Mecho Tales - Nintendo Switch.  Nintendo eshop. 87p

Mecho Tales - Nintendo Switch. Nintendo eshop. 87p

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Dont know what this game is like but for 87p it’s got to be worth a try.
Was £7.49.
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4/10 on Nintendo Life but it’s 87p so probably worth a shot.
I'm going for 64p* from Norway
Got enough gold coins to get it for free, but still gonna pass on it. Not worth picking up a bad game just because it's cheap. Heat added regardless though
Harry_Thomas27 m ago

Don’t buy this, it’s cheap but there are better games on switch for just a …Don’t buy this, it’s cheap but there are better games on switch for just a bit more

Any recommendations?
Jonnyblock1 h, 10 m ago

Any recommendations?

The two highest regarded cheap games on Switch I've heard about are 'Kamiko' and 'Earth Wars'
Also Fragments of Midnight was good for a giggle @ £2 or whatever it was, but it is very simple.
Slightly more expensive 'Bloodstained: Curse of the moon' and 'Wizard of legend' are supposed to be really good

Sure there's some others I'm forgetting too
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Thanks OP. I felt tempted but I read terrible reviews about the game. I will pass this one.
Jonnyblock1 h, 13 m ago

Any recommendations?

*Earth Wars (i typed Earth Force so you probably couldn't find it ) It's £4 on eshop
I was going to post this today but bought it first. Had gold coins in Norway so got it for 29p. Honestly, I cannot even recommend it for that price.
Saw this yesterday on the store...almost bit but read the controls are terrible. They also have pleague road, by the same studio, going for £1.90 decent sale from them. Not sure if I'm gonna bite there either though...impressions?
Sorry, I wouldn't add this to my library even if it was free. I have the plague road on pc from same company and it's a meh game. Still voting hot for the deal itself
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