Medion Go Pal 4210 GPS Navigation System SAT NAV - £200 @ Aldi

Medion Go Pal 4210 GPS Navigation System SAT NAV - £200 @ Aldi

Found 18th May 2007
This incredible sat nav system is like having your very own co-pilot in the car. It not only takes you to your destination, with Traffic master it recalculates your journey around accidents and delays taking the optimum, most efficient route, it also alerts you to safety camera locations in the interests of road safety and licence preservation.

* Latest NAVTEQ street mapping software
* TMC (Traffic Message Channel) allows you to bypass traffic jams by means of a cost free aired radio information (RDS)
* 7 digit postcode search
* 2D or 3D viewing mode
* Turn by turn voice and visual instructions
* Fast re-routing will handle driver mistakes
* Estimated time of arrival
* Kilometres/miles to drive
* Distance to next manoeuvre
* 16 languages and voice options
* Car/motorbike/cycle/pedestrian mode
* Large touch screen buttons for fingertip/stylus input
* Stylish slim design
* Includes European Berlitz Travel Guide (50 major European cities)

Its a little bit more expensive than I'm looking for but it is a very high spec system, shame it doesn't have bluetooth compatability!!!

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