Mcvities Victoria  Biscuit Selection 600g £3.00 @ Morrisons

Mcvities Victoria Biscuit Selection 600g £3.00 @ Morrisons

Edited by:"VCB-160"Found 6th Dec
Mcvities Victoria 600g £3.00 at Morrisons

Fully Coated Milk Chocolate Square,
Plain Chocolate Finger Cookie,
Half Coated Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie,
Plain Chocolate Coated Digestive Cloverleaf,
Milk Chocolate Shortcake,
Choc Crumble,
Milk Chocolate Wheel,
Chocolate Chip Cookie,
White Chocolate Cream Wafer and
Milk Chocolate Biscuit Cookie


Same price at Tesco and Asda.

look raelly nice got 2 today lol

do they just pull these prices out their backsides, i went in yesterday and they were a fiver, i bought some the day before that for 4 quid, i reckon they'll be 6 tomorrow and down to 2 by friday. i mean the 300g boxes were 3 quid when i bought these so this is a good deal

Been £3 for weeks in my local Morrison store... Already eaten the two boxes, I bought for Xmas.

Mcvities is another firm that sold out and us now in Turkish hands. Enjo
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