Medieval 2 Total War PC Game pre order £17.89 delivered
Medieval 2 Total War PC Game pre order £17.89 delivered

Medieval 2 Total War PC Game pre order £17.89 delivered

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If you liked Rome Total War then this is the game for you. Not released until 10th November pre order now for an incredible price. Elsewhere £20+

From the creators of the multi-award-winning Rome: Total War comes a PC title to take strategy gaming to unprecedented heights of scale and graphical detail. Medieval 2: Total War is the latest and greatest instalment in one of PC gaming's most successful series.

Set between 1080 and 1503, one of the most formative and fractious periods in European history, Medieval 2: Total War plunges you into a turbulent era of religious conflict, brutal hand-to-hand warfare and political cunning. Battle will rage across Europe, the Middle East and eventually the New World as you encounter the mysterious Aztecs.

A massively upgraded graphics engine sees individuals' faces and armour realised amidst the blood-soaked chaos of massed battle, while all-new combat animations bring every do-or-die struggle to life. An overhauled terrain model also brings battlefields, settlements and castles into sharper relief than ever before.

Medieval 2 is steeped in the richness of the middle ages. Fire dead animals into besieged towns to spread disease, ransom or execute captured nobles, marry daughters into rival families to secure alliances, and even fight in the Crusades under the banner of your religion.


* Command the Armies of Europe's Turbulent Past - The game spans some of the most formative and fractious events in European history. The Crusades, the rise of the Vatican and the Pope, the dreaded Inquisition, the dawn of gunpowder and the discovery of the New World are all yours to experience in unmatched depth.
* Unprecedented Scale - Up to 10,000 independent units wage war on screen at once in an epic single-player campaign spanning 500 years and three continents. Medieval 2: Total War is unmatched in ambition and scope.
* Breath-Taking Graphics - A spectacular 3D graphics engine capable of presenting thousands of individual soldiers animated in brutal detail.
* All-new Multiplayer System - Testing your mastery of strategy against friends is now easier than ever, and there's a brand new multiplayer game mode in which to crush your enemies.
* Bigger, Better - Over 200 new unique units, an array of new gameplay challenges, increased focus on the roles of religion, unique settlements reflective of each faction and arduous siege warfare.

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This is a totally amazing price!

However I am not familiar with the seller.

Anyone used sendit.com ?

If it's good news then I to get my collectors edition preorder with Game cancelled asap.
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