McLaren F1 carbon fibre/ metal ring - £40 instore @ Links of London

McLaren F1 carbon fibre/ metal ring - £40 instore @ Links of London

LocalFound 2nd Jan 2014
Was in the McArthur Glen shopping centre 2 days ago and bought one of these. Reduced from £200 to £40. Amazing looking ring and allegedly made from genuine F1 materials. There was loads of them available in small, medium and large sizes.
Comes packaged in lovely box and bag.
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There's 6 McArthurGlen Outlets in the UK - which did you go to?
Which store inside the Shopping centre was it from?

More info needed please..
Cheshire oaks!!! Sorry!!!! It was in the Links Of London store there.
Is there no pictures you can link to? It it available from another retailer online so we can have a look? Is it for a man or a woman?…49/
I'm guessing this is it. Great price if you want an ugly piece of metal on your finger because it's McLaren
why would anyone pay to wear that ring . horrible .
maybe you could take to scrap yard and get your money back .
next people will be wearing fly wheels round there necks
ugly ring, but a great discount from rrp. heat for the deal.
I thought this site was about sharing deals not opinions on peoples purchases ? !?! it is a very good reduction so heat added
Thanks for the positive comments. Sucks to those whose internet opinions make them purport to be intelligent!!
heat for the deal.

good find OP
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