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SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Flap £38 at  Medic Animal
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
Please take it easy on me; this is my first post and I’m still learning! I’ve been looking for one of these for a while and waiting for another half price offer and I think I’ve f… Read more
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You can get it from Fetch for a similar price, and might find it easier to bulk that out with petfood for free delivery. Also from Ocado, if you've been given one of the periodic free delivery savers.


Finally arrived today but need an adaptor to install into glass doors lol Can get from Amazon (£6.49) but is an add on item so now need to spend another £20...


Waiting for them to dispatch mine, still at 'Order approved' status...


Medic Animal did what they said and refunded half to my credit card. Bit of a faf but worth it in the end!


Just checked and now the brown is OOS and the white only has 10% off...I’ve sent an expired request (y)

Chuckit Ultra Grip Launcher 25" Long £9.95 Free Delivery @ Medicanimal
Found 15th Jun 2015Found 15th Jun 2015
Plus 6% Cashback For New Customers or 4% For Existing. Chuckit Ultra Grip Launcher is a long range launcher perfect for active dogs and wide open spaces. Slobber free pickup guara… Read more
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Look at chuckit on Amazon they're certainly the best


Way better than the poundland ones


Very similar to the ones available in poundland!?


Cant see much difference with the poundland version but happy to be educated ?

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Royal Canin Vet Care Nutrition - Neutered Young Male 10kgs £46.90 but 15% off for first order - £39.86 - Medic Animal
Found 23rd Jan 2015Found 23rd Jan 2015
A complete cat food for young male cats which have been neutered, up to 7 years of age. Rich in protein, and with reduced calorie density, it helps your cat to maintain an ideal bo… Read more

i have this for my dog but i use the one for schnauzers great food the vet always comments on his well being


Actually it lasts for ages Had a nightmare last summer when trying to change food. 10kgs is an awful lot of food when used in conjunction with wet food. 10kgs last about 4 months for me. This would certainly be a cheaper option if my cat would just eat this. I tried all the 'better grade' wet foods but my cat left home until I re-introduced Gourmet Perle (even then only the meat variety) This a great deal though


hehe mad isn't it, my cats on a paleo diet, all the mice she can eat from the field at the back of the house :D


My cat would have to go out and get a job before we could afford this, even on sale! :p


Using this all the time so for me a no brainer.

Feliway Disffuser Plug in with 48ml vial - £17.90 (+ £3.99 delivery / free delivery orders over £29) @ medicanimal
Found 25th Nov 2014Found 25th Nov 2014
You can get free delivery for orders over £29 so add a 48ml vial for £13.65. Otherwise delivery is £3.99. Without delivery costs this deal is the cheapest I have seen, cheaper than… Read more

Cheers for posting oO Would have got a load :)


Was this recently? Don't know if my Boots will be big enough....


I got some from boots, yes boots! and paid £3 for spray and £3 for the plug in. I bought a few.

Feliway diffuser 10% discount code + free Feliway spray + free delivery. +topcashback @ Medic Animal
Found 11th Jun 2014Found 11th Jun 2014
Buy any 3 of either the Feliway diffuser or diffuser refills for 10% off. Also free spray when buying the diffuser (worth £9.99) Free delivery And topcashback too! Have you no… Read more
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sooo expensive for these things


Feliway Diffuser Plug-In £19.90 Feliway Diffuser Refill £15.46 Feliway Refill requires Feliway Diffuser. Use the refill to continue to create a loving and comfortable home where you and your cat will always be ‘happy together’. You can add Feliway Spray to enhance the diffuser. Plug and Play: Leave the diffuser switched on continuously. Refill should last 4 weeks


What's the 10% code please? Not seeing a reduction in basket EDIT: added it to OP

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James Wellbeloved Adult Cat Food 6x300g for £2.60 at Medicanimal
Found 28th Dec 2013Found 28th Dec 2013
UPDATE 30/12: Price on website has now been updated to £16.45. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------… Read more

I wonder whether it would be prudent to let them know the sheer number of people that ordered through this deal that are unlikely to remember them favourably after this.


did anyone get any delivered? I got everything else I ordered but not the biscuits. :-(


Well.....I am pleased to report that today I received 4 boxes today; 24 300g bags for under a tenner :3 Thanks OP........I was just waiting for the PP refund and only chased Monday for my order and received a nice e-mail back apologising for the delay


If you have not got your refund then simply raise a PP claim.


mine was also cancelled along with the rest but paypal have also held my funds too?

Feliway cat calming diffuser and refills 16.99 for diffuser and 13.30 refill free delivery! @ Medic Animal
Found 3rd Nov 2013Found 3rd Nov 2013
Helps keep your cat calm. Cheapest I have found was £19 on eBay for just the refill. 13.30 refill with free delivery or 16.99 diffuser inc refill free delivery
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Is that one of the short planks that makes up half of your IQ?


A piece of 3x2 properly wielded is an excellent deterrent to the cat haters too. Heat from me.


i find a piece 0f 3x2 helps keep next doors calm.


