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REFURBISHED DELL PRECISION 15 3510 I7 6820HQ 2.70GHZ 16GB 360GB SDD FIREPRO W5130M 15.6″ FHD WIN 10PRO at MCS for £400
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
I bought one of these a few months back from them for £550, great laptop for design work (solidworks & other cad packages) Note that this is not a gaming laptop this is more fo… Read more

it does have usb c and its a thunderbolt 3 port


The AMD graphics card in this is about 2.2x more powerful than the standard current generation of integrated graphics. Should be able to play modern games at 720p/30 fps/low settings.


Out of stock? Shame no usb c, but can't have everything... Would have been hot!


Voted hot. Thought was new :S :S


Its a good price if the battery life is any good. I bought an AMD version and it is unusable as a portable laptop. Its also heavy.

Refurb DELL LATITUDE 12 7285 i5 7Y57 8GB RAM 256GB SSD NVME 12.3″ LTE 1YR RTB WTY - £499.99 inc. VAT @ MCS Technology
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
This deal includes the Dell keyboard with extra battery. Delivery is £9.95 (Can collect free from SP6 1BD) The DELL Latitude 7285 is a top quality business 2 in 1 with an active … Read more

Pretty much what I expected. Good to hear your feedback. Cheers.


Returned and got refunded. Text book transaction. CS is very good...


I had contacted the seller, they offered a swap, I rejected it as was worried about their quality.... They offered a refund for Postal charges... I refused and returned the goods for full refund.... I will update here on how good they're with returns and refunds etc


Ohhh don't feel sorry at all.... This was a very good deal..... Just that I got unlucky.... Will shoot of the email.... And try the number you gave too. Thanks


I've emailed them before they responded very quickly. Again keep us informed. Would be interested to see if thier service is still excellent. As I need to get my son a windows tablet 2 in 1 for uni and thought of these guys first!.

Dell Latitude 12 2in1 i5-7Y54, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 2880x1920 (refurb) - £401.94 delivered @MCScom
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
Good deal on a Dell Latitude 2in1 Laptop/Tablet. Good spec with high resolution screen. Higher spec versions (i7, 16GB RAM, bigger SSD) are available on the same website. Code "apr… Read more

I'd have bought one if it wasn't for that. I'm going to use a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard so I don't need the bottom part but I doubt replacing the battery is easy. Also had two dell laptops die on me within 3 years of ownership.


The surface keyboard isn't the same across all the surface range so I'm comparing to the ones intended for the surface pro tablet line ('surface pro type cover'). They've got a really flexible backplate that means keys in different areas respond differently and they all feel flimsy. If you look at the weight of the keyboard vs the 7285's keyboard you'll see why, 310 grams vs about 700. Your surface book being more of a laptop has a sturdier keyboard, do try one of the tablet ones in a store some time. As for refurb batteries, I agree it's a concern but it is at least replaceable on this model. Screws and clips, no glue. Yay for business oriented devices where longevity is considered.


Cold. Not 1080p XD


My concern is this is a refurb and with a poor battery already, this is going to be an unknown quantity, especially as "refurb" can mean almost anything. The Surface keyboard is actually brilliant, I've owned one, which surface are you talking about? I've owned surface book. I conceed keyboard does look good, I think I misread/ misinterpreted last night where they said it was rigid.


The battery life is a totally valid complaint so I didn't query it. The 7275 was also very poor in that department, I imagine it's the main reason the 7285 never ended up being sold to consumers unlike the 7275 which was also the XPS 12. My only complaints with your rundown are that the keyboard's one of the best you'll find in the tablet market (beating the flimsy surface keyboard) and that this isn't a cheap device at all.

Dell Precision 15 3510 i7 6820HQ 2.70GHz,16Gb,360Gb SDD,2Gb AMD FirePro W5130M,REFURB laptop £551.94 - MSC
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Dell Precision 15 3510 i7 6820HQ 2.70GHz 16Gb ddr4,360Gb SDD FirePro W5130M 15.6″ FHD Win 10Pro 1 year returned to base warranty £450 exc VAT, £540 inc VAT,Delivery £9.95 making … Read more
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Precision was/is not designed for gaming.


