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A fast food and drink restaurant with a varied menu and drive through service, McDonald’s is a familiar sight in UK towns. To save money on meals out, diners can keep up to date with all the latest vouchers and promotional events on the McDonald’s page at HotUKDeals. Read more

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McDonald's vouchers @ WH Smith (Torquay) Makes meals £1.99 or 99p on Mon - Wed (Restaurants only)
31/08/2020Expires on 31/08/2020LocalLocalPosted 12th AugPosted 12th Aug
Picked up these vouchers from WHSmith at the checkout Big Mac and fries or salad McChicken sandwich and fries or salad 6 nuggets and fries or salad Filet o fish and fries or salad … Read more

So all can benefit, can we please have a legible photo of the voucher barcodes, not a blurry/out of focus one?


mon - wed not mon-fri


£99 good deal bought 7


If it was £99 i would expect to buy a McDonalds franchise for that


Oops should read 99p lol

Big Mac and Fries for 99p using customer survey discount and Eat out @ McDonald's
31/08/2020Expires on 31/08/2020LocalLocalPosted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
I wasn't 100% sure if this would work or not so tested at lunch. Using the customer survey discount to get a Big Mac and fries for £1.99, it stacks with the 50% off Eat out offer (… Read more
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Not yet found a Mac Dees that’s participating in these offers ever since Covid!!


If you have the vouchers from the Metro newspaper you could try scanning them on the machine or ordering at the counter. Some restaurants may opt out from participating.


I tried to put codes in earlier in Glasgow and it didn’t work.


They are. They stopped but restarted recently, with the Metro newspaper last week


Aye those codes aren’t working anymore

50% off @ McDonald's (via Eat Out To Help Out)
31/08/2020Expires on 31/08/2020Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
McDonald's is offering the 50%off food for eat out scheme BUT ONLY FOR DINE IN CUSTOMERS ONLY NOT TAKE AWAY FOOD OR DRIVE THU !!!! For example MCDONALD’S - save £5 20 nuggets … Read more

The discount doesn't show even if you select 2 people I've found, not even at the checkout like some people have said. You're best ordering in-store to guarantee the discount will apply


I have been trying to order on the app but it only gives me the 50% discount if I say there are 2 or more people? What is that about?


Spend your money at your local bar or restaurant..... not this junk!


Fail at what cost? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a corporatist and broadly agree with what you say but at the end of the day any help is contingent on the impact not helping would cause. The effects could go well beyond the massive corporation and impact on other husinesses too resulting in massive unemployment - farmers would be impacted due to the reduced demand for meat and dairy products - farmers already reliant on common agricultural policy subsidies and grants hauliers would see a down turn in the number of runs and trailers needing moved manufacturers of food containers and supply’s would see a downturn in business real estate prices would crash (McDonald’s isn’t in the burger business it’s in the real estate business) every impacted firm would pay off employees putting pressure on the social welfare systems pension funds would disappear VAT and business rates revenue would collapse just on the effect of no longer have one burger chain all of this would cost literally billions in tangible revenue for the treasurey ergo the taxpayer so at some point it becomes what’s the lesser of two evils - help the corporation through a rough patch at a cost or accept the cost and negative social effects of letting it collapse to prove a point and let’s not forget that they were FORCED to close at threat of legal action and criminal penalties - it’s not the companies fault were they to go belly up so to say “they should have been better managed” to account for up to 4 months where no turnover was being generated or rather a substantially reduced set because government - aka we the people - told them to shut their doors for our safety. It’s akin to saying that furloughed workers should get nothing because well folk should have managed their personal finances and structured their life’s better to account for a 4 month period of no income.....


I always ask for no onion and no mustard with extra pickles on my burgers. Must be made fresh with those requests because the burger almost always arrives hot.

FREE McDonald's Hot Drink For 'New' Users of MyMcDonalds App
1028° Expired
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd JulLocalLocal
New customers on the MyMcDonald's app get a free hot drink on sign-up! Can create multiple accounts to get multiple free drinks ;) Offer valid until 31st July 2020, in all mobile o… Read more

Correction. Get a free cup of water flavoured coffee


Sites don't delete because of copying usually, it's not illegal. Just a question of common courtesy and forum etiquette. If you see a deal elsewhere then say where you found it.


Actually sometimes I see posts about freebies appear in my news feed, tap on them and it says something like page not found. What you have said explain why


Not this time, but I caught Save The Student copying and pasting word for word before. That post has since been deleted.


Is the wording the same exactly as you've included in the post on any of those websites? Isn't that plagiarism?

