and IMHO better. That bacon just doesn't taste very well


Yes I no they never take it off you as they have never once taken it from me . There must be an easy option on the till . But as they never take it off me , them having that voucher must not matter ?

Galaxy and Galaxy Caramel McFlurry's and Pokemon Happy Meals now available at Mcdonald's
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Now I really do have a reason to go Mcdonalds! Galaxy and Galaxy Caramel McFlurry's are back at McDonalds from tomorrow (4th January) Also Pokemon Toys are back in Happy Mea… Read more
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this site is supposed to be HOT deals not RRP deals but the sheep vote RRP hot as usual and rip many real deals to pieces just because of the brand or because its not a junk food or chocolate deal


Finally, we have some one with intelligence and factual rationality. Thank you for this. (y)


Ive seen the manufacture of the hamburger patties from farm to fork, and was blown away by what I saw, I have to say I was skeptical of what I was going to see during production but have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The slaughter is very humane and the initial butchery has representives from the FSA inspecting the process throughout, the patties are then manufactured by a company called OSI, they grind the beef from forequarter and flank sections of the cow, in to a fine mince, they are then pressed into shape and blast frozen to ensure they are hard. The meat is kept in formation by its natural fat content, they approximate a fat quantity of around 17% (this is the naturally formed fat within the beef, not an added ingredient, and your standard minced beef from a supermarket is usually around the 20% mark). The meat is cooked from hard frozen state at a high temperature on a hot plate that cooks both sides at once. They cook under a slight pressure which also assists in keeping it formed and uniform in shape. There is a a pinch of salt and pepper added on the grill in the stores at the end of cooking. This doesn’t make salt and pepper part of the ingredients of the beef patty but that of the finished product i.e Big Mac etc. Therefore this complies completely to any ASA regulations for advertising and any food standards agency regulations in relations to food labelling and allergen declaration. I feel in your comment above you are confused between the differences between oils and fats in food products, and that you should be aware that naturally occurring fat exists in beef. In a good quality sirloin steak you’d be expected to get around a 14% fat content, that’s what allows it to sear when you put it in to a dry pan. This is the same principle in the cooking process of the above hamburger patties. The use of CO2 in the packing of meats used in the process of supermarket packaging is to reduce microbial spoilage of meat and therefore helping to preserve raw meat products and reduces oxidisation in turn maintains its redness for longer.


These are Mcdonalds toys, you've been able to buy them for a £1 since the mid 90s...not a deal

New Veggie Mcdonalds menu options (including happy meal!) - From 03/01/19
Refreshed 3rd JanRefreshed 3rd JanLocalLocal
So, as of tomorrow (Thursday 3rd Jan) in addition to the Greggs vegan roll McDonald’s are adding to their veggie menu! They will be taking off the “Spicy veg deluxe” but keeping th… Read more

These are nice but not filling. And I only usually have an elcheepo hamburger. Be nice if there were four in the roll.


Yes you should be able to.


Satire isn't one of your strong points.


Just are the spicy veggie wrap. Quite nice. I’m a carnivore but eat the odd vegetarian meal. Used to love the old spicy bean burger. Then the veg deluxe. This tastes pretty similar. They should have kept the old burger too.


I'm not out to cause trouble or pick a fight. Just stating the facts how they are So other peope who aren't aware, like I once was and am grateful to the person that told me rather than had a go at them, and need to know these things do know.

Mcdonalds Double Free Loyalty Hot Drinks when ordering via their app [2 Free when 6 purchased - see OP]
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
If you order via the McDonalds app you get virtual stamps when buying hot drinks, as you also get the sticker from the cups you effectively get 2 free hot drinks every time you buy… Read more
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Just realised this when I used the app. Thought I’d give it a search on here before I tried posting it.


Nothing, but one's I've seen for sale are literally printed sheets of stickers, not saved up ones!


