MEDION DAB+ RADIO LIFE E66312    Art.Nr. 50049600A1 £24.94 delivered @ Medion

MEDION DAB+ RADIO LIFE E66312 Art.Nr. 50049600A1 £24.94 delivered @ Medion

Found 21st Jun 2017
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MEDION® DAB+ RADIO LIFE® E66312 (MD 84950)

The Medion DAB+Radio is a modern radio with alarm clock in retro wooden design. Great musical experience music from the tuner, you can enjoy a built-in broadband speakers with 2x2 .

Front panel with all controls, digital blue backlit LCD display and design white cabinet perfectly matches the design of the past. By design, the radio is well suited every modern stylish home .
Other Features

More program - more variety

Reception of digital radio stations in brilliant sound quality with DAB + (Digital Audio Broadcasting)

"+" - More programs in high quality and with accompanying program information such as traffic data, title, artist, news headlines

20 station presets (10 DAB x, 10 x FM)

Automatic tuning and manual tuning in FM mode

Waking up to the radio or alarm

Sleep (Sleep) & snooze function (Snooze)

2 x 2 watts max. Music Power Output (2 x 2 Watt RMS)

AC or battery powered (4 x 1.5V AA, not included)

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£17.99 from Amazon. Cold.

£17.99 from Amazon. Cold.

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Edited by: "bpcampbell" 21st Jun 2017
Why and why would I want this when you can get all the dab and radio stations on your phone or tablet??? Very 19th century IMO!
Sam, serious question, are you a Medion rep?
I only ask because this is the 3rd Medion post in........ how long?

I've never had any of their products so I don't know how good (or bad) they are. That said, the people will speak up if the quality is pants.
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