It's not a gaming gpu


Why is everyone obsessed on gaming laptops..... Is this a decent all rounder? Sorry not having a go just an observation.


firepro cards are for workstations not gaming so probably a good option for a cheap CAD pc rather than a gaming rig


Not a gaming laptop this is a workstation replacement

Refurbished Dell Latitude 12 5285 2-in-1 i7 7600U 2.80GHz 16Gb 512Gb SSD NVMe 12.3″ FHD Touch £462 @ MCS
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Refurbished Dell Latitude 2 in 1 core i7 tablet with 16GB ram and 512GB SSD. Use code "workstation15" to get £30 deducted. £9.95 postage. Travel keyboard not included but available… Read more
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Mines arrived, looks more or less perfect. Whoever was using it installed a few crap games so performing a reset! Great bargain, and got the keyboard too. Thank you for spotting the deal!


Probably the 10 inch model would be good they are pretty cheap as well... You wouldn't need much ram , HD or CPU requirements for that either. Depending on the software applications and files you use, it may be possible to use an android tablet ...


I'm looking for a laptop to do my electrical certificates and invoicing on. Touch screen would be handy and also a keyboard. Can anyone please recommend something to me please.


Wow....anyone that got one of these bought a bargain. Great find op and some really good deals on that website. A friend bought from there before and can only but recommend it!


does it have wacom digitiizer ?

Dell i7 (4 cores) FHD with 16GB ram and a larger SSD - warranty £540 / £551.94 delivered @ Mcscom
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
Probabky comes in a sealed box. Refurb with 12 months of warranty! Interesting specs..

Received mine this evening.Happy with laptop condition,no marks at all.Great value at £534 delivered. Downloaded updates and flashed latest Bios dated 6th Feb.Great solid build and nice weight to this model.It mentions backlit keyboard in manual but this version supplied is not backlit.No Marks on screen or any dead pixels.Thanks OP for posting.


Nice speedy detailed reply to my email enquiry from seller confirming sim card slot and USB C.Arriving tomorrow via DPD. Price now £600


Just ordered this with the code from darthweb(workstation15 -gives you 15 pounds off)!



It has a SIM slot just to the right of the VGA one on the back. You can just make it out if you look closely. Whether it's activated or not is another matter, but it would eat up so much data I don't see the advantage in it. Okay if you work for a big company and they foot the bill for you using it on a train back and forth to work but otherwise not for a personal user. I wonder why it runs hot just streaming though? It's fitted with an SSD which produces no heat. The only moving part inside would be the fan so I can't understand why it would get so hot that it's uncomfortable to touch from the outside unless it's just poorly ventilated. I could understand if it was powering peripherals from the USB-C and USB-3 slots at the same time but as a standalone with nothing attached why would it get hot? I have a fanless Chromebook that streams in HD with other tabs open without getting the slightest bit warm. I've got a much lower specced HP250 G4 Workstation that only blasts the fan every so often because it can't tell I've swapped the original HDD out for an SSD. I could probably remove that fan if I needed the space for something else. The motherboard for this is £300+ alone on eBay and on Amazon US the same model is about $1500 refurbished so the price on this, even the full one which is £500 without any discounts, has me baffled. The motherboard + the SSD costs more than £500. I understand it's a refurb but still, it's one of those deals that just seems too good to be true. Heat for the deal and I hope anyone that goes for it has a great experience with it though.

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SOLD OUT - FHD Dell Laptop with 12 warranty refurb £300 / £311.94 delivered @ Mcscom
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
Probably sealed in a box coming from Dell. New from Dell here Only 2 pcs.

Rise sir prazak


.. ohh, pleasure my royal highness :-) (y)


I bought one. Thanks


Sold. Out


Hi, considering this a steal not bothered to provide specs.. thanks indeed

Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140 M-5Y10 up to 2.0GHz 4Gb 128Gb WWAN 10.8″ FHD 1Yrs WTY-Refurb- MCS Tech - £185.34 Delivered @ MCS Technology
Found 6th Jul 2017Found 6th Jul 2017
I missed out on a deal yesterday that someone posted for these on Dell Outlets site.… Read more

Can't upgrade the RAM. It's basically a sealed unit, but you can just about get access to the battery, SSD and wireless cards.


Hello just wondering if you can upgrade the ram on these? Is 4GB sufficient for day to day tasks?