Yup (y) (highfive) :p


Lucky you :)


I’ve never been charged extra for my free drink to be a large one at McDonalds & I always ask for it to be large. Winning at something in life... lol

Equivalent Chicken Big Tasty for £1.99 at McDonalds
Found 23rd Dec 2018Found 23rd Dec 2018
It’s Big, It’s Tasty, but this time, it’s Chicken. Two chicken selects, Big Tasty® sauce, slivered onions, square cut lettuce, a tomato slice, Big Tasty Cheese in a square sesame t… Read more
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#lifehack (lol)


Hey dont knock the OP he sold me this lovely BMW half price too


Fancy a chicken big tasty for just £1.99? Just buy a 1.99 chicken wrap and pretend it's a big tatsy! Genius


stupid lying post

Film Rudolph eating the carrots the kids have left out at your house with McDonalds Reindeer Ready free video - need to use phone to work
Refreshed 24th Dec 2018Refreshed 24th Dec 2018
This is amazing - just done it for my little boy. Take a picture of where you are leaving your carrots for Rudolph on Christmas Eve then upload it to the website in the get deal li… Read more

some browsers can download videos, I believe others mentioned doing it on chrome and firefox, personally i used maxthon to do it with the built in resourse sniffer


working again not for those who have had issues..


Thank you for sharing this, worked perfectly with Firefox on my phone but failed with chrome (party)


Cheers, so just the link to the webpage with your video? No option to actually download it so that it looks like it was filmed on your phone?


Site back up and working now. Worked for me any how.

Free e book from McDonald’s - reindeer ready
Refreshed 17th Dec 2018Refreshed 17th Dec 2018
Albeit most of us were ready last week ;-) this is quite a sweet and free! ebook for the kids for Xmas about a greedy reindeer.

What seemed to happen was the mugs and the hoodies went quite quickly (to others) so all the white and silver ones i had in those were useless. The other groups were also the same, I had white and silver in almost all the other groups and lots of duplicates. Then most of those went. I never got a single plain flamedeer for a ten pound voucher. So I gave up. It's been a long time (years) since I won anything. It used to happen just naturally, but there weren't all these complicated rules. Like everything else on hotdeals, it's just become so much more complicated. Anyway I don't think I'll bother to start next year


Hahahahahahahahahahaha, note to self: that was a subliminal 'heads-up' to trade with other's ... looooooooool.


Nice idea!


:) Agree good luck only 56 mins to go


It's the efforts that count :)

Students - Enjoy a Big Mac, Medium fries and a Mcflurry for Only £1.99 with valid meal purchase / receipt
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
On the top of any McDonald's receipt there is a questionnaire that can be answered online in around 5 minutes (even less time if you dont even read the questions) that entitles you… Read more

Can you still do this? And do u get them for free or do you get a discount?


Voted hot. I've been doing this for about a year. This tip is posted every now and then, but it doesn't matter as this will always be news to someone else.


Thank you


Well I didn't know. So hot from me


On one of the previous posts here, the following codes were mentioned. I have used the chicken burger + fries quite a few times without any problems, only the last two digits of the code are different Quarter Pounder + fries = 23645745 Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich + fries = 23645714 Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich + drink = 23645738 Double Cheeseburger + fries = 23645776 Fillet 'o Fish or Chicken Nuggets = 23645752 It may be worth keeping a previous receipt with a 5 digit code written down at the back, can be any 5 digit number or you can complete the online survey and use an actual code. That way if you get asked for the code, you can give them the previous receipt. I have personally found that most busy places in town centres and malls do not bother only smaller and non-busier ones sometimes do. Enjoy!

Free Cheeseburger, Mayo Chicken or McFlurry for Students with Any Value or Wrap Meal at McDonald's
Found 27th Nov 2018Found 27th Nov 2018
Also get a Free Snack Box When You Spend £3 for Students at KFC About this stud… Read more

Your student card for college/ uni works... Not sure why this is a deal.....


Indeed they are. HUKD is full of "students" these days.


How does one get a Student Beans ID?


Are NUS cards still a thing? I have not had one for years, and I have no idea how to acquire one


I like a person with a sense of humour.