McDonalds reduce prices including Happy Meals / Big Mac / Quarter Pounders / Breakfast Meals / Chicken McNuggets / Coffee etc (Prices in OP)
3949° Expired
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
MCDONALD'S has announced it will reduce its prices on a selection of classic menu items from 15/07/2020 due to the government VAT cut. Fast food lovers will be able to get their h… Read more
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You're welcome, you too :)


Thanks for your help,have a good day


I think it says the expiration date on the website once you have done the survey but I don't know the exact period of time they are valid for by default. At the moment the staff don't even look at the receipt and sometimes just tell me to keep it and use it again next time. They did look at the receipts before lockdown at my local McDonald's restaurants. They don't type any code in so you could just write random numbers, although I do the survey just in case because I would get really nervous if they ever did say something like the code is invalid.


Thanks for all of that info,do you happen to know how long they are valid for,I have one that must be 6 months old that I was going to give to a friend,I wouldn't want to embarras him by it being declined.There isn't any small print on the back and it doesn't have a use by date on the front


Survey vouchers can be used to get one of the following for £1.99: McChicken Sandwich, 6 Nuggets, Double Cheeseburger, Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Veggie Dippers or Veggie Deluxe - each choice comes with medium fries or large if you choose double cheeseburger Survey vouchers cannot be used on the machines or the My McDonald's app, just the counter

Free McDonald's hot drink via app - Account specific
30/09/2020Expires on 30/09/2020LocalLocalPosted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Re-downloaded the McDonald's app today, and in the deals section there was a voucher for a free coffee (valid until 30/9/20) - don't know if it's account specific, but worth checki… Read more
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I have till 31st August


Valid till 31/07/2020 for me


Only drive-thru available



You sure it's not open until 9:59pm?

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Free kids ebook downloads from McDonald's (5 titles available including Snoopy and Angry Birds)
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Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Free kids ebook downloads from McDonald's (5 titles available including Snoopy and Angry Birds)
FREE£0.01 Free P&P Free
Free ebooks from Mcdonals: Creative and interactive play options also provided.
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Some fine literature there!


Ha dads like pizza express too but not sure how many of them will reopen! Yes once upon a time. Then private equity loaded them up with debt just as the virus came!


Once upon a time, there was a giant corporation, much loved by divorced Dads.....

Free Kids ebooks to download @
21/04/2022Expires on 21/04/2022Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Free Kids ebooks to download @
Unwind with our exciting selection of downloadable eBooks, including titles like ‘Snoopy Blasts Off!’ and ‘The Adventures of Amelia Fang and Friends’. Enjoy :)… Read more

Well done. Makes my day even sunnier hearing that news!! 8) :D


Thank you m1ta14. I got my heatwave badge back :D


Nice - thanks n15hu (highfive)


Thanks for all the hot votes. :)


Excellent. Yes. Saw that too. Thank you matwalaboy. (y)

Mcdonalds free football pack
-73° Expired
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Mcdonalds free football pack
McDonald’s are giving away FREE football kits to get your little ones active. The pack will be perfect for a kickabout in the garden or for practicing with the local footy team. To… Read more

They were doing an offer for a free football activity book, might still be on. not received ours yet tho so can’t comment


Not accepting phone numbers


Its a competition...


chance to win 1 of 150

McDonalds Free food & Drinks for Emergency Services today - closing by 7pm tonight
1531° Expired
Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd MarLocalLocal
McDonalds Free food & Drinks for Emergency Services today - closing by 7pm tonight
Update 1
Offer ending at 7pm tonight - some restaurants sooner.

Restaurant Locator
McDonalds CEO I am incredibly grateful to our brilliant employees who have been working hard to continue to serve you safely in difficult circumstances. Over the last 24 hours, i… Read more

Ironically this type of forum is driving needless consumer demand and clogging up logistic chains which could be utilised by food and medicine. Perhaps that is where our moral compasses should be pointing rather than trying to re elect a Corbynista government.


Perfect time if you ask me - when stuff like this really matters and everyone is thinking about it.


Armchair socialism. Not a time for playing politics.


You know what? I wrote a whole long piece here and even posted it at first but then I thought 'Life's too short' so I've deleted it. You think what you like - it's all good. I'm trying to 'be kind' so stay safe and good luck in these troubling times.


