McGuigan Black Label Shiraz 75cl, 2 for £10 at morrisons.

McGuigan Black Label Shiraz 75cl, 2 for £10 at morrisons.

Found 11th Mar 2016
Like this wine and happy to pay £7 for it normally, good deal at 2 for £10.

This punchy little wine gives a yummy swirl of ripe plum, blackberry and spice. Match it with a meal that's in its class in terms of flavour. How about a succulent steak or bowl of spag bol?

Get into the ring with this intensely well-rounded, fresh Shiraz. With every round of this rich red its tastes will weigh in with new flavours, from ripe plum, blackberry jam and spice to a touch of vanilla, cinnamon, pepper and caramel.
Let its flavours marinate by leaving it to rest for a couple of years, or drink it right now if you can't resist. This slurpable wine is great with food. Open up its layers of flavours by matching it with a great steak, lasagne or bowl of spaghetti bolognese.
Wine of Australia. This classic Australian Shiraz has rich flavours of ripe plum, blackcurrant and spices.
Wine of South Eastern, Australia
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Better quality Shiraz to be had at Aldi and lots cheaper.Personally i buy the Australian version.
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