Medion Akoya Premium 15.4" Digital Notebook 499.99 @ Aldi

Medion Akoya Premium 15.4" Digital Notebook 499.99 @ Aldi

Found 21st Feb 2008
I see this notebook is on special on Sunday.

Not so clued up about the value for money aspect but looks very well spec'ed up.

What is interesting for me is two things...

1. These flew of the shelves in Aldi in Munich today. I was staying in an hotel opposite Aldi on the Franfurther Ring this morning and they were queing by 7am for something. at 8.05 there must have been ten people walking out with this laptop...…htm

and it was 699 Euros

Now gives this as £528

so to point 2 we get it for £499.99…htm

which is the first time I have seen something cheaper in the UK than in Germany. It was not so long ago that we paid the same in pounds as the Germans paid in euros.

So maybe a hot deal......



Spec wise it is poor value for money especially the processor. The three year warranty might interest some but not me, voted cold.


not sure about the brand, but from what i can see, it has good specs.

but i think there were some good dell deals out there

Processor isn't hi-spec but first laptop i come across under £1000 that has an eSata port (correct me if am wrong). Excellent graphics card makes up for the not-so-amazing processor. And you got HDMI and spdif too. Voted hot.

Pointless repost of a poor computer from a less than reputable supplier.


award winning supplier.

Do they have a 3 year warranty?

seems a good deal to me - specs are all good even thought the processor is a wee bit off the pace...


award winning supplier.Do they have a 3 year warranty?

yes, all electricals from aldi have a 3 year warranty...

Wow, nice posting on items you have no experience in :idea:
BrrrRRrrrr cold in here :prop:

already posted and that went cold as well.
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