Medal of Honor (PC) - £7 @ Asda (Instore)

Medal of Honor (PC) - £7 @ Asda (Instore)

Found 25th Apr 2011
Picked this up in Asda today. Been in two Asdas over the weekend and both had a massive game sale going. Looks like they're having a good clear out.

Bioshock 1/2 PS3/PC/360 £6
Fallout Vegas PC £10
Farcry2 PC £3
Conan Expansion / FF XIV £4
AVP PC/360 £5
Hotel Dusk Sequel DS £15
Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice DS £10
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Wii £6
Tons of Wii shovelware for £5-£6
PSP Games for £5

There was tons of PS3 stuff there too but we don't have one in our house so didn't look through them.

That's the best I remember; I had my young son with me at the time who thought it was a laugh to pull all the games off the shelf. Thinking about it, the ones I remember are the ones he decieded he liked the look of :s


Is MOH a Steamworks game?


no it's a ea game so not steam works

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Nah the retail copy of MOH is not steamworks. When installing it asks what DRM you wish to use Online verification (checks in with EA servers) or disk check. You can register the serial with EA if you so wish so the game is forever linked to your EA account (the EA download manager you can get is like a cut down version of steamclient)

Thought as much, thanks.
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