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A fast food and drink restaurant with a varied menu and drive through service, McDonald’s is a familiar sight in UK towns. To save money on meals out, diners can keep up to date with all the latest vouchers and promotional events on the McDonald’s page at HotUKDeals. Read more

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Double Cheeseburger - £1.49 @ McDonalds
LocalLocalFound 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Yummy <3
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I’m only 29 and remember them being 99p, couldn’t have been that long ago


Misleading image! ;)




Cannot see anybody saying they were less than 99p ?


Ha. I remember asking a work mate who was doing a Mac d run to grab me 2 big Mac's knowing one was free. He brought me back 4........ Not ashamed to admit that I ate them.

McFlurry 89p and mini McFlurry 59p @ McDonald's
LocalLocalFound 13th OctFound 13th Oct
On my quest for a McFlurry I finally found a McDonald's (Fleet Services) with their machine working. Also found the price has now dropped to 89p for a regular size or 59p for a min… Read more
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(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


mcflurrys have been 89p for ages


Why are McDonalds still persisting with calling it a McFlurry? Its a bloody ice cream with a topping - The Flurry part is when you use the special 'Flurry' plastic spoons in the Flurry machine and mix the ice cream and topping together. Try asking the staff to actually 'Flurry' the McFlurry is usually met with looks of confusion. Sorry but I liked the Mc Flurry and mixing the Flurry up myself seems a waste of my time. lol


Been buying the 59p ones for the last couple of months, but they messed up on my last visit and gave me 3 large for the price of the mini ones and also a strawberry sorbet for the price of a milkshake because the machine wasn't working.


I dont mind it if they dont want to have to clean the machine, I just hate it when they blatantly lie to you like im an idiot and say "the machine isnt working".

Smarties McFlurry is back from 26th September from 89p @ Mcdonalds
Refreshed 26th SepRefreshed 26th Sep17/11/2018Expires on 17/11/2018
Finally the Smarties McFlurry is coming back, aval from 26th Sept until the 17th November 2018! Vanilla Ice-cream, Smarties and a chocolate sauce <3 The mini version will … Read more
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get the small one. almost as much ice cream as the large!


I find that they usually put too much topping and not enough Ice-cream.


Even the crunchie one is only 99p for the big one they aren't half pumping up price as they know people will pay ot


Welcome back old friend :D


Hand it back next time and ask for more toppings.

McDonald’s food hack - Spend 20p and get Big Mac & fries or Fillet-o-Fish or Veggie Deluxe for £1.99 again and again...
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
You can harvest the rewards after first making an initial purchase (the cheapest item found is 20p sauce - thnx @nihir ) through a promo called ‘Food for Thoughts’ which reward… Read more
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I never receive the coupons in post how do I sign up to get the free printed coupons?


I would like a veggies code too


Does anyone know the code for veggie deluxe? I just did it with codes and worked for Big Mac but can’t seem to get £1.99 veggie deluxe ?????


You do not need a reciept. Just go on the website and try a random code. I did. It worked. I have taken a picture on my phone of the code


With the receipt - fill in the survey on the mcdfoodforthought site (or as other people have suggested, write in 5 random numbers) and just hand it to the cashier and ask for whatever McMuffin and Coffee you want. I usually get the Sausage &amp; Egg with a Latte. £1.99.

Free McMuffin at McDonalds (12/07) until 10.30am with any purchase.
Refreshed 12th JulRefreshed 12th JulLocalLocal
‘As most of the nation gears up to watch England v Croatia tonight, we will be making tomorrow morning that bit better (regardless of the result!) by offering customers a free sing… Read more

Anytime (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


It was pretty busy in the one I was in but I think you must be right about having them ready.


It's quicker when it's less busy, I reckon they made loads in preparation for the free offer


All worked well for me. Parked, ordered on the way in, scanned the qr code and ten seconds later “order 345 please” from the friendly assistant. I was a bit surprised at the speed as it’s my understanding all items are made to order in restaurants with the new system.


And now it works and I don't have the offer :/

New McDonald's Mini McFlurry 59p instead of 99p and seem to get same amount
LocalLocalFound 8th JulFound 8th Jul
Got one of these in Camden London and it was definitely the same amount as a normal mcflurry. I was pleasantly surprised. Good for kids too who will often waste the ice cream, once… Read more

They already bumped the price of the guest mini Mcflurry to 99p!


I always asked for it not to be stirred anyway, tastes nicer without.


Also where does it state the weight in the info I provided?


Why not? Why use U, instead of you?