Self serving moan rather than morality then, right? What you want is for Jeff Bezos to pay more Tax here, but the people in the Chinese factories to keep making stuff for you for a pittance? Amazon, Apple, etc to pay their "fair share" here, but BP et al to keep ripping off other nations by bribing tin pot dictators so they can pillage other counties natural resources? I may not agree that socialism bordering on communism is viable in practice, but I can respect people that put forward a real moral argument about the inequitable distribution of wealth on the planet. But those that have a moan when in reality they're the net winners by any objective measure, well they need to have a look at themselves. If you think Nurses aren't paid enough you could buy less material tat you find here and donate it to some nurses. But I'm guessing you wont be doing that. It's always other peoples money that needs to be redistributed, right?

Free Football Fun McDonald's Activity Book via McDonald's
441° Expired
Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Free Football Fun McDonald's Activity Book via McDonald's
Freebie from McDonald's for children Seem's like you can order up to 10 This free Fun Football Activity Book provides provides great activities; including football related tasks a… Read more
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No, I'd forgotten all about it


Has anyone else received this?




Thanks. 10 books (confused) Must be for Scouse footy fans children.


Ordered 8 as it was the only number it would let me select.....just happens there are 8 kids in his team

Free McDonald's drinks for NHS, council and emergency service staff @ McDonald's
6733° Expired
Posted 17th MarPosted 17th Mar
Free McDonald's drinks for NHS, council and emergency service staff @ McDonald's
Update 1
McDonald's closing 23/03 7pm across UK and Ireland. Ahead of closing, Health workers and emergency services personnel do not have to pay for any food or drink in restaurants.
McDonald's is temporarily giving all emergency service staff and social care workers free drinks to say thanks for their work during the coronavirus pandemic. The offer is for NHS,… Read more
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What about people with learning difficulties?


And factory workers are highly paid?

Funkmeister_ realise councils employ social workers who look after vulnerable people like children and the elderly...


What about stunt men.? No freebies.


I'll have to have z muffin for breakfast and a quarter pounder for tea. I'll have to ask if they want to sell me some stuff cheap as there be shut for ages.

McDonalds Burger and fries £1.99 vouchers in Metro newspaper
251° Expired
Posted 5th MarPosted 5th MarLocalLocal
McDonalds Burger and fries £1.99 vouchers in Metro newspaper
Vouchers tokens in today's Metro paper

Gloves or utensils preferred.


I got asked for the voucher for this so be careful


These offers work out better for some folk. Save image to your phone. Exactly the same apart from all the bits that are different.


The very paper that has these vouchers inside every week also had this article some time ago (lol)


Big Mac is pretty damn expensive compared to something like double cheeseburger so decent price, even if I don't eat it.

McDonald's vouchers in today's free Metro newspaper page 2 (Feb 27th 2020) - burger/sandwich and fries or salad for £1.99
1030° Expired
Posted 27th FebPosted 27th FebLocalLocal
McDonald's vouchers in today's free Metro newspaper page 2 (Feb 27th 2020) - burger/sandwich and fries or salad for £1.99
McDonald's vouchers in today's free Metro newspaper page 2 (Feb 27th 2020) - burger/sandwich and fries or salad for £1.99 Choose a Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich and shaker side … Read more
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I just ordered a till roll for the receipts you get when you top up your oyster. Now i have 5000 spare vouchers. Wasn't worth the £4 to get it.


I use the codes every time I go in. 236457... then the extra two digits. I get three £1.99 meals per transaction, plus other bits for my family (all five of us eat for £10 odd). I always have my three receipts with the 5 digit codes but they rarely ask for them. I always get table service, and whoever brings the food clearly couldn’t care less about the receipts.


Got asksd for a voucher at letchworth.. Bummer


Yes I’ve been using my old newspaper clippings of Katie price I found in my hamster tray


They started asking for the voucher much more these days, you used to be able to them picture on phone but now they complain if you try. So I started giving them the receipt, they just take it and scrumple it up in the bin. I always get quarter pounder.

Big Mac Special Sauce - Free @ McDonalds Leicester Square (London)
61° Expired
Posted 12th FebPosted 12th FebLocalLocal
Big Mac Special Sauce - Free @ McDonalds Leicester Square (London)
A bit of a local offer this, but if you are around the Leicester Square area in London (sorry for the folks who cant get it) you could pick up a free Big Mac Special Sauce today. … Read more
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Had someone come into local McDonald's convinced every store was giving these out. She used the Sun as evidence. The sauce isn't the same as that in the tubes, btw. And the tubes don't have ingredients on the side so, waste of time



4 tbsp mayonnaise 2 tsp American mustard 2 tsp tomato ketchup 1 tsp chopped gherkin Pinch of salt Job done.


