McVities Family Circle Biscuits 670g £1.50 at Sainsbury's

McVities Family Circle Biscuits 670g £1.50 at Sainsbury's

LocalFound 26th Dec 2017
Found today at Sainsbury's in Balham, SW London
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Got some this morning at Whitehouse Farm branch Fairfield.Plenty in stock then and dated Oct 2018.
Why would someone vote cold? Surely is a bargain! Anyways HEAT
£1.25 in the Co-operative + 10% discount for Nus holders
I have just finished one box (by myself, without any help ). Trying hard not to buy another box, but at £1.50 a box, it would be too much to resist
50p off what it was previously. Had some a few weeks ago, was disappointed tbh, not as good as they used to be.£1.50 is all they’re worth for that 670g imo
They will soon be 50p as it was last year. Don.t rush to buy them, they are not the best biscuits out there
I agree, these biscuits aren't great. I'm waiting for their own brand box of chocolate biscuits to go down to £1.50 as they are delicious.
They are 90p now.
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