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A fast food and drink restaurant with a varied menu and drive through service, McDonald’s is a familiar sight in UK towns. To save money on meals out, diners can keep up to date with all the latest vouchers and promotional events on the McDonald’s page at HotUKDeals. Read more

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McDonald's Smarties and Maltesers McFlurries available from 26th June 2019 from 99p
TomorrowStarts tomorrowPosted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun Oreo, Smarties and Maltesers will be the core line up from 26th June 2019 instead of Cadbury Dairy Milk, Crunchie … Read more
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They're both Mondelz, Cadbury is one of their brands


But Crunchie is the best mcfurry! I'd choose that over most of the special ones. I'd better make the most of it this week


Can't believe they ditched their sundaes. Literally nothing on offer for people who don't like hard chunks in their icecream (i've never understood how anyone does). At least Burger King still do sundaes!


Bring back drifter mcflurry pleaseeeeeeee


Why do McFlurries never taste anything remotely like the product they're supposed to be based on? Chucking in some cheap chocolate, with a few colours and flavourings, doesn't really work. Better by far was the ice cream with caramel sauce, but they've got rid of that now. ;(

McDonald's vouchers - Today's London Metro
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Page 4 Not sure if nationwide Have fun

Thanks. That's what I hoped, but it's worded to suggest they won't accept them.


Just make up any excuse and talk to the manager so you can only eat chicken.


Yep this is all i get offered from my 2 local branches with the survey/receipt, there are some stores out there that allow a swap for anything in the same price bracket but these are becoming harder to find, the t&c's for using the receipt voucher states you can only swap the BM for either a veggie or fish burger.. more and more stores seem to be applying that rule :(


I tried but my local branch said it has to be a big mac, fillet or veggie burger.


I think you can't use them if using drive through method of purchase. Never had a problem using vouchers as a walk-in customer at drive through establishments. (y)

Big Mac & Medium Fries £1.99 @ McDonalds (initial purchase required)
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Please delete if this is already a post. You can get a Big Mac & Medium Fries for £1.99 from McDonald's everytime you visit by simply writing any 5 numbers on a previous recie… Read more
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Also adds to the blandness :p


Usually comes with an added side order of spit thrown in, as they hate having to make bespoke burgers on demand ;)


Never cold if you ask for one with extra whatever your favourite bit is, gherkins for me, as it's made to order.


Cold as their burgers.


Same at the drive thrus, just tell them at the speaker at the start "I have a loyalty card for a free hot drink and also voucher for Big Mac & fries for £1.99". They just take your word for it and don't bother asking for them at the payment window.

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Rainy fathers day ideas, 2 for 1 Entry to Merlin Attractions Vouchers on Mcdonalds Happy Meals
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Stuck for something to do on a rainy day why not go to the sealife centre to name only one of the merlin attractions. McDonalds offer on Happy Meals and still on Carex soap I think… Read more
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On kellogs cereals packets Adults go free at Merlin attractions and u can get 2for1 at Atractions uk wide with your rail tickets plus if weather nice u can get 2for1 Blackpool pleasure beach this fathers day with code 1931

Free Iced Latte via McDonald's App
Refreshed 8th JunRefreshed 8th Jun
Just in time offer with the temperatures soaring ;) You can can now pick a Free Iced Latte via the app at McDonald’s. Valid till the 9th of June. Hope it helps someone.
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wow really that’s a bit crazy! (confused) (confused)


It wasn't very nice. I wouldn't pay for it.


Got one earlier on today. Only had half of it as was quite strong - I wish I had some water to dilute it down. It was very sweet, maybe they went nuts with the syrup!


Not available right now at all local maccies so cant get one as presume expires midnight. Bit of a con to get you to visit their site by the looks of it.


Mine was disgusting. Had to bin it

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Free Spicy Veggie Wrap via McDonald's App for everyone worth £2.99
Refreshed 16th MayRefreshed 16th May
Available in the deals section on the McDonald's app. Says offer available 13th-17th May.