Free reindeer carrots  from McDonalds on Christmas Eve
Refreshed 24th Dec 2018Refreshed 24th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Free reindeer carrots from McDonalds on Christmas Eve. All you’ll need to do is drop into McDonald’s on 24 December and ask for your free bag of reindeer treats.
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(shock) Yep!, I gathered such ... :p hehehehehe. (flirt) :{


You telling me ... :-( Lol.


Bad luck, they've got to make up for those lost Severn tolls somehow.


I can confirm that I just had them free for the both kids in McDonald's Pontprennau, Cardiff (y)


Just got charged 89p for then in Mold Wales.

DIY ‘Big Mac’ for only £1.49 @ McDonalds
LocalLocalFound 14th Nov 2018Found 14th Nov 2018
A Big Mac by itself is £3.19, but you can save £1.70 by creating one yourself. How? First, order a £1.49 Double Cheeseburger on the new in store screens and then perform the fol… Read more
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Here for any sign of deers


Just for your info, extra pickles, mayo and shreaded lettuce improve the 89p hamburger quite considerably... All for no extra


WHsmith giving out McD voucher after I went and visit to collect freebies with WUNTU / O2 Priority for chocolate coin and Christmas Cards


Unbelievable it must only be students doing this, is it your party trick to friends and feeling smug when pressing the buttons, it's a bit of lettuce ffs.


Non issue when compared to all the carcinogens we all breathe in every day from the disgusting exhausts of the huge overpopulation of cars on the road right now.

New Maltesers Reindeer Christmas McFlurry from 89p @ Mcdonalds
Found 13th Nov 2018Found 13th Nov 2018
From the 21st November, McDonalds are launching the Malteser Reindeer Christmas Mcflurry, ice cream with mini Malteser reindeer. Pricing will be in line with the Smarties Mcflurry,… Read more
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Genuine question:does it taste good? Will buy if you say so, thanks


Deer where are you?


Ah, I don’t believe everything I read on here and dare say I never will. I like to double-check the information posted on this site, either based on the original store website, information in particular stores, or staff of that store. No offence to the OP, but I’ve learned you can’t take everything on here at face value


Not McDonald’s website....Hotukdeals website/ are actually replying to comments on it right now.the info is on this page.i’m out.


No, very sorry but cannot find this mentioned anywhere on the McDonalds UK website. Is it because I am on a phone (mobile app issues)? I have even searched for ‘reindeer’ and ‘Maltesers’ but nothing is coming up. Please if you could post a link to this information from the UK McDonalds website, as original link by OP does not seem to contain!

BigMac & Fries £1.99 @ McDonalds (initial purchase required)
LocalLocalFound 10th Nov 2018Found 10th Nov 2018
If you still haven't seen... On top of every mcdonalds receipt there is an offer , fill out our survey and get the bigmac & fries for £1.99. If you want you can actually fill o… Read more

Thank you for the post, will tell my daughter.


Ha ha.. my stools are made of plastic, so yes I will


At my McD you can have fillet of fish instead of Big Mac. Presumably to cater for people who don't eat beef.


Never knew you could swap the sauce that's a game changer


I think you need to see a doctor. Remember to take your stool sample with you ;)

McDonald’s Coffee Hack - Get six virtual stamps ordering by app and get real stamps at same time so Two free drinks with six cups of coffee
Found 19th Oct 2018Found 19th Oct 2018
Confused... Here’s how. Normally, for every six cups of coffee - or any other McCafe hot drink you order in store - you get the seventh free. You just need to save up the sticker… Read more

Here's a idea take the cards off random cups on tables, put counterfeit stickers on them, give a couple filled cards to every homeless person you see You don't even have to get them the drin just give them the card so they can buy it when they want and choose, McDonalds realises the stickers are fake (unlikely) they most likely won't deny a clueless homeless person (y) The stickers aren't illegal but they can deny you the drink


Yep, it’s only your first free hot drink which will require 6 purchases.


True, so many people leave them on tables or on the street.


You don't need to go anywhere near a bin. The cups seem to be the most littered item around.


People are selling empty cards on that there site, and people are buying them. What a world.

