Medion Erazer X6811 gaming laptop £899.99 @ Sainsburys

Medion Erazer X6811 gaming laptop £899.99 @ Sainsburys

Found 29th Dec 2010
Awesome laptop for the price - ignore the description on the website... it's wrong!! Head straight to the specs - Full HD screen, Core i7 740 QM processor and an nvidia 460M video card with 6gb RAM - benchmarked price against a Dell (Alienware) and it came out at around £1600...

This was originally posted on HUKD at the beginning of the month... it's now £100 off.


The 15.6" screen is LED backlit and offers an HD-ready resolution of 1366x768.

Why?!! Why? Why? That's not nearly enough to really show what this thing can do. I mean, it's decent if you have a laptop only to have it hooked up to a monitor or something, but why not put in a screen of at least 1440x900 so you can actually show more than 1 window at once on it. I don't think the programs I use for work even support such a low resolution...

Still a great price though but as I said, it's mainly useful if you have it plugged into an external monitor I guess.
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No, as I wrote the resolution is 1920X1080 - as per the specs...

Shame it's not a 17"-er or I'd agree with you.


Medion ... hmm

Regarding the resolution - in the product description it states


The 15.6" screen is LED backlit and offers an HD-ready resolution of … The 15.6" screen is LED backlit and offers an HD-ready resolution of 1366x768.

Then in the specs it gives the resolution as 1920x1080. I think that means the screen is 1366x768 but you can output 1080p to a compatible monitor. If so, the screen resolution does let it down a bit, but it is still a good price for the spec so I an voting hot.

svensjr - the spec sheet is wrong on the Sainsburys site if you look closely it lists this model and the X7811 (17inch version with better specs that they used to sell). I have checked with Medion about it. It is an i5 processor 460m and a 768 screen. It is a hot price for what you get. Plus it apparently has dual hard disk capability as well.
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Thanks for your feedback, but I'm sitting here typing on one and the spec sheet is definitely right - the Medion website has an i5 version, which does have a 768 screen, but the i7 version has a 1080 screen and 6gb RAM... no doubt at all

What does let it down is the HD, which spins at 5400rpm and the touchpad buttons which are OK but don't feel quite right = a bit too much force needed to click.
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The 640 GB HDD in the Medion P6624 is the 5400 rpm Seagate Spinpoint M7 HM641JI. I suspect the same one is used in the Erazer. If you read the review of the 500GB version of this drive in Tom's Hardware (see link below) it's a pretty decent & quick HDD.…tml

BTW, Medion laptops are ok. I've had my P6620 for 15 months and I've never had any problem with it. In fact I prefer Medion at they are one of the few manufacturers to use matt displays.

Wow, this is an awesome buy, thanks for highlighting it. Although £900 may seem like a lot of money for a laptop - for something with these specs it really isn't. Even barebones MSI systems can't come close to competing with this.

It's got a directX11 graphics card, 6GB RAM and the latest i7 quad core processor, AND USB3 ports. It's like paying for a toyota only to find the motor of a supercar inside.

I've ordered one straight away, with cashback and nectar points. woo!

I'm seriously thinking of buying this at this price, but i would like some clarification on the resolution of the lcd screen. 'svensjr' says that its a 1080 screen but Sainsbury now says its 1600x900 screen. Which is it? Its strange that they keep changing the specs.

'svensjr', Can you post a screen grab of your desktop showing the 1920x1080 resolution in the NVIDIA control panel? Its not a deal breaker but I dont want suprise's when I turn it on and it cant do 1080.

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Sainsbury's do appear to absolute morons... link to the screengrab is here

Hopefully this will finally clear up the confusion on the resolution...

Thanks svensjr for the screen grab. I decided to order it before you replied before they were all gone. I can't find this anywhere else that sell this. This puts my mind at ease. I emailed sainsbury's but their reply was pathetic, telling me that they are not wrong. This is what they actually replied with "We work hard to ensure our website is both informative and accurate. I've checked our website and I can confirm that the screen resolution is 1600x900." Somebody is not working hard enough obviously.
I'll confirm whether its 1080 resolution when I get it soon.
p.s. Left for dead 2 is a great game svensjr. Will probably be the first game i'll install to try it in 1080. I just love zombie movies and games.

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To be honest, it doesn't even break a sweat running L4D2. Max settings and max resolution and it stills clocks in at 70ish fps. Have to say I don't regret for a minute buying this - hope you enjoy it too!!

I have received this monster machine and it is definetly 1920x1080 resolution. Shame its now out of stock but there may still be another batch before the £100 off deal ends on 1 Feb. Might even get another one if they do. Its a absolute bargain.

Here are my likes and dislikes about this gaming laptop.
1. Full HD resolution
2. Best sounding speakers I've heard on any laptop.
3. Powerful graphics, CPU and RAM combination for any of the current games on high details.
4. Big hard drive and a extra hard drive slot which I'm going to put a SSD in there.
5. Wireless N, Gigabit LAN and Bluetooth.
6. Plenty of connections, USB 3.0 etc. HDMI, VGA, eSata and LAN at the back of the case.
7. Windows 7, 32 and 64 Bit recovery discs.
8. 9 cell battery, which lasts over 4 hours with light use when not playing games.
9. Keyboard. Its not as bad as the reviews make out, but your tastes may vary. Its great for fast typing anyway.
10. Large trackpad with a defined edge around it. Buttons are ok.
11. Wrist rest area left of trackpad when your playing games using the WASD keys.
12. Num pad for gaming.
13. Switch to turn off the windows keys.
14. Light weight for a gaming laptop.
15. Brushed metal top cover so no finger prints and smudges.
16. Smooth hinges for easier positioning of screen.

1. Bright blue power light right in the middle beneath the screen. Any easy ideas?
2. The 2 lights of the switches next to the power light and the 5 lights near the track pad are also too bright.
3. Glossy surround on the display which is a finger print magnet.
4. Reflective glossy screen, but is great for contrast though.
5. Audio connections on the bottom right of the case where you would be using a mouse.
6. Noisy fan, but not too distracting when playing loud games. Quiet when light usage.
7. No bluray dvdrw combo, but that would have upped the price. Looking into a upgrade maybe.

As you can see there are more likes than dislikes, so I would highly recommend any one thinking about buying a gaming laptop like a asus or alienware to check this one out. Even at a £1000 this is a bargain. I have played crysis at 1080 with all very high settings and it was smooth at 25fps. Hopefully it will give me a couple years of entertainment, until the geforce 500 laptops are out. ;-)

It looks like I missed out on one from Sainsburys, for £899, as it is no longer on the website.

Is it still worth £999 from Medion direct? It does come with a 24month warranty and I think the Sainsburys one was only 12 months.

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