Shouldn't have clicked on the deal then! (lol)


Tried it and honestly would only eat it if it was free. Otherwise, not worth it at all


Got mine last week. Asked for no pesto sauce to make it less spicy


Oh that makes more sense, thanks for clearing that up


There is a different offer which is a free coffee if you are a first time user of the app. The free coffee can not be ordered at the same time as the free wrap though (although that's moot with the wrap deal being over) so I paid for mine and found it OK, worth the price (unlike some others) but I wouldn't seek it out.

Mc Donald’s x3 Fillet-O-Fish for £6
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th MayLocalLocal
This deal is Nationwide but not really advertised 8) £2.99 individually Not a bad deal, saving of £3ish

Read all the comments and just to clarify.. 1. Not certified- absence of certification does not mean it is not halal (or that is is not capable of being certified) 2. Tartar sauce is veggie but not halal - probably because it contains alcohol. It is likely the vinegar but the ulema have given different opinions on the topic of alcohol in vinegar and it may depend on the school of thought you follow as to whether you conclude the change of composition makes it halal or not. Agree with Dark Slayer that some Muslims see "vegetarian" on a label and presume it is halal. People do forget other ingredients can make something haram. 3. Halal = permissable. Haraam = impermissable. Everything prohibited is prohibited bcz it is bad for humans. God loves us and is guiding us so we strive to please Him and help ourselves at the same time knowing its good for us. This is why we spend a lot of time being concerned over tartar sauce in McDonald's 😁 All Muslims are different and just as say Christians practice at different levels so do Muslims - which is why some are more comfortable with a less stringent approach


(lol) (lol) (lol) well put. OP how do we actually get the deal??!


Ok so there's a difference of opinion (which means that we should all mind our own business) But I still don't know how to get this deal


I re-quote from the above link "To sum up: if the prohibited substance is still present in its original form, then it is haraam to consume it. But if it has been transformed into another substance by means of interactions or manufacturing processes, and the first prohibited substance is no longer present in its original form, then the more correct scholarly view is that it is permissible to consume it." Neither when you go to the Supermarket and buy an Apple, it does NOT have to say it is Halal or Kosher.


1 more thing.I just contact a supplier where we get our wine vinegar from. On the technical spec sheet it mentions not halal, not kosher. So what do you think about that. You see what I mean by it gets all confusing. I cannot put the spec here as they are legal documents.

Veggie burger and fries £1.99 @ McDonald's (Alternative items for Big Mac deal)
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
I'm aware that most people are aware that if you do the online survey on your receipt you can get a code to get a big Mac and fries for £1.99 But recently I asked if you can have… Read more

No where on the app to enter the code... Have to go to the website to enter it.. Why doesn't the app have this option?


If you're in blackpool don't forget the milkshake for Tommeh.


Good start but their treatment of animals and the wasteful packaging is awful. Don't buy from them


Totally agree. (y)


Legend. Gonna have the T&C's bookmarked from now on (y) Apparently they dont if the code given from the Food for thoughts survey is legit? So basically everytime you get a receipt, just use the same number code over and over

Prepare for Summer! The return of refreshing iced drinks are here @ McDonald's - from £1.99
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade - Regular £2.09 / Large £2.41 Raspberry Ripple Iced Cooler - Regular £1.99 / Large £2.29 Mango & Pineapple Iced Fruit Smoothie - Regular £1.99… Read more
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Coming soon to a politician near you! ;)


My money comes digital 💷💷


Yes. Please.


please just wash your hands people.


yeah I bet there is but we don't put that stuff in our mouths. well some might

McDonald's Great Taste of America 2019 - Great tasting American style food from £1.59
TODAYTODAY25/06/2019Expires on 25/06/2019Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
McDonald's Great Taste of America 2019 is here! Nacho Cheese wedges - £1.59 Available from May 1st 2019 for a limited time Below burgers - about £4.39 Alabama Chicken … Read more
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Thanks. Yeah it's fine, @wishihadadonkey - people have their own opinions :) - Looking forward to a nice New York Stack meal tomorrow, and thanks for the heat. (y)


Thanks for sharing @andrewworrall1 - don't be disheartened by the cold votes or comments, you will have helped lots of people by sharing this - heat added :)


with or without mouse?