Double Cheeseburger - £1.49 @ McDonalds
LocalLocalFound 13th Oct 2018Found 13th Oct 2018
Yummy <3
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I’m only 29 and remember them being 99p, couldn’t have been that long ago


Misleading image! ;)




Cannot see anybody saying they were less than 99p ?


Ha. I remember asking a work mate who was doing a Mac d run to grab me 2 big Mac's knowing one was free. He brought me back 4........ Not ashamed to admit that I ate them.

McFlurry 89p and mini McFlurry 59p @ McDonald's
LocalLocalFound 13th Oct 2018Found 13th Oct 2018
On my quest for a McFlurry I finally found a McDonald's (Fleet Services) with their machine working. Also found the price has now dropped to 89p for a regular size or 59p for a min… Read more
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Working for McDonalds and there is no mention of the 'Flurry' process. Tell it like it is - Its a Mc Icecream with a topping not a McFlurry! (lol)


Been working there a year and half now. I always fill them to the top but all the managers at my branch fill them up 3/4 or even give a half cup. Usually if it's really busy, most people don't bother filling it up to the top to save time. After making a mcflurry or two, the machine slows down to the point where the ice cream is barely coming out, meaning employees are sometimes at the machine for a whole minute (which is too much in a fast food restaurant) just making a single mcflurry. Long story short, it's to save time. Best thing to do is check your mcflurry before you leave and if it's not full, tell them to fill it up.


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


mcflurrys have been 89p for ages


Why are McDonalds still persisting with calling it a McFlurry? Its a bloody ice cream with a topping - The Flurry part is when you use the special 'Flurry' plastic spoons in the Flurry machine and mix the ice cream and topping together. Try asking the staff to actually 'Flurry' the McFlurry is usually met with looks of confusion. Sorry but I liked the Mc Flurry and mixing the Flurry up myself seems a waste of my time. lol

Smarties McFlurry is back from 26th September from 89p @ Mcdonalds
Refreshed 26th Sep 2018Refreshed 26th Sep 2018
Finally the Smarties McFlurry is coming back, aval from 26th Sept until the 17th November 2018! Vanilla Ice-cream, Smarties and a chocolate sauce <3 The mini version will … Read more
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get the small one. almost as much ice cream as the large!


I find that they usually put too much topping and not enough Ice-cream.


Even the crunchie one is only 99p for the big one they aren't half pumping up price as they know people will pay ot


Welcome back old friend :D


Hand it back next time and ask for more toppings.

McDonald’s food hack - Spend 20p and get Big Mac & fries or Fillet-o-Fish or Veggie Deluxe for £1.99 again and again...
Found 15th Aug 2018Found 15th Aug 2018
You can harvest the rewards after first making an initial purchase (the cheapest item found is 20p sauce - thnx @nihir ) through a promo called ‘Food for Thoughts’ which reward… Read more
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hi guys i went to my local mcdonalds with my 1.99 reciept but the woman said sorry thats just for a big mac and there anywhere on mac d's site i cud show them to prove u can get the others like fillet fish etc


You don't need to print the codes


I never receive the coupons in post how do I sign up to get the free printed coupons?


I would like a veggies code too


Does anyone know the code for veggie deluxe? I just did it with codes and worked for Big Mac but can’t seem to get £1.99 veggie deluxe ?????

Free McMuffin at McDonalds (12/07) until 10.30am with any purchase.
Refreshed 12th Jul 2018Refreshed 12th Jul 2018LocalLocal
Free McMuffin at McDonalds (12/07) until 10.30am with any purchase.
‘As most of the nation gears up to watch England v Croatia tonight, we will be making tomorrow morning that bit better (regardless of the result!) by offering customers a free sing… Read more

Anytime (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


It was pretty busy in the one I was in but I think you must be right about having them ready.


It's quicker when it's less busy, I reckon they made loads in preparation for the free offer


All worked well for me. Parked, ordered on the way in, scanned the qr code and ten seconds later “order 345 please” from the friendly assistant. I was a bit surprised at the speed as it’s my understanding all items are made to order in restaurants with the new system.


And now it works and I don't have the offer :/