MEDION P85023 WiFi Range Extender (MD87070) Art.Nr. 50046597A1 £2.99 / £9.94 delivered @ Medion

MEDION P85023 WiFi Range Extender (MD87070) Art.Nr. 50046597A1 £2.99 / £9.94 delivered @ Medion

Found 21st Jun 2017
£ 6.95 delivery
MEDION® P85023 WiFi Range Extender (MD87070)

A Simple to use solution to extend the range of an existing WiFi network within the home or the office. Simply

Plug in the device into a power socket and push the button and your ready to go.

The number of consumer electronic products which uses WiFi connectivity continues to grow, creating a natural demand for wider WiFi coverage around the home from devices which include games consoles, TV's, Printers, smartphones and many more devices. Domestic WiFi routers tend to be sited next to the landline master socket, typically in the hallway or at the one side of the house which is not always the most effective location for distributing signal throughout the building. The MEDION WLAN Repeater can be sited at any point in the home to provide a strong signal and minimise black spots.

Make your choice out of 4 different selectable modes:

WLAN Repeater: just install it within range of your wireless home network – Now you can get connectivity in hard-to-reach areas – No more annoying laying of cables necessary2

Access-point mode: get access wirelessly through your basic modem gateway which doesn´t support WLAN yet2

Wireless Router

Client-mode: connect existing LAN devices and make them become wirelessly2
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Cold. Shipping charges are more than the cost of device. No option to pickup for free (C&C) at Aldi either !
Ordered 2. Free delivery
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