Doesn't take long when you have a lovein and then the sheep follow, do you think it's a deal ?


885° though. Little club?

£3 off £10 spend -  £1 off £5 spend - £5 off £20 spend via App @ McDonald's
Refreshed 5th MayRefreshed 5th May
McDonald's Google Play app McDonald's iOS app New McDonald's app offer that goes live 29th April and runs for a week until the 5th May. There will be three spend and save… Read more
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Exactly, so selling your account would still benefit you somehow. If you have 3 free wraps and some drinks, people would pay at least £3 for that account.


It has something to do with actual store, not my account. The app thinks that my local restaurant is constantly closed, so it lets me place an order but when I go to pick it up, it tells me the restaurant is closed so i can't pick it up, even though I am physcialyl stood inside restaurant.


What I'd recommend is to delete all saved cards and sell/give away your account with prizes. Once sale/giveaway is complete, change details to the recipients email address and a generic password. ;)


Just things like free drinks, a couple of free wraps. The store were giving me them when I placed an order via the app and the order failed, but now wont honour them.


What Monopoly prizes do you have?

Free McDonald’s regular McCafé Hot Drink by downloading the app
Refreshed 27th AprRefreshed 27th Apr
Download McDonald’s app between 3rd April and 30th June and receive a free drink of your choice

This offer still works. You can game it a little. Make a new gmail and get a new free drink. Then I also get my sticker for my seventh free drink


So can we have more than one account on same device and order? Thanks.


You need to wait a bit when you register


Change the nearest store. One may not be participating. The other is.


offer should be on till 30th June, when you have downloaded the app look under deals.

Aero McFlurry Mini 99p / Large £1.39 @ McDonald’s from 1st of May
TODAYTODAYRefreshed 30th AprRefreshed 30th Apr25/06/2019Expires on 25/06/2019
Mint and chocolate aero McFlurry at McDonald’s from 1st of May until 25th of June Mini and regular size. 99p for small, £1.39 for large. 1st come back in 4 years !
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I just had one of these. Is the sauce they're using for the mint calpol? (lol)


Personally I think McDonalds should be applauded for using paper straws and wooden cutlery. I haven't had any issues with the straws and I use them with Chocolate shakes - you just have to make sure they don't sit on the bottom of the cup so you can actually suck the shake up. They do go a bit soft if you like to take a long time to drink them but I haven't had any break up or become unusable and I couldn't taste them. Also, they can come from sustainable forests - plastic just too easily ends up in the oceans and destroys the environment and wildlife - why anyone would think plastic is a better option baffles me.


In my opinion they are. For any drink, when putting a paper straw in your mouth you can taste the paper and it gets wet very easily, which closes the straw (sometimes makes it fall apart) and means I have to get a new straw. Quite frankly, limiting the amount of takeaway packaging and using stuff from home is not always viable. If you are out, it is very unlikely that you would carry a whole utensil set. If you are ordering a takeaway to your home, they have to use appropriate packaging and usually include cutlery as many customers want it.


But they're really not rubbish. Alright, I know there's supposed to be an issue drinking thickshakes, but the paper straw was fine for my coke Quite frankly you should limit the amount of take away disposable food items and just use real utensils at home Not worth having a cry over


Might put a milkshake 'deal' on, bargain at £1.59

Football Activity Book and Stickers (10 to choose from)
31/12/2019Expires on 31/12/2019Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
This free Fun Football Activity Book provides provides great activities; including football related tasks and also creative challenges. The Activity Book comes with stickers, so yo… Read more
Two free McDonald's hot drinks for every 6 purchased via app
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
When ordering via the McDonald's app you get a digital coffee loyalty card that gets stamped every time you buy a hot drink through it. Same premise as the physical card - a free h… Read more

I see nothing wrong with getting a coffee worth a few pence free considering they're making a sizeable profit off anything else I order.