Have you tried Gin? - not on the cat - drink it yourself & then stop caring!

15kg Iams cat food £40.75 delivered with code @ medicanimal
Found 30th Sep 2013Found 30th Sep 2013
10% off applied at checkout for 15kg bags of Iam's dry cat food. Apply discount code from home page 'DEAL10' for an extra 10% off! I ordered a 15kg bag of ocean fish and chicken f… Read more
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OMG people, you obviously don't treat your pussys very well do you???


Eh? Alright my maths wasn't exact, its £2.71 a kilo - where did you get these values from? Also, I love that you think £6 a kilo is good value when £2.50 wasn't even low enough for me :|


300grams is about £2.50. 1 kilo is about £6.


Great deal. Voted HOT.


Doesn't seem to be all that good value? A kilo is about £2.50, really not a good deal.

15% off Advantage Flea Treatments until 24th Aug & Free Delivery on all orders £8.58 @ medicanimal
Found 18th Aug 2013Found 18th Aug 2013
Discount applied in basket. I'm always sceptical about these medicanimal deals, as despite these offers, their prices are often still higher than what i would pay normally, this o… Read more
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very true, and another reputable company :) the 3.95 delivery charge is for express, or next day delivery, i've used the service before, very fast. i had the fungal dip i needed for my guinea pigs by 8am monday morning. thanks for pointing out the cheaper price, that's the one dosage i've never bought so i didn't check elsewhere for it!


just bought advantage 100 from the vet think I was charged about £18 never thought about buying online great price and this is tge only flea treatment I think works


Thanks for posting! 8 months worth for the same price as 1 months worth at the vets. It is good stuff and I can't believe how much cheaper this is!


Have a look here before paying for expensive chemicals for your animals


I buy Advantage 40 from the vet and I have to say that I am pretty annoyed to find he's been merrily ripping me off! I'm all for making a profit but ... Anyway OP, many thanks for posting. Just can't believe I never thought to check out prices for this before. Arrgghh! Hot!

Have your sheep got footrot? Golden Hoof - Zinc Sulphate 10kg - £18.85 at
Found 8th Jan 2013Found 8th Jan 2013
Bit niche this one so I'll forgive you lot if it doesn't make it into the " Hottest Today" list. Oh the shame, my sheep have footrot - the usual purple spray not working so this i… Read more

Golden hoof is good stuff although you will need a footbath which can hold the sheep in for 10 minutes at a time- so it takes a while to do a decent sized flock. One benefit you can use it again and does not ruin with Organic matter as does formalin.


I've given this Heat just to get it onto the 'Hottest Today' section!


that was brief (_;)


Stop being a P K Dick I've just read on wiki that Dick dropped out (University of California, Berkeley), which is precisely the defence I will use when up before the Judge for sheep worrying!


Terrible film.

Dogs can have Flamedeer fun too with Rocky Reindeer £5.99 delivered @ medicanimal
Found 7th Dec 2012Found 7th Dec 2012
Jolly Doggy Rocky Reindeer Dog Toy. Every dog will want one of these for Christmas! Squeaky, soft and adorable with twisted rope legs for tugging. Approx. 33cm tall. 5.05 % cashba… Read more
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What? Can someone translate from mong to English please?


Can't add it to basket ! Expired


Usually you can pick things like this up for a couple of quid but I'm still tempted it looks good, But if I have to hear one more squeaky toy there may not be a dog to play with it by the time its delivered. Heat added.


i brought this my dog great toy


Lovely looking item but seems out of stock. My dog would love one. As for Flamedeer, well its a fun idea but I heven't won anything since the primary school running race so I'll just go along with the expectation and wonderment of it all.

2x Purina Pro Plan 14kg bags dog food - Chicken and Rice (also all others?) £38.40 at medicanimal
Found 17th Jul 2012Found 17th Jul 2012
This food is generally roughly £45 per 14kg bag in pet shops, don't know if there's a glitch but there are huge savings meaning that total delivered price (going through checkout) … Read more
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Just the evidence that dogs have been around for 15,000 years and pet food has been around for a maximum of seventy. It's no coincidence that since the introduction of pet food dogs suffer from diseases that they simply should not contract. They are carnivores and shouldn't have to eat this c**p that humans force them to. They should eat meat, organs and bones (all raw). It's very simple, it's how nature intended them to eat. None of this food packed with rice, other grains and veg, all cooked....I don't know if you've ever noticed but dogs can't cook for themselves so why would anybody think they should eat a diet of cooked food??


