Medieval 2: Total war Gold edition. £5 instore @ HMV

Medieval 2: Total war Gold edition. £5 instore @ HMV

Found 2nd Apr 2009
This is Medieval 2 Total War plus the expansion Kingdoms. Only £5 instore @ HMV. In my local store there was lots of copies on the self. Comes with the manual also, (which I like as a posed to manual on the disks).

* Real-Time Battles On a Massive Scale
* A legion of more than 250 new and unique units split over 21 factions, each with their own new special abilities that open up a wealth of intuitive battlefield tactics
* Advanced Combat System: Zoom to the frontline and witness the fast, visceral melee combat enhanced by new spectacular battlefield animations. Troops block and parry attack moves and string together deadly combo attacks and finishing moves before scanning the battlefield for their next kill
* New Explosive Sieges: Embark on spectacular siege battles as huge armies and fearsome siege machines rumble into action. Devastating cannon, pummel imposing defences of fully destructible cities and castles before setting them aflame under the night sky
* Advanced Lighting and Richer Environments: A newly enhanced graphics engine brings the battlefield environment to life like never before. The stunningly realistic landscapes feature detailed vegetation with sprawling settlements. Newly detailed dynamic weather effects beat down on new terrain types illuminated by enhanced lighting that captures every glint and spark as arms and armour clash under a gleaming sun
* Enhanced Multiplayer Battles: New multiplayer battle modes will ease the player's passage to the battlefield and keep the online conflict raging
* A New All-Conquering Campaign: A huge campaign spanning from the years 1080-1530, that will take the player beyond the first Crusade up until the dawn of the renaissance. An extended campaign map will allow passage to South and Central America bringing the player into battle with the Aztecs
* New Settlement Types
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what store was this at?
Kirkcaldy, Scotland.
nice deal
Ready 03;4811621

Kirkcaldy, Scotland.

Yes I was tempted to get a copy when I was in :santa:
nice thanks for this, was looking into buying this and at £5 that's a steal
Bought this a few months back at the Zavvi store that was about to close for £10 and thought that was an amazing price. Haven't played this yet as for some reason I like games that take me years to complete, hence I'm still playing TES IV: Oblivion!
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