Why judge by calories when U can judge by weight? (lol)

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Free Community Football Days via McDonalds
Refreshed 12th JunRefreshed 12th Jun
Community Football Days provide fun, free and informal activities for youngsters of all football abilities and chose over 50 clubs across the country host these events. Enter your… Read more

Does my head in with all the slating McDs get. They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Of course it’s marketing. But it’s good and beneficial marketing. Every company runs promotions. I can (and do) go to McDs and have a Grilled chicken wrap with a smattering of salad and sauce on it, with a side salad and a bottle of water for under £4, and under 400 calories, very little fat. Even a Big Mac is under 500 calories. Try finding anything on any restaurant menu for that - very few options. It’s not the best food but it serves a purpose and isn’t the worst either. Yeah you can buy 3 double cheeseburgers, large fries, a fat Coke and an ice cream for dessert if you want to, but that’s personal choice. Same as you can go to Tesco and buy 20kg of chocolate or 50 bottles of vodka if you want to. Don’t blame the retailer if you’re going to make stupid decisions. McDonalds also sponsor and raise a lot of money forthe family houses for terminally ill children. As a kid I had a friend who died of leukaemia at 14, her family were so grateful to have a place to stay next to the hospital when everything else was falling down around them. Give McD’s a bit of a break. Have a go at Ginsters or Starbucks instead for the unhealthy crack they sell - but doing that is just not as popular or cool.


Watch out the child catcher will be at this event!


Couldn't agree more, hehehehe. Such things like this do tickle me, lol. Though I did forward it on to a few people I know with young kids though. :-D


Massive irony here - a fast food chain trying to give away a (healthy) sporting event as a tarted up advert for its brand. Almost as ironic as pie and mash being sold at football games.


I'm shocked at how few events there are in the North East, only one event, held in Hexham, for the whole region?

Free McCafé Coffee with every six purchase @ McDonalds
Found 9th MayFound 9th May
1. Enjoy your hot drink 2. Peel off the loyalty card when your cup is empty 3. Place your first sticker, also found on the cup, on your loyalty card 4. Once your loyalty card is fu… Read more

Well when I say free they do like you to leave a small deposit...... :o


I gathered :) He should like it then :):) And I never realised that the toilet paper was free.. lol..


It's a tongue in cheek reply to enzo..... (cheeky) Almost like if you go in to most public toilets you can get free toilet paper..... (fierce)


This is for Coffee!!


If you buy a bottomless soft drink in Toby Carvery you can keep going back for refills. (shock)

McDonald's Hash browns 2 for £1 Till only
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
Just been into my local McDonald's for a Friday morning treat. Asked for 1 has brown at 89p and told i could have 2 for £1 This isn't available at the self service machine but a… Read more

Only if the oils's rancid, normally the case at McD's.


are not hash browns sort of bitter any how?


I did not know. it would be difficult to find out if it does not appear on the self service screens. A useful reminder for some


Haven't they always been two for a quid?


How on Earth is a few hash browns killing yourself?

free £1 tesco voucher with purchase of a mcdonald's adult meal inc £3.19* breakfast meal @ vouchercodes
LocalLocalFound 24th AprFound 24th Apr
free £1 tesco voucher with purchase of a mcdonald's adult meal inc £3.19* breakfast meal@vouchercodes ends 9th april. 1. To be eligible you must upload a full and clear picture… Read more

@sola35 this has now been extended - I have requested it to be unexpired too.


yeah, when you get to the speaker just say you have a voucher for Bigmac n fries for £1.99, then when you get to the payment window they say thats £1.99 please :) i use the drive through and its 50/50 whether they ask for the voucher, whereas if you go in store and say i have a voucher.. they'l say well where is it then lol ive around 20 receipts in my car from when they dont ask for it :D


I never knew you could get Big Mac and Fries for £1.99 with a survey (horror) That would save so much money! Can you do this if you're using the drive thru or do you need to hand the receipt to a cashier in Mcdonalds itself? Thanks


yes i know, i thought someone would pickup on that, but we have two accounts, his &amp; hers, but i use them both most of the time, so still being honest to certain extent.


Wait, you’re supposed to be the honest one.

free £1 amazon voucher with any adult meal "inc £3.19* breakfast at McDonald's with vouchercodes
LocalLocalFound 13th AprFound 13th Apr
at vouchercodes ends 17th april. How to get your reward Create an account so we can email you updates and give you your voucher. Upload your receipt. Collect your voucher from yo… Read more

Oh lol thanks!


Yes. That's what it says in my account.


Seriously the date?


22 Dec. 2027


Anyone know when the £1 has to b be used by?

Free NOW TV Pass with 'spare' McDonald's Monopoly stickers
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
As in previous years, If you collect any 10 property stickers on the Mcdonalds Monopoly, you can exchange them for a free NOW TV Pass. Better than trying to get anything out of pl… Read more
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Just missing one code, help please thanks


OK. Thanks for taking the time to post that. More than they did! Maybe I should have PMed individual codes instead. Good luck tracking down any final codes!


I’ve gone through all the code and everyone is taken, looks like someone has hit and run.


All you guys are welcome to use the ones in my picture above. Is it not showing up or something?


I'm also one one more...does anyone have a spare? Thanks in advance.

Spend £5 at McDonald's and get £1 Amazon voucher via Vouchercodes
LocalLocalFound 9th AprFound 9th Apr
1. To be eligible you must upload a full and clear picture of your McDonald's receipt of over £5 only to your VoucherCodes account. 2. Your claim will not be valid if you place a … Read more
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Thank you.


