Meat Loaf Tour Tickets - Presale!

Meat Loaf Tour Tickets - Presale!

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Found 1st Sep 2010
Presale of tickets for Meat Loaf's first arena tour since 2007 begins today. General release on Friday.

All tickets are priced £48, except for the first 12 rows of floor seating which are premium tickets and priced £58 (all tickets may be subject to booking fee) and go on general sale at 9am on Friday 3rd September.

All ticket holders will also receive a special copy of Meat Loaf’s latest CD Hang Cool Teddy Bear with 4 exclusive live bonus tracks, this will given out at the concert.

There is a maximum ticket limit of 9 tickets on this show.…ate


Do you mean telephoning only, cant access website for it

Didn't he have to cancel a load of venues in the UK a few years back as no-one turned up or bought tickets ?

lets hope he doesnt keel over like last time and abandon the tour....

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Big headed, out of touch, nasty guy. I can't stand him. I haven't voted, I just saw the picture of Meat Loaf and it made me angry :p.

never can get the image of him out of my head when he was in fight club with those Huge man boobs

I love meatloaf but @ £48 + £5 booking fee this is NOT a hotdeal.

I'm a fan of his usic, but

a) This is an extortionate ticket price


b) Sadly he's way past his best. First time I saw him live was in 1987 and it was great. Since then I've seen him on 4-5 other tours and he's just got worse each time. He gives it his all but sad to say he just can't hack it these days. That tour documentary a couple of years ago shows just how much he struggles these days. Perhaps that "farewell tour" about a decade ago really should have been just that...

That first line should have said I'm a fan of his MUSIC, but it won't let me edit the post!

Voted hot since the actual deal is the presale which is a good deal for anyone wanting good seats.
Not my thing though....

I would love to see Meat Loaf live - been a fan since I first started getting into music - however that ticket price is just shocking...

I guess they just added the price of the ''free'' cd to the ticket price.

Sorry.. but why would you think this is a HOT deal?

I've always had a soft spot for meatloaf and saw him love in '95 which was amazing.. but come on.. £48.. what the hell? Is this just to cover his food bill?


Didn't he have to cancel a load of venues in the UK a few years back as … Didn't he have to cancel a load of venues in the UK a few years back as no-one turned up or bought tickets ?

No, that was because he had a cold, and the dates were all rescheduled.

Oh, and, yeah - £48? Okay, it's 6 years since I saw him, but I'm pretty sure I didn't pay more than £30 at the time. That was before SeeTickets and TicketMaster started charging a tenner total for booking fee, mind you.

Folks, skip the pre-sale, and speak direct to the venue. You should still be able to buy your ticket with a £1 booking fee there.

Went to see him a few years back and walked out after half an hr cudnt bear it any longer,couldnt understand what he was singing etc

I'm a vegetarian so I won't be going to see Meatloaf...
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