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MEDION ERAZER X89015 Gaming 2.1 Subwoofer Sound system(MD 87250) - £19.99 @ Medion
260° Expired

MEDION ERAZER X89015 Gaming 2.1 Subwoofer Sound system(MD 87250) - £19.99 @ Medion

£19.99£59.9967%Medion Shop UK Deals
260° Expired
MEDION ERAZER X89015 Gaming 2.1 Subwoofer Sound system(MD 87250) - £19.99 @ Medion
Posted 6th Apr 2018

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

MEDION® Gamer 2.1 sound system ERAZER® X89015 (MD 87250) Not just for Gaming!


MEDION gaming sound system strikes the perfect balance between

brilliant sound and cool design. The 2.1 Gamer Sound Systems MEDION®

ERAZER® X89015 is a perfect complement to any performance gaming

machine. A generous portion of bass is supplied by the wooden subwoofer,

and prepare for some serious battles that will shake the whole house.

Even music lovers can appreciate the quality and dynamic sound

reproduced by the subwoofer and powerful speakers.


consistently advanced the science of sound, developing magnificent audio

products that are dedicated to quality and durability.

Suitable for devices with 3.5mm audio output.

18 Watts of Amplification Technically

this sound system is “multimedia” , but once you hear it perform,

you’ll realize that it could easily become your primary audio system.

With 18 watt of amplification producing rich, realistic sound, the

MEDION ERAZER subwoofer sound system offers strong bass output that will

make all your music sound great. And with the system “down-firing

subwoofer amplifiers matched to its satellite speakers, you can rest

assured that each speaker will get exactly what they need to deliver

consistent, optimal performance.
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Part of me is tempted to try at that price but I suspect it's awful haha

I don't need it either as I have 'proper' speakers which I suspect will.provide just as much bass as these...

Could be good for 20 quid though bearing in mind what's available at that price range
Edited by: "alexrose1uk" 6th Apr 2018
Don't need it, but I'm very tempted. Damn you OP Heat!
If it's didn't look like a Decepticon I'd get it. More Autobot myself
gaming sub?
Just so everyone knows Medion Shop UK are based in Unna Germany. Their negative feedback on eBay re. poor communication and lack of support when something goes wrong is reflective of my experience with them. m.ebay.com/recfb?sid=medionshop-uk&itemId=&cmntType=2
Edited by: "gazdoubleu" 6th Apr 2018
How can a sound system be 'gaming'?
Also reviewed on German Amazon, seems to get average overall, basically oversized and not much different from speakers unless you max out the sub-woofer. Maybe worth a shot at that price but dont expect anything special
CAL231 h, 34 m ago

How can a sound system be 'gaming'?

sub marketing for gamers - no pun intended!
CAL236 h, 59 m ago

How can a sound system be 'gaming'?

Just has a blue trim so they market it as gaming
Mine is arriving today from Italy:

Next Scheduled Event: Tuesday,10/04/2018 by 23:59
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Export Scan 06/04/2018 16:19
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