Tempted by this to replace a recently faulty laptop. Is it a risk with them covering all but the battery in their warranty? Or are the batteries in these pretty solid?


It is the M5 version yes, to be honest if you're willing to drop the framerate you can get some workable FPS. I have tried Blur for example and it needs to be played at a lower resolution. I've tried Driver San Francisco and that wasn't particularly great. I can run benchmarks if you're interested


Have you the m5 version? Have u tried running older games like bioshock, half life, fear etc.

Dell Venue 11 Pro i3 4Gb 128Gb SSD 10.8″ FHD Win 10 REFURB £168 + £12 P&P @ MCScom
Found 23rd Jun 2017Found 23rd Jun 2017
Good CPU, memory and SSD. Use you own keyboard and/or mouse (only 1 full USB socket though). 90 Day Return to base warranty Avoid P&P if picked up from SP6 1BD (New Forest I t… Read more

Certainly worth it in my opinion. I'm happy with mine


Thanks for the reply! Here's what their CS team replied to me - Hi Darren, We are a Dell register partner which means we are able to buy customer returns and outlet products direct from Dell and refurbish them for reselling on our website. The products we purchase can have been returned of any number of reasons, most are cancelled orders or lease machines that have been returned at the end of the hire periods. With the Venus the most common reason for return is that people damage the charging ports. We replace these with new ports, clean the tablets, format reload and benchmark each one. Once we are happy that the tablet is fully working and that the physical condition is a close to new we then list it on our website. Batteries are not given a year’s warranty on anything even if you purchased a new one from Dell. They are seen as consumables as the length of life will determined by the end users charging habits. For example someone who leaves the tablet on charge all the time will overcharge the cells in the battery and damage them reducing the life. Our batteries normally have a minimum of 85% health left in them. Anything less and we replace them. Think i'll take a punt


I thought the same when I was interested in buying from them. Others reported on the thread that the battery was fine. And when I received my tablet, it was performing as per the reviews online.


Tempted by this to replace a recently faulty laptop. Is it a risk with them covering all but the battery in their warranty? Or are the batteries in these pretty solid?


Also bought this from MCScom a few years back. It did have problems which were mostly fixed by firmware updates and in itself, works great now. I also bought the keyboard dock with added battery, but I've ha dproblems. When it works it's excellent, but sometimes the touchpad wont work and sometimes the extra battery wasn't recognised. The whole package with the battery, dock, tablet was worth over £1,000 when I bought it. Got it all for just over £300. Still going strong too. I generally take a mouse with me in case the trackpad doesn't work (or just use the touch screen).

Dell Latitude 13 7350 2-in-1 M-5Y10c upto 2.0GHz 4Gb 128Gb 13.3″ FHD UK Keyboard Win 10Pro 1Yr RTB WTY - £275.94 @ MCS Technology
Found 10th May 2017Found 10th May 2017
Went hot at £350 3 months ago. Save £10 if you can collect. 10ish left. Good reviews.
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Asus arent bad, they commiserated bigly with me online, when the keyboard wouldn't pair (wot a POS that pairing process is, badly explained and badly implemented, keyboard was almost going to be attached to piece of wood and used as hi-tec cricket bat)[/quote] Ha, the asus bluetooth keyboard. A real pain when re-installing windows as it needs the driver to run it. I had a few problems with my t300chi. Straight out of the box mine wouldn't pair and on the two further times I re-installed windows it wouldn't pair either. I found the best solution was to re-install the driver and go to add a device in settings and then press the power button on the keyboard so windows could find it. Never had a problem with it automatically switching the keyboard on after turning it off and back on again. I didn't like the chi. It was my second detachable and I won't be buying another at any price. It's each to their own obviously but for me and basic surfing android tablets are so much faster to start up and with a simple OS they are very user friendly. I find 360 degree hinge laptop gives better options as it's not only has a laptop function, tablet too, which to me is pretty pointless in windows, but with the added feature of having the screen at any angle.


Just checked and it looks to be back in stock.


I would go (in future) for a larger screen 35cms and a better processor, but the lite weight is great, the macsbooks look good, but they are apple, and +++bux . Asus arent bad, they commiserated bigly with me online, when the keyboard wouldn't pair (wot a POS that pairing process is, badly explained and badly implemented, keyboard was almost going to be attached to piece of wood and used as hi-tec cricket bat)


thier stock come in frequently.. check it.on a daily basis,also can email them to ask when they getting your particular item back in stock.



