Medion Premium iPod Docking Station - Aldi

Medion Premium iPod Docking Station - Aldi

Found 5th Jan 2009
I've no idea if this is a good deal or not so i thought i'd let you guys decide

Can't find any reviews on the 'net.....

Here's the blurb from Aldi's site:

Work out to your favourite, motivating beats ?his superior docking station makes an attractive home for your iPod, amplifying your sounds, recharging the unit as and when required. Amazing sound quality.

Premium Speaker System for iPod with Subwoofer
Suitable for current iPod models (except iPod shuffle)
iPod charging function
2 ? watt RMS/Subwoofer 40 watt RMS
iPod not included


any word on iphone support?

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can't seem to find any more info that what's on the aldi site, although iphones seem to work with most things i've tried, although you sometimes get a warning and it asks you if you want to turn on airplane mode....

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just noticed that it seems to have a touch/iphone docked in the picture so it could be promising....tempted to get this and if it's rubbish just return it....would be good for the bedroom :-D


any word on iphone support?

I contacted Medion (after purchasing one) the respone i received:

"Thank you for contacting us.

This unit is not shielded from GSM Interference and thus probably not suitable for the iPhone. It has not been tested with the iPhone.

Kind regards"

I hope this helps any potential buyers. Shame really... i took mine back for a refund and will probably keep an eye out for a Logitech Pure-Fi Elite or an Altec Lansing T612!
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