Do you always steal from people who, in your own opinion, can afford it?


I see, that's very interesting that, thanx.


Ahhhhhhhhh, that's like VERYYYYY cheeky!!, loooooool.


My mate gets a tea and they double cup because he says it's 2 hot he gets 2 beans

Make this weekend one to remember. Bonus online game code if you place a McDonald's order through the app (£0.01 minimum spend)
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Place an order and pick it up using the My McDonald's app before 11:59pm on Sunday 14th April 2019 to earn a bonus online game code Qualifying purchases must be of the value of £… Read more
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Hi no it’s not. I uploaded photos, created my magnets and went to checkout the last time I logged onto it. Definitely was £5 then with the code.


It could be different at checkout for McDonald's Monopoly winners or the postage was £4 but changed to £5 during the McDonald's Monopoly promotion


Definitely £5. I’ve just been on to check.


Definitely £4


Thank you. It was £5 postage though so that’s why I didn’t bother getting them.

Free Mayo Chicken Using McDonald’s App
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th AprLocalLocal
Free mayo chicken when you use the McDonald’s app. Just downloaded the app, and seen that you can add a free mayo chicken to your order. Winner winner!!
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Not working for me. Only the flatbread


Same for me


Why has no one else confirmed for them but the deal is over 300c? I'm confused.


Not working

8th to 14th April - Free Cheesy Bacon Flatbread With Any Hot Drink Purchase via App (Drinks From 79p) @ McDonald's
Refreshed 13th AprRefreshed 13th Apr
McDonald's Google Play app McDonald's iOS app McDonald's is giving free cheesy bacon flatbread to customers who order any hot drink on its app between Monday and Sunday (… Read more
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This is dirty food!!!


Their bacon has always been rank. Don't get me wrong I really do like McDonalds and I have the belly to prove it, but their bacon is always undercooked & too fatty. The kind that I've choked on before. If I ever buy something that has bacon I take it out and throw it in the bin.


I seen this deal and took advantage of it for 2 days. That is all I could stand! It is literally the most bland food I have ever tried. It's like what I think eating an Arabs sandal would taste like after being used in a trek through the sahara. Plus the app drained my battery, so uninstalled. My life is now content, hahaha! I am voting hot, cos it's free!


Where is my 79p?


The app is a bit wonky when ordering outside the store so just be aware of that - works fine if you are already in a Maccy D’s. But app throws a strop when chucked into pick up mode. Frankly would rather just order in store than use the app based on this experience

McDonalds VoucherCodes Thread: Free £2 Amazon Voucher with a 99p+ spend at McDonalds STUDENTS ONLY
30/06/2019Expires on 30/06/2019Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
Hey Guys; Just going through VoucherCodes and found a free £2 voucher when you upload evidence of a 99p+ spend at McDonalds … Read more
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Hey Guys; The offer has been updated now with new offers. Admittedly not as good as last month’s but still, if you can get something from your spend, why not right?


Nothing in the terms to say you can’t. (lol) Just make sure it is within the stated dates.


Can we use same reciept again :D


Oh and before I forget guys, unfortunately orders placed through Ubereats/delivery services aren’t valid. 😞 Found this out yesterday after reading the comments on one of the offers in question.


Ok guys, just a heads up. They've now thrown in a Topman/Topshop and a £5 Costa voucher too with a £3 and £1 spend respectively. =D Topman/Topshop voucher expires on the 31st of May Costa expires on the 19th of May So, if you have any spare receipts, upload them. =D Would recommend following this link because it is easier to find the vouchers.

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