Dell Latitude 13 7350 2-in-1 M-5Y10 upto 2.0GHz 4Gb 128Gb 13.3″ FHD UK Keyboard Win 10Pro 1Yr RTB was £360+vat now £280+VAT (£347.94 inc VAT+delivery) @
Found 6th Feb 2017Found 6th Feb 2017
Dell Latitude 13 7350 2-in-1 M-5Y10 upto 2.0GHz 4Gb 128Gb 13.3″ FHD UK Keyboard Win 10Pro 1Yr RTB £280 + VAT and delivery (£347.94) 'Like New condition from Dell Outlet b… Read more

Keyboard removal instructions Recently opened up a 7350 keyboard which we thought contained the battery and didn't! Have a few of these with 8gb ram and the Intel M-5Y71. Incredible machines.


Finbaar. Can you take me throug how to fit a battery to the keyboard. cheers Martin


You are right, I thought i read somewhere that 'a' had a higher turbo clock, sadly not. Underpowered for a near enough regular size laptop. I would either go more portable and have similar performance or go for a 15" and get much better performance than this for a similar price.


I have one of these and as a basic machine it is great, it isn't slow handling day to day tasks. Mine came with a 4 year on site warranty which is nice. Here are some things to consider: It is quite heavy, although this means it is sturdy. The keyboard and screen are top notch but it is "top" heavy so a certain amount of care is needed. Battery life is adequate with the tablet battery. I opened my base up and fitted a second battery (£35 from AliExpress - probably not genuine but it works) and now it is excellent. I use mine for office, web browsing, running BlueStacks, hacking phones and other light tasks. I am a Core M convert now - fanless is the future.


I think you got your a and c wrong way around. According to userbenchmark the M-5y10c is 18% faster than the M-5y10a. The a has a passmark of 2150 on cpu benchmark and the c is at 2808. If the dell posted does indeed have the c model processor that is definitely the better option. Personally though I have had two detachable laptops and found both of them very frustrating to use. The tent idea offered by Lenovo, HP and Dell are much more user friendly in my opinion. After owning the Asus T300 chi which runs the same processor I wouldn't say it's particularly fast at 0.8GHz with two cores. The 2.0GHz is the boost speed.

Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140 M-5Y71 up to 2.9GHz 4Gb memory and 128Gb hard drive; 10.8" FHD Win10; 1yr return to base warranty MLL537
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016 have a lot of discounted Dell Venue 10 and 11 tablets as part of their Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals. +£9.95 delivery
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I have just updated the price cause when I posted this last night it was not yet reduced.


I have one and use it with the stylus. It's a great tablet, by far the best I have used and I have used the Surface 3 as well.


these are horrible and unsupported


Plus shipping & vat = £257.94

Dell Venue 11 Pro 7139 i5-4300Y 1.6GHz 4Gb 128Gb SmartCard 10.8″ FHD Windows 10 (used) - £130.74 @ MCS
Found 11th Nov 2016Found 11th Nov 2016
A bit old now but still a very capable tablet. Comes preinstalled with windows 10 as well. Can get it cheaper if you choose the collection option. Excellent price considering it i… Read more

One very light scratch on the screen for me, barely noticable. Very happy.


I chose one that didn't say 'B Grade on the image like this: Looks like B grades have the litter B at the end of their SKU numbers too


​what wording or term do I look for if I want a good one with minimal scratches etc. the 8gb ones seem Decent. the pen also seems compatible with the latititude 11. looking for a reasonably priced keyboard case for this now!


Whats the quality of the other B grades that people have picked up? I paid a bit extra and condition is good. Only noticed a few really fine scratches on the screen that isn't really noticeable when the screen is on. Just had a look on the link again, wow they are doing 8gb 256GB ssd versions of these but only B grade


Pretty sure it said it was a B grade if you got the cheap one

Dell Latitude 12 7275 2-in-1 tablet m5-6Y57 8Gb 256Gb m.2 SSD 12.5″ FHD W10P 1yr WTY- Refurb @ MCS - £422.34
Found 16th Sep 2016Found 16th Sep 2016
Took a punt and got one of these after getting an email from MCS as I had been looking on Dell outlet and they are double the price. I love it, pretty much in a new condition and m… Read more
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Looks like the 10% cashback has expired. What is the feedback on the Dells? What is the battery life like?


