Mcvitie's Family Circle Biscuits 620G £2 @ Tesco

Mcvitie's Family Circle Biscuits 620G £2 @ Tesco

£2£2.5020%Tesco Deals
Expires on 29/10/2019Posted 8th Oct
1/2 price offer on these ever popular biscuits from tomorrow at Tesco

  • 10 family favourites to bring them all round for Christmas
  • Rich Highland Shortie, Crunchy Oat, Shortcake, Custard Creams, Bourbon Creams, Happy Faces, Milk Chocolate Digestives, Milk Chocolate Finger, Nice, Choc Chip Cookie

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Used to be 670g but now they started doing 620 but good price anyway heat added
Farmfoods still have 2 boxes for £3.00 but as they don't deliver it's no good for all you armchair shoppers.
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these biscuits are really nice. may go and pick up a box.
So, are we just posting each of Tesco's upcoming grocery offers separately now?
still don't really see the point in these. can't notice a huge difference between these and store brand ones, and you can get those for 30-60p a packet of 300-400g each! You could probably get a full packet of each of these for not much more than £2.
Went downhill these biscuits when McVitie took the brand from Peak Freans (Associated Biscuits) some years ago.
Good biscuits but there is not much in this box...

Actually it seems like a total rip off when compared to the Tesco branded individual packs
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McVities need to start selling packs of happy faces biscuits, the fact you can only get them in these is an abomination!
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