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Posted 29 December 2022

Meaco 12L Low Energy Dehumidifier & Air Purifier - £199.99 @ John Lewis & Partners

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Meaco 12L Low Energy Dehumidifier & Air Purifier
John Lewis More details at John Lewis

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    Got these in may for £99 no way is double the price a deal.
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    Thank you for posting Hard to find stock of these at the moment. Also, John Lewis' 2 year guarantee is a bonus. Some people who are John Lewis 'members' have got money off codes in their rewards section on the website too, so worth checking.
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    Have some heat OP and ignore any haters. The fact this will still sell out very quickly indicates this is a deal. What they may have sold for a year ago is irrelevant as the world was a very different place back then and these are out of stock everywhere.

    If you are going to take the plunge John Lewis is probably the best place to buy one for their 2 year guarantee.
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    FYI anyone like me who may have been waiting - 12L Arete model is back in stock direct with Meaco @ £179.99
    Saw that but I can't stomach the price knowing that last spring they cost half that.
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    I’m guessing this has been posted rather than a deal but more alerting to stock as dehumidifiers for those looking are pretty scarce at the moment.
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    I can see this is your first post so welcome aboard, however you'll find your deal will be voted cold as there is no perceived benefit i.e. no price reduction; in face the manufacturer of this item sells it direct for £189.99. Just be mindful with future posts to make sure that your post is in fact a deal and does offer other members a benefit.
    A quick Google search tells me that whilst this unit is cheaper from the manufacturer it is of little use when for pre-order so not really applicable, so like all things ATM supply and demand drives up a price as for the op given they joined 4 years ago and has only posted the once I doubt with a response like this they'll ever post again. (edited)
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    Thanks for posting this. Some of the deals I've posted before have been slammed. My logic is, if you believe it's a bargain/ good value, then post it. It doesn't matter if its not well received, it may help someone. You could have taken the easy route and done nothing but you took the time to post this for no gain to yourself......so thanks again.
    As for meaco dehumidifiers, they're pretty good. We've got a bigger one and a few years old and it makes a massive difference.
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    We bought one last year was 1/2 price from Argos really pleased with it does a good job.
    Yeah, Argos sold the 12L for £90 and the 20L for £130. Usually drop in price during spring time.
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    How much was it please?
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    £150 ABC is due in stock.
    How does this one compare please? What makes it £50 extra?
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    Got one for about 4 years now. Good kit however about 3 times it didn't stop when reservoir was full.
    I would not pay £199 for it tho. Arrived£100 mark is good price for it
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    Glad we bought the 20l
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    Back in stock online at time of posting.
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    Still available online and with free delivery
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    5 left as of now online.
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    Paid 80 odds from amazon for mine
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    Good post. No point mentioning the prices in the past. I bought these half the price in March too.
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    This one or wait for MeacoDry Arete® One 12L?
    Thinking the same
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    Thanks for sharing @EdanBrodie