You can but it's quite annoying because of the kickstand, despite that fact I consider the keyboard dock to be very stable, had no problems when I had laptop on the bed and I was moving around making it wobble, I was afraid it would fall but it kept very well:)


How usable are machines like this as a laptop? (I mean can you use the keyboard on your lap, or does it really need a flat stable surface?)


Mine arrived - really cool piece of kit. Son's birthday present - he should be pleased. Thanks to Andybobandy for posting!


Had similar good news yesterday from Amazon on pen delivery date.

(Referb) Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140 M-5Y71 up to 2.9GHz 4Gb 128Gb 10.8″ FHD W10H 1yr RTB WTY MLL537£281.94 @ MCS
Found 9th Sep 2016Found 9th Sep 2016
Model Venue 11 Pro (7140) Tablet Warranty 1Yrs MCS Return-to-base WTY CPU Type Intel Core M CPU Intel Core M-5Y71 up to 2.9GHz Memory 4Gb Hard Drive 128Gb SSD Video In… Read more

Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140 Refurb M-5Y71 up to 2.9GHz 4Gb 128Gb 10.8″ FHD W10H 1yr RTB WTY MLL537 - £308.94 @ MCS Technology Ltd
Found 2nd Sep 2016Found 2nd Sep 2016
Good condition, but may have light usage marks Use code facebookfriends to get 10% discount. A fair amount of bang for your buck and doesn't seem to suffer any of the issues that… Read more

Looks like this has reduced in price... now £281.94


Almost exactly a year ago I paid £85 on Ebay, only went for it because I had a £15 PayPal voucher making it just about reasonable. The seller had a few and they were going fast, so if I'd not jumped at that point, I'd probably would have missed the chance. The big problem is there appears to be no way to power this thing of an external battery pack, so if you want additional power on the go, you've got no choice but to bite. The keyboard is far from the best keyboard out there, but I wanted a uk keyboard and a battery pack for doing transatlantic flights. mike


Realistically you aren't going to find a UK layout cheaply. About a year ago the best I could find a new one was £105 and they're more sparsely available now. Considering the European layouts are around £50-60 it's pretty galling. The Euro layouts have the keys in the exact same location as a UK keyboard, so you could always pick one up and buy some labels to stick over the none UK keys.


Anyone found the UK keyboard with battery for a reasonable price anywhere?


I've got one of these and can say it's great, seems plenty powerful enough that I've started leaving my i7 laptop at home, I got mine from Dell's outlet for around £400 but it does have the mobile sim slot, 8GB and 256GB of storage, but worth looking at Dell in case they have them. I've also got the keyboard/battery attachment which although is good for extending the life to the levels of transatlantic crossings, it does leave the tablet at a slightly high angle, which can be a bit irritating if using on your lap, fine on a standard desk. I've got the pen, although it's clever, I've not really found a use for it, it also takes AAAA batteries, which are hard to get locally, but Amazon do a basics pack quite reasonably priced. mike

Dell Venue 11 Pro i3-4020Y 4Gb 128Gb SSD 10.8″ FHD Win 10 Refurbished 90 day WTY - £146.94 Delivered using code
Found 12th Jul 2016Found 12th Jul 2016
This is enough Tablet for you! If not get the I5 with 8gb ram and 256gb SSD for £226.86 Visit them on Facebook and use code FacebookFriends to take 10% off the website price. Th… Read more
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Just tested this code and it worked for me. I already own one of these (which I use every day and genuinely think these are a great purchase for the money) so didn't proceed with the purchase. Now £125.34 delivered


Just updated the bios and the graphics driver from So far, very happy.. Cheers OP ☺


I've just taken delivery of the 7130 i5 with 8gb and 256ssd for £220. Where is this deal? Thanks


Read it properly and then do Business with a cheat??? Warranty: 3 months (excluding software) Condition: As new, Manufactured Refurbished - box opened to check the machine is working

geekonthepc £170 - this is hot X)

Venue 11 Pro 7130 i5-4300Y 1.6GHz 4Gb 128Gb 10.8" FHD W10H 1yr RTB WTY @ MCS Technology Ltd 191.94 Delivered
Found 7th Jul 2016Found 7th Jul 2016
This is my first post so please be nice :) Got an email from MCS today and they are having a sale. I've looked on fleabay and they are cheaper but they don't come with the years wa… Read more

