Medela Swing Electric Breastpump reduced from £89.99 to £63.99 at Amazon

Medela Swing Electric Breastpump reduced from £89.99 to £63.99 at Amazon

Found 15th Nov 2010
This was highly recommended by midwife and experienced mothers as their most preferred pump.

Price just dropped at Amazon - at least £15 to £25 or more cheaper than Mothercare, Kiddicare and other sites


good pump!

I read that as 'Mandela' Breastpump! I thought he's branching out!!! Serioulsy though, I remember these when my little un was being tube fed in NICU, good pumps.

Very good pump. Wife swears by this and used it for our two kiddies. We bought it for about £83.00 four years ago so this is a bargain

Best there is IMO... bargain price!!

Medela is the brand hospitals use BTW so this is a superb make.

Is the suction good on any other body parts?? (I can feel yet another infraction ban coming on, these mods can sure be picky!)
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this needs to be hotter!

I am both confused and mildly frightened.

This truly sucks!!
....well somebody had to say it!

Just ordered one. Thanks op

As promoted in Pink's latest video?;)

tesco are doing one for half price 42 pounds . not this make though. also the manual one is 13 pounds.(_;) good find op.

are these similar to the ones farmers use? X)
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