Medal of Honor - Limited Edition (PS3/xbox360 pre-order)@amazon

Medal of Honor - Limited Edition (PS3/xbox360 pre-order)@amazon

Found 31st Aug 2010
One of the great pioneers in military simulations returns to gaming as the Medal of Honor series depicts modern warfare for the first time, with a harrowing tour of duty in current day Afghanistan.

Experience modern warfare first hand in Afghanistan
Play online in game modes from the makers of Battlefield
Play as Tier 1 Special Forces or U.S. Army Rangers
Nowhere is safe as insurgents can attack at any time
You'll take control of both ordinary U.S. Army Rangers and Tier 1 Elite Ops Special Forces as you fight enemy insurgents in the most dangerous theatre of war of the modern age. The intense first person combat has been created with input from U.S. military consultants and based on real-life descriptions from veteran soldiers. This allows you to use genuine military tactics and advanced technology including combat drones and targeted air strikes.

Acting as two games in one the multiplayer modes have been created by developer DICE, makers of the Battlefield: Bad Company series. Whether you play against friends online or just experience the intense single player experience this evolves the military shooter to the next level of excitement and realism.

Key Features
Top Tier: The first ever Medal of Honor game to be set in the modern day features U.S. Army Rangers and Tier 1 Elite Ops Special Forces battling insurgents in Afghanistan.
Modern Warfare: Master the state-of-the-art in modern military tactics and weapons as you raid terrorist hideouts, target air strikes and work undercover.
Vehicular Warfare: Make use of a full range of U.S. military vehicles, including quad bikes, Humvees and helicopters.
Authentic Action: Tactics, weapons and equipment are all inspired by real-world accounts and checked by a host of U.S. military consultants.
Good Company: Compete in ground-breaking online combat in a separate multiplayer component created by Battlefield: Bad Company developer DICE.
About the Developer: EA Los Angeles
Originally founded as DreamWorks Interactive in 1995, this versatile developer has worked on everything from Medal of Honor to GoldenEye: Rogue Agent and Boom Blox. The studio was acquired by EA in 2000 and later merged with Command & Conquer maker Westwood Studios.


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Its the same price as the non limited version.

£31.99 jackofallgames


£31.99 jackofallgames

That's all well and good if you don't mind waiting, I had to wait 4 1/2 weeks for 1 game and a friend waited 3 weeks for a different title, although TBF he did order another title and it was only a few days late, all of them were pre orders as well.

M yoda you recon dont bother with joag if you want it on release day ???

Hi is this the same as medal of honor: Tier 1 that is advertised in other stores like game, gamestation.
Amazon link says just medal of honor: Limited Edition. As for a few pence more I'd order from game to get a better edition!!!
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