No problem (y)


Sorry to have made you suffer :D

McDonald's vouchers in today's free Metro newspaper (February 10th 2020) - burger/sandwich and fries or salad for £1.99
302° Expired
Posted 10th FebPosted 10th FebLocalLocal
McDonald's vouchers in today's free Metro newspaper (February 10th 2020) - burger/sandwich and fries or salad for £1.99
McDonald's vouchers in today's free Metro newspaper (February 10th 2020) - burger/sandwich and fries or salad for £1.99 - vouchers on page 2 Choose a Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich… Read more
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Just worked in York Clifton Moor, thanks


Worked today Birmingham Temple Row :)


nice will.have to try again in a different mcds (y)


We can add Belgrove House Maccies in Kings Cross, London as working with the breakfast deal, at least! Cheers.


Worked this morning in Kings Cross McDs - cheers.

McDonald's vouchers in today's free Metro newspaper (February 3rd 2020) - burger/sandwich and fries or salad for £1.99 - vouchers on page 3
308° Expired
Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd FebLocalLocal
McDonald's vouchers in today's free Metro newspaper (February 3rd 2020) - burger/sandwich and fries or salad for £1.99 - vouchers on page 3
McDonald's vouchers in today's free Metro newspaper (February 3rd 2020) - burger/sandwich and fries or salad for £1.99 - vouchers on page 3 Choose a Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich … Read more
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stopped using the app when it started to try and force me to purchase using the app.I rather they dont have my card details. Noticed these vouchers are in Metro almost every other day


They’ve started cracking down on using these codes if you don’t have the voucher. I’ve used a screenshot plenty times when asked, but last time a white shirt jobsworth gave me hassle but still let me have it. Never been asked for voucher when getting table service yet as you usually get a junior who doesn’t care. Never tried using these codes in combination with an old receipt yet, but gonna start keeping one in my pocket.


One of my local McDonald's is in a food court that has no self service machines as well and they don't do receipts so survey can't be used there. Safe to say the voucher is definitely needed at that McDonald's. They don't support app ordering either


So how are the app deals better than the vouchers in the paper? I can get a choice of burger and fries for £1.99 any time with a voucher, the app deal was the same price and only available for a limited time and only at restaurants which have mobile ordering (not all do)


Yes I have had this experience too. Think it depends on the staff. I always order on the screen. When you pick up the order sometimes they ask and sometimes they don't. I usually have a metro coupon on me but one time I didn't I was charged the full price. They only accept the physical voucher, not screenshots etc

McDonald's Deals - £5 off when you spend £15 (until 29/02)
2305° Expired
Refreshed 29th FebRefreshed 29th Feb
McDonald's Deals - £5 off when you spend £15 (until 29/02)
Update 1
Final day for £5 off £15 spend
Latest deals for this 3rd and final week are as follows; Tuesday 21st Jan: 99p for 6 McNuggets - nomal or spicy OR a Veggie Deluxe Wednesday 22nd Jan: 99p Swee… Read more
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American at heart (y) Dollar Bakery is in one of my local shopping malls ;)


Why ? Are you American ? And where is pound bakery


I'm all for American terms, I always use them over UK ones (y)


In UK not USA


Dollar Bakery (or "pound bakery" as people seem to call it (cheeky) ) - sandwich, potato chips and a soda or water for $2 (y)

McDonald's voucher meals for £1.99 in The Metro newspaper
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Posted 16th JanPosted 16th JanLocalLocal
McDonald's voucher meals for £1.99 in The Metro newspaper
You know how it goes Burger and chips for 1.99

Come on KFC give some deals too.


McDonald's seem to put their adverts all over to get their custom back for this year.


Is the voucher also available in the online version/Appof the Metro? I don't read newspapers :-)


New Years Resolutions



McDonald's App deal - Big Mac & Fries for £1.99 - Wednesday 15th Jan
1975° Expired
Refreshed 15th JanRefreshed 15th Jan
McDonald's App deal - Big Mac & Fries for £1.99 - Wednesday 15th Jan
WEDNESDAY 15th Jan: Big Mac and Medium Fries for £1.99 (normally priced individually at £4.18) All deals via the My McDonald's App - specific dates only
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Thanks. Might try that, although 23645745 is the code from a voucher not a receipt, so I'd have thought it would be fairly obvious to the server that it didn't tie up. Sounds like it's worked for you though (y)


I know right! I didn't complain however though as I knew I was telling a bare faced lie about binning it


Where’s your imagination even if you’re a Hindu you could indulge


There’s no specific numbers you just need 5 numbers


Wow ! At least you got refunded I just can’t believe they would bother to go to all that trouble ? Now they would have thrown the food away and made a loss

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