Medion Akoya P36898 PC + 19" TFT - £149.99 instore at Sainburys

Medion Akoya P36898 PC + 19" TFT - £149.99 instore at Sainburys

Found 15th Jul 2009Made hot 16th Aug 2009
OK this won't be for everyone as will probably be store specific but was in Sainsburys in Brookwood (Woking) this evening and couldn't leave this on the shelf. Full specs are from the Medion website where it retails for £299.…596


For info, this was the last (and possibly only) one at Brookwood Sainsburys


nice find for you but i doubt there will be many more,

nice, my brother is looking for one, wonder if there are any in Leics area?

excellent deal such a shame about stock levels. the deals at aldi had 3 yrs warranty but at this price you can buy 2 or more computers but again that depends on stock.

Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Process E2180, Genuine Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Premium, 250GB hard disk, 2GB RAM and Hanns g 19" widescreen LCD-TFT monitor.

Picked up one of these last week from the big Sainsbury's in Enfield off the A10 near Krispy Kreme. Chap in the store said that they couldn't sell them at £250, lowered the price to £200 and still couldn't shift them, and now have lowered the price to £149. Bargain price IMHO, I bought one, and they had one still sitting on the shelf but surely it's gone by now.Worth giving them a call though, as I have asked them to hold items for me in the past and generally they are a cool bunch.

I'm very happy with the system, it can handle 1080p mkv video, and I am outputting it to my 1080p LCD TV to use as media center. It also has surround sound, but I havent got ports on my system to utilise the outputs on the PC.

Graphics are relatively limited, as it will not run aero effects in 1080p, but I'm happy with that.

It also runs very quiet, which is a plus.

Still havent unboxed the 19" 1400x900 monitor that came bundled with it, but will probably retire my 17" 1280x1024 for that and use it alongside my 23"1920x1080 for multi-screen laptop action!!

Ha, I work at that Sainsburys. the last one at Sainsbury's Cameron Toll edinburgh today...the empty box had been on display and was priced at £199 last time i was in (a few weeks ago) but today showed £199 down to £149! A bargain :thumbsup:...try getting a decent 19" LCD Monitor (Hanns-G) for around that price! Didn't notice any at Straiton store but worth asking...maybe hidden somewhere? I think it's only the dregs now...ex-display, as mine may have been.

Does anyone know if you call the customer care line if they will be able to tell you of the availability in store?



Ha, I work at that Sainsburys.


SaintNick22:Ha, I work at that Sainsburys.and..?

Its the latest fashion


try getting a decent 19" LCD Monitor (Hanns-G) for around that price!


Hanns-G are complete trash. Fact is, you can get loads of 'decent' 19" monitors for much less than that.

Still, that is an absolute bargain. And even if you bought them to strip em and sell the bits on Ebay, you would make money.

This should also qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 7 later in the year :-D:-D:-D:-D

I tried 'phoning the branches near me, and none had it.

I was told at Milton Keynes that they haven't stocked PCs since Christmas - these were around £500, they reduced them to £299.99 and that cleared their stock.

Tried calling their customer line, apparently all stores out of stock

telephoned customer helpline they said 4 stores had 1 left each sheffield, mansfield ,hull and scunthorpe . Sheffields was a faulty one but picked up the last 1 from Mansfield. Didnt ring hull or scunthorpe but if u are local to them would be worth a phone call.
Bargain thanks for the post
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