Medion 14" Full HD Notebook - £199.99 @ Aldi (free delivery)

Medion 14" Full HD Notebook - £199.99 @ Aldi (free delivery)

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Found 1st May
Seems a pretty decent deal for a full HD basic laptop.
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Thanks for sharing @pbed4d - heat added
I was really hopeful before the 2gb ram. That's going to be a killer for me
For £200 add some ram.
Studksc11 m ago

For £200 add some ram.

I can't find the model number to confirm but there's a good chance it only has one dimm slot. Branded stick of 4GB LP DDR3 will cost around £35.

Personally for that price I'd look at a refurbished Dell latitude laptop which will have a decent CPU, more ram and more storage.

*Edit* as above, looks like the ram can't be upgraded. Go down the refurb route.
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Could have been great were it not for the measly 2GB (unexpandable) RAM and paltry 2-cell battery.

Better off buying a refurb/2nd hand quality laptop, such as Dell latitude or ThinkPad etc.. on ITZOO.

Windows 10 has become real bloatware and struggles on anything less than 4GB RAM.
In reality this is a netbook.
ezzer7212 m ago

In reality this is a netbook.

So can't I use it on top of my lap?
htslough8 m ago

So can't I use it on top of my lap?

Yes, in the same way you can use a dinner plate that way
Windows 10 scales well and this will be fine for it's intended usage and audience. It's a little apples to oranges but would suggest anyone considering this also take a look at the Linx 1020 before pulling the trigger.
The last computers with 2gb ram I had was probably AthlonXP (1gb originally, upgraded to 2) and core2duo (upgraded to 4gb later on). Good ol' times. Cold in 2018 though
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Has anybody actually bought one? I have but haven’t open it yet. I only want it as I’ve got a hard drive with years of photos on it, just wanted to look at them sometimes.

better solution for photo viewing off a 1tb hard drive for less money??? Tia
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