Fat, fat, fat for 1pound. Hot? Joke...


(excited) So basically eat this really unhealthy heart strangling rubbish.... and u'll will be rewarded with £1; no thanks lol!!! 8)


OMG Mc Donalds does click and collect (lol) I never knew that :o


Its says not eligible for delivery orders, but then it says order must be made online via vouchercodes. How do you do that?

2x McDonald's Monopoly Game Pieces (Northern Ireland only) for price of a stamp
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
If you live in Northern Ireland, you can obtain some free game pieces for McDonalds Monopoly. See below paragraph or the link for more info: 3.6 No Purchase Necessary for Northe… Read more
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Yeah, I hate the McDonalds monopoly, they expect me to bring my drivers license to the McDonalds resterant in order to claim my prize. Damn scam


Yeah. I did the same. If you use the £1.99 voucher, you should get 2 stickers on the fries but that's it


My mate ordered, he had a £1.99 thing on his receipt, is that why? Pretty rubbish if it is


No chance! Unless you used some kind of voucher, or freebie i.e. Food for thoughts survey


I bought a Big Mac and fries last night, my fries had two monopoly things on but the Big Mac didn't was just a regular box. Is that right?

Students get a free cheese burger,  mayo chicken or original mcflurry when buying any extra value or wrap meal deal
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
Buy a extra value or wrap meal and get either mayo chicken cheese burger or original mcflurry free when you show your student id

Is the crippling debt, soul-crushing anxiety, inexistent job prospects, resignation that we'll never get a pension and chronic lack of sleep proof enough?


A great way to promote obesity.....


Am currently in my final year and managed to BS a 3 year NUS card. Doubted it would even work and it did. (lol) So, if anyone is in their final year and it is about to run out before the end of the year, give it a go. Apparently I am a student until 2020 and I graduate this year. (lol) Discounts galore!


Probably the best comment on HUKD.


As a student I can clarify that we don’t eat proper food half of the time.

McDonald's launch Creme Egg and Caramel McFlurrys £1.39 @ McDonalds + Peter Rabbit Happy meals
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Cadbury's Caramel and Cadbury's Creme egg McFlurrys are at McDonalds for a limited time . My healthy eating is going out the window. Good timing with McDonald's Monoply launc… Read more
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Thank you


Plastic toys Here’s an example of the website


THANKS OP!!!!!! 8)


Are they teddies or plastic toys? Thanks


Peter rabbit theme

McDonald's is offering a three course Mothers day meal for £10.00
LocalLocalFound 8th MarFound 8th Mar
McDonald's is offering a three course Mothers day meal for £10.00. I saw an ad on the Mirror News. I thought I share the link below.… Read more
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If you get this for your mother then you think very little of her.


Dam it send me the bill and have a night out on me, guilt trip. But no big Macs (angel)


If only I had a Mother. X


Please please please do not take your mother, Shannon spoil your Mum Flowers for bare minimum, some bath bombs and choc.


OP, after all those years of bringing you up, paying for your clothes, cooking your food, paying for the roof over your head etc etc, you are going to take your mum to Mac D for mothers day!!!!! Have a bit of class, at least take her to Burger King.

McDonald's Coffee Buy one get one free (Rugby, Glasgow)
LocalLocalFound 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Just bought Coffee at McDonald's and they gave me a free Coffee voucher not sure if this is national or not McDonald's in Rugby

Can you post it here?


Just got handed one in Glasgow. The barcode on the back is 8136 6507 so will work on self service - 99.9% of the time they don't ask for the voucher.


great deal


McDonald's do reasonably decent coffee in fairness. Great if it's available near you :)


It's paper and barcoded on the other side

NEW Grand Big Mac (£4.19) Big Mac Jr (£2.19) - Limited Edition
LocalLocalFound 7th FebFound 7th Feb
Two New limited edition Big Mac Between 7th Feb - 20th March The classic burger will be available in both mini and mega versions across all restaurants nationwide - but for a l… Read more
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Big Mac Jr isnt this just a regular 99p cheese burger with the big mac sauce?


i had the vouchers on me, don’t know what would have happened if i didn’t XD


Wasn’t there a post somewhere here about discount codes you can enter on-screen at McDonalds? Has the post been deleted? I can’t find it...


McGarbage is great once in a while.


No but it was mighty delicious.

BACK AGAIN! Free medium Coke Zero with McDonald’s app
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
Hi this is my first post :-) Just found this great deal whilst on the McDonald’s app. I previously used this offer last week but it seems as though they have started a new offer f… Read more
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Actually it's less carbon emissions as all fountain drinks are mixed on site. I.e. it's just the conxentrate that gets sent to McDonald's saving a lot of emissions versus ready mixed drinks.


Dont forget you can not recycle these cups avoid


Cheers. Heat!


never went away.


&amp; A Free Heart Disease as a bonus! HOT!