Got the 7140 and love it :) Take my advice if you want the mobile keyboard with battery in ........ go for the Nordic one , its qwerty and the other odd keys just buy some stickers from ebay my new Nordic one £20 on ebay and now have 16 hours plus battery life


I've had the 4300y 8gb/256gb version (7139 vpro i believe) and my advice is to stay away from this tablet. The 7130 series has serious throttling and power management issues, while on paper it has/had amazing specs the power limiter will not allow you to use it, so it's no where near as snappy or power you'd expect the i5 to be. I was able to fix this following a guide online which allows you to override the power limiter which is set to something stupid like 6w default with no way to up it by default, when it turbos it needs around 12w to utilise the power of the processor. It also hard throttled the cpu at a stupidly low temperature, which you'd reach just browsing or watching a youtube video. The trouble with the fix is that you don't just do it then forget about it and have a decent tablet, every time you charge the tablet or dock it with the keyboard etc you have to turn the tablet off in sleep mode, wait a few seconds then turn it on and reapply all the changes, which as you can imagine becomes annoying after a very short period of time. I think the 7140 series fixed this, they upgraded the design and included loads of copper heat sinks on the back cover for heat dissipation, and upped the power limiter. But i've lost faith in Dell and their tablets, aside from the ridiculous design flaw that made it as slow as the atom version, i had so many issues with the wifi card installed in it also.


Looks like this is the only cheap UK Hard keyboard on Ebay right now. These are rarer then hens teeth!


I've got a Venue 11 Pro (7130) i3-4020Y from here which I'm pretty happy with. It's nicely built, nice screen and smooth running. With the keyboard/battery addon it makes a nice little touchscreen laptop. My advice is go for the i3 version I have, Y series processors are power limited, so they can burst at their full clock rate, but for sustained use they throttle down to a set wattage, at which point I see little benefit in having the i5. Mine runs windows very smoothly, plays any video I've tried on it and is even happy with some of my modest steam games like Civ V and The Walking Dead.


Hot, thanks for sharing OP :D

Dell Inspiron 17 7737 i7 4510U 2.0GHz 16Gb 1Tb GT 750M 17.3″ FHD Touch Win 10 Refurbished £521.94 Delivered @ MCS
Found 15th Mar 2016Found 15th Mar 2016
Seems a pretty decent price for these specs. Good Reviews as well Will look flashy in front … Read more
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:-) Have you heard of Dunning Kruger? You are a classic case.


You are either very ignorant about computers, or a troll.


Yeh, juvenile. You have no idea what you are talking about.


You are either very ignorant about computers, or a troll.


Build software teams for a living (and a good living it is too) and have also launched two successful startups and worked in Silicon Valley. Unlike you, I actually know what I am talking about and can see Microsoft for what they are; a collection of intelligent people attempting to bring new products to market and fulfill consumer demand. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. However you couldn't possibly comprehend the level of future facing technology being envisaged by the Microsoft R&D team. It would blow your mind. Mentally you are a juvenile who does not understand business or the leaps in thinking required to innovate.

Dell Venue 8 Pro (Good condition) - With or Without OS £35.10-£44.10 + vat + £9.95  shipping - from £54.06 delivered @ mcscom
Found 1st Mar 2016Found 1st Mar 2016
Didnt think this was too bad for a Dell - OK you have to add VAT and the shipping is £9.95 BUT you can collect from various locations , plus it has a 1 year warranty, may well be w… Read more
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Thanks! I've decided I need a 12.5" screen as I'll be taking around with me quite a bit, otherwise I'd have gone for that!

winchman From the EU warehouse


If you've not seen it


Just want to add I bought this (well the 5830)with no OS and it actually arrived with Windows 10 pre installed.


Nope. No HDMI. I have the Venue Pro 8. It's OK for what it is. Certainly not lightning fast. But, as a basic, portable PC, it does the job. The second gen stylus is worth picking up at just over £20 on Amazon these days. It's replaced my Note 3 as my digital notepad at work now .... (Make sure you get a 2nd gen stylus if you do though .... the 1st gen ones were pretty bad apparently)