Bit of an odd comment, ny evidence to back it up? Purina is fed to the vast majority of the dogs I work with, and they generally thrive on it well into old age; my own 2 do well on it, including my 12-year-old Cavalier King Charles who gets itchy, sore skin on many other foods, but does far better on Purina and the vet always remarks on how healthy she is. I'm not saying it's perfect, most food at this price point isn't, but I've fed others of a similar price including Burns (my incredibly greedy dog was reluctant to eat it) and James Wellbeloved (itchy skin and lost too much weight), and prefer to stick to what I know suits them. Yes I'd love to feed the likes of Orijen, but that's twice Purina's normal price. I would be happy to change to another food in same price range if I was confident my dogs would do well on it, but from previous experience my dogs have not done as well on other food. It's nothing like Pedigree etc, which I've seen affect not only the health but also behaviour of dogs (often manic), I've worked with the occasional dog that may be allergic to certain foods but the answer to that is simple, allergy testing, identify the trigger(s), and choose an appropriate food/treats.


Start saving up for the vet bills now!!


Just to follow up, I spoke to someone via their web chat thing on their web site and they blamed yodel for not picking up our order and said the order should be with us with in 2 working days. I then went out to do a job and while I was out I got a phone call from them asking if I would mind paying the an extra £20 as there had been a computer glitch. My good lady told them "I very much he would" but told them to ring me at 6pm, which they said they would. We didn't have any more calls from them and our order arrived today with no extra payment made. Thanks again to the OP


first chance ive got to post , got it yesterday but not without chasing them up.

Effipro Cat Spot On (4 pipettes) only £7.24 delivered @ MedicAnimal
Found 14th May 2012Found 14th May 2012
This stuff is just like Frontline i.e. just as good but a fair bit cheaper. They have an offer atm where you get an extra 20% deducted off the price automatically; then add the cod… Read more

Anyone know what age to starting using this at?


Was just about to order Frontline, I'll try this instead. Cheapest I could find Frontline was £17 for 6 at Animed, so £14.48 for 8 isn't a huge saving but still a saving nonetheless. Edit: Just read some reviews and feedback seems mixed, which is odd given that it has the same active ingredient.

Frontline spot on For dogs from MEDICANIMAL £14.20
Found 6th Apr 2012Found 6th Apr 2012
Thought this was a really good price for frontline for dogs they also have cats frontline from £11.30 Free delivery on all orders plus 5% cash back through quidco Hope this help… Read more
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I used Advantage this year after my dog got fleas last Summer - seems to have worked much better than supermarket stuff! I bought it from here:


Touch wood Frontline continues to work on our three cats. Advantage is now available without prescription - I moved our puppy on to it from Frontline, because it had decent reviews & was cheaper. Fingers crossed Frontline continues to work for our three cats - Fleas are quite possibly my worst nightmare!


Interesting thanks i will have to keeps eyes open to see if we get any visitors, i have been using frontline on my cats and dogs for years with no problems. I have just bought six months supply for them with will last 3 months.


. Frontline has not worked on my two dogs for the first time ever. I also won't be using it again.


I have a dog and my parents have 2, it took us 2 months to get rid of the fleas last summer and Frontline was completely innefective. I repeatedly treated both our homes as well as the dogs and it was competely futile. In the end I went to the vet who prescribed an alternative american spot on treatment which did the job. In 8 years of use last year was the first year that Frontilne never worked and I for one will never purchase it again. The stuff that worked was called Advantage I think but was vet prescription only!

Free £5 Voucher for MedicAnimal ~ when you "Like on Facebook"
Found 15th Nov 2011Found 15th Nov 2011
To help spread the word about how keeps down the cost of caring for the nation’s pets, we’re giving away £5 vouchers to our first 3500 Facebook Fans. As a MedicAni… Read more

Thanks. Just used it to get some worming tablets.


Good offer , pity they don't do products for fish / aquariums which is what I would have use it for


great always use them. will get next 6 months of frontline :)


now its just use this voucher 'facebook5mae'. The first 3500 customers get it or it expires on 29th november


Thanks. You need to send £15 to get the £5 off

Frontline for Cats £10.79 for 3 £17.60 for 6, Free delivery + 10.1% Cashback
Found 15th Aug 2011Found 15th Aug 2011
My cats scratching again so been on a hunt for frontline. (don't know how to put pics up if somebody can help!) Frontline for cats £10.79 for 3 £17.60 for 6 FREE DELIVERY 10.1% TC… Read more

Sorted, cheers 8)


Cheers for the replies. My cat is also a fussy moggy.. He also changes where he wants to fed aswell. At the moment, because its warm, he prefers to alfresco!! Pain in the......


I wish my two cats would eat a variety. I have tried every brand and they only pick at dry food and will only eat Whiskers fish and not even the meat ones. Fussy mogs!


Applaws is good food but also expensive - Personally don't think you can go wrong with natures menu at £18 for 24 pouches.|Brand-|Natures+Menu I feed my cat dry food mainly with some natures menu every other month and a tin of tuna here and there, some will say they need wet food but he is now 3 years old and full of life, the vet says his health is perrrrfect, teeth, weight, coat etc all good. But yes tuna on its own constantly is no good, just nice as treat now and again


A bit off topic I have just discovered that feeding your cat a main diet of canned tuna is not good for his health. I notice they sell appause cat food chicken pouch 12x70g for 9.59. Is that a good product for the price ? He is a mature (old) cat.