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Posted 30 December 2022

Meaco Arete Dehumidifier & Air Purifier 20L - £259.99 @ John Lewis & Partners

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    Had two of those and got returned because the digital display started to malfunction after a couple of months not knowing what was the actual humidity or what humidity setting I was changing to. Also my second one started to leak.. Other than that it worked well.. waiting a bit before buying again maybe Meaco will have an hardware revision soon.. (at least I hope)
    Just had a quick.look.on eBay and somebody is selling a "refurbished" one, but says that it has this missing digit error too... £305 I think it was for the 20l... I would leave it myself.

    I got the Blyss one that was
    £100 in B&Q 2 months ago, been rather impressed with it, including for small amounts of laundry, (I have a shower and dry my two towels on a radiator with the Unit about 25cm from it, and they are warm and dry in 20 minutes...note that they are only "shower damp" to start with, but it's a good example of how good it is for me, I haven't done the soaked washing thing at all.

    but I do think the Meaco Arete.is worth getting as seems that bit better and the Hepa filter is handy but like.gold dust at the moment.
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    Got a 12L last week from Argos for £180 , it's all you need for a 3 bedroom house. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Great piece of kit.
    I have this 20l and I wouldn’t say it does all my house I need 3 really one upstairs and one down I expected it to be a lot better than it was 🙈
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    Wasn't aware how good this is per comments above. Been looking for an air purifier for the home, appears this is the one to purchase?
    From the reviews I've read, the air purifier is quite basic. I think it's mainly a good dehumidifier with an ok air purifier.
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    What size would you guys recommend for a 2 bed bungalow with conservatory please?
    I run a 12L compressor dehumidifier in a 2 bed detached bungalow and it works fine. It can take days of non stop running at the end of Autumn/beginning of winter, to remove the excess moisture from the fabric of the building. (edited)
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    Which is better at drying laundry? - the 20L arete or the 20L low energy for the same price?
    The Low Energy uses slightly less energy, but it's also noisier. There Arete comes with a laundry specific button (6 hours with target 35% humidity), while in the Low Energy one you'd have to set it yourself. There are some comparisons online if you are interested in more details.
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    We're disappointed with our Meaco 12L as the compressor noise/vibration is terrible. It reverberates all around the house unless we stick it on a blanket.

    Any idea how this compares?
    It might be worth returning the item, mines no noisier than I expected it to be & it definitely doesn't vibrate, is it on the castors that come provided?
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    Absolutely love mine.
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    I got an ElectriQ from Appliances Direct , sure its a 12L model, £115, been doing a great job so far, especially with drying washing, dries a whole clothes horse in a few hours.
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    Back in stock again today for £259.99
    Got one!!
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    25L back in stock at the moment in John Lewis
    Thanks, just nabbed the 25L with 10% off using a JL reward. Will replace a 12L Meaco ABC which wasn’t cutting the mustard in a damp bedroom anymore. 
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    I had my eye on the blyss at first for 143 in screwfix but all out of stock. See a few on appliances direct. Was tempted by the Electriq one but will try and wait for the Meacao 12L. Hopefully get one by next Christmas
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    Finally got a 20L! Thanks OP
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    Finally got one! Really hope it helps with out condensation.
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    Holding out for the 12l Don't need bigger than that
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    Thanks OP ordered!
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    I was waiting for this one, but i bit the 25l one yesterday, just because they disappear in seconds. Dang it!
    Same here 😬 but 25l works better in colder houses so prob suits me better!!
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    Got one. Nice one OP
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    Thanks OP, you legend! Been holding out for one of these for so long 😁
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    Thank you OP
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    Out of stock everywhere.
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    Does anyone know how the Arete compares to my old faithful delonghi dem 10?
    Theyre saying they're good on electric but the dem 10 is 190w
    For ref, it takes 12-15 hours to dry a 9kg load of washing in a bathroom with the door closed.
    I know these are higher wattages at 218w for this variant but might I expect them to do the task quicker?? (edited)
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    Damn, missed it again
    me too bro
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    12l or 20l for 3 bedroom terraced house?
    I have a 12 L for my 3 bed but it's not a very damp or humid home. I would say you'd probably need 20L you have high humidity and any mould problems
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    What’s settings is everyone setting it to, 50% humidity? And what were the levels prior to getting the dehumidifier
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    I’ve just bought the 25L and I’m really impressed with it, only had it a week and it drys a full clothes horse of washing in a couple of hours, it’s also a air purifier cost £299.99 John Lewis with 5 year guarantee 
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    For anyone like me who may have been waiting - 12L model is back in stock direct with Meaco
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    Back in stock - just ordered one 
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    If anyone can find replacement HEPA filters for these in stock, let us know! TIA!
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    How much better is this compared to the 18L?
    I was just going to ask this as well, as Costco have the 18L for £234.
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    Thanks ordered!
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    OOS again
    Showing in stock for me