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Three Chicken Selects for £1.49 via the app (Monday 11th January) @ McDonald's
1293° Expired
Posted 10th JanPosted 10th Jan
Important.Please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. It’s important we all shop responsibly, minimise our trips out and continue to help slow the… Read more
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(lol) Yeah I realise how that must have sounded! I meant that I already buy whole chickens and cut them down in to breasts, thighs etc. Just happened to be doing a budget at the time and realised how much cheaper it is to buy whole. But yes, the crazy things lockdown makes you do!


They will possibly sell it as a loss, but gain from the "oh I'm going to McDonald's to get some chicken selects do you want owt babe? Oh yeah get me a mcflurry honey bun ta" Those that only go for the selects probably pay more in petrol or delivery to make it worthwhile. Unless someone got a bot ordering 10 portions under different app ID's.


Bit rubbish to run these deals when you can't use them through the delivery on the likes of just eat. People are being told stay home... but McDs is saying come get your cheap meat!


The things we do in lockdown...


No idea

6 chicken Nuggets or filet-O Fish for 99p @ McDonalds drive thru / click and serve (Account specific)
Posted 6th JanPosted 6th JanLocalLocal
Important. Please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. It’s important we all shop responsibly, minimise our trips out and continue to help slow th… Read more

for my wiiife


Not available on my app. Must be account specific

£1.99 Mcdonalds sandwich and medium fries via app available for drive thru/click and serve - Account specific
26/01/2021Expires on 26/01/2021Posted 5th JanPosted 5th Jan
Important. Please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. It’s important we all shop responsibly, minimise our trips out and continue to help slow t… Read more

Its all one big nonsense. Depends of point of view. For me McDonald's is not essential - it's just convenient. Buying ingredients at supermarket is essential. Your response about card shop just proves my point and I wish them best staying open.


I thought any place that does takeaway food can open. Chippys and pizza places are still open in Nottinghamshire. A local card shop started selling drink and alcohol to remain open. (cheeky)


I never seem to get these deals on the app ;(


Sandwich? Who the hell calls a burger a sandwich?


Cracks me up that mcdonalds is "essential". Personal opinion as lots of other businesses (including food) also suffers but are not essential. At least they should make it available for everyone as it helps them make money and supports their business lol

Spicy Veggie Wrap back for £1.99 @ McDonald’s every Monday and Thursday
Posted 4th JanPosted 4th Jan
Bit relief for vegetarians/vegans if you happen to go McDonald’s for lunch. McDonald’s got this wrap back for £1.99. This used to be wrap of the day every Monday before first lockd… Read more

Fried in bats? Sheesh things were bad back then.


It's is proper vegan now. The vegan dippers are put in the same vat as the fries hence no cross contamination (in terms of any meats). Hope this helps. Also any Muslims here should refrain from eating fillet o fish and apple pie as they are cross contaminated usually bar a small period during the week( when they put new oil in manually). Hope this helps (y)


I worked there in my early days. They often filter the oil for bits/crumbs probably everyday to be fair. When they filter the oil it is dropped in a large metal unit with mesh that catches the crumbs/bits. When that same oil is sucked back up in to the oil vats for chicken/fish/veg which are side by side and 1 big unit. Then each of the oil vats are topped up with vegetable oil. So I would say not strictly vegan because the seperate oil vats are cross contaminated this way. The oil would be completely dropped and replaced with vegetable oil often but I don't think everyday. They had a seperate green tray/knife to cut the veg burger in half. Also seperate oil vat and UHC tray to keep the veg pat warm. I worked there 7-8 years ago, so I don't know if they still use this method of 'filtering' the oil. Hope it helps you to make an informed decision.


Was checking ingredients but can’t see why it isn’t vegan, perhaps the prep of it? Anyone know?


Yay. Love Wrap of the Day. The meal is £3.49. Students get a free McFlurry or Cheeseburger with any meal. Absolute bargain. And the veggie wrap is one of the better ones IMO.

Free McCafe Hot Drink - new app users @ McDonald's
14/02/2021Expires on 14/02/2021Posted 4th JanPosted 4th Jan
Important. Please avoid making journeys that aren’t essential. In-store items can sell out quickly, so any trip made just for this could be wasted and unnecessarily risk spreading… Read more

Really annoys me how the double espresso is rounded up to £1. It should definitely be 99p (mad)


Where have you seen it? I haven't seen it anywhere


The current scheme runs until the end of march. Every one had a different set of conditions and just the date got upgraded every year. But i agree with you as it only runs till march this time while all the others used to run to the end of the year. Not sure what’s gonna replace it. Also if it goes app only then a lot of homeless could miss out. Easy to give them your stickers


Just a heads up, my understanding is that teachers will soon be able to get a free cake and hot drink. I believe that they are doing it in the US and plan to do so in the UK too.


Good to know. Thanks. :)

McChicken Sandwich 99p 4th Jan 2021 via App @ McDonalds
Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd Jan
Tuck into one McChicken® Sandwich for 99p* when you order on the My McDonald’s app** tomorrow, Monday 4th January 2021 from 11am. One time use only, one per order, and only on the… Read more
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Can register with another email address and get the deal to get more than 1


One time only Tried to order again as shows offer and 99p but charges full price


Seems not. Says redeemed. Wasn’t the case last time we did a Monday deal with the nuggets when you could put one in each order and place separate orders.


I've used it once The offer still appears in my app but not tried to purchase another one


It starts tomorrow.