Medal of Honor PS3 £7.99 in store @ Sainsburys

Medal of Honor PS3 £7.99 in store @ Sainsburys

Found 2nd Dec 2011
May be store specific, found in Hayes Middx.

Not the Limited edition but I'm sure it mentioned 'includes MoH frontline' on the cover (correct me if I'm wrong)

Possibly 360 too.
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Picked up one of these.They may be priced at £14.99 but scan at £7.99
This was posted the other day
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This was posted the other day


In my defence I did search b4 posting.
Almost bought for £7.99, but heard mediocre things about this game and I already have MW3. Reckon its worth getting?
It's very short, think I finished in under 4 hours
Picked up one last night from the Richmond store. £7.99 what a bargain.. Yeah includes Frontline in HD!!
Also seen at sainsburys in Westfield, Derby for those interested.
Can confirm they have them in the new Newport store for those interested.

Picked mine up Wednesday night. Didn't have internet to post it up at the time. heated as I think its good value, and I will see what its actually like tonight.

Surely any game, by a reputable designer priced similar of a rental is worth it (well, my excuse for buying yet ANOTHER game)
But.. no one plays PS3.

But.. no one plays PS3.

Checked Glasgow Braehead last night and none in
almost wished i lived back near hays middx to get the price but only for a split second... went there this summer though I was in another country ? is the game defo pal version lol
Played it on PS3, worth it for this price
A very good FPS - quite a bit of depth to it in terms of the options available. I've yet to touch the Tier 1 mode and have just finished my hard playthrough. MP is fantastic too provided you are not hit with lag. When it isn't hit by lag, the MP section is brilliant.
I'm a massive COD fan and really liked Medal Of Honor. Mainly play multiplayer, not going to keep you entertained as long as COD but is defo worth £7.99.
The only thing I don't like is the feel of the controls is slightly different to COD so after playing this I was useless at COD until I got used to it again.
Saw it in my local Sainsburys today for 7.99 as well so looks like it is a national deal
They have several copies remaining in the Exeter, Alphington store.
Hot, thanks Op. Marked up at £14.99 at the Denton store but scanned at £7.99
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