Medion Sat-NavGPS PNA150 Unit  £78.67 inc. VAT (+£6.95 Delivery)

Medion Sat-NavGPS PNA150 Unit £78.67 inc. VAT (+£6.95 Delivery)

Found 14th Mar 2007
Dont know what to think of this but i think it sounds like a cheap sat nav system??

The Medion Sat-NavGPS PNA150 unit is the next generation of Satellite navigation systems that are affordable, yet as reliable as all other units twice the price.
Drive anywhere in the UK, Ireland and western europe and be sure never to get lost as the Medion PNA150 will guide through the most direct route or scenic route to your destination.
However, once you arrive at your destination and are at a loose end, the Medion PNA150 has a built in database of all local resturants and other points of interest and will guide you there at the touch of a button.
With 'breadcrumbs' capability as standard, the Medion PNA150 is choice of a new generation.
Full GPS Navigation System
Voice output
Map material for the UK, Ireland & Western Europe preinstalled on a 256MB memory card and CDROM
Samsung 266MHz processor
Satellite Based Positioning (GPS) with Integrated GPS receiver
TFT-Display with 65,536 colours
SD/MMC extension slot
Windows CE 4.2 (based)

Quickcode: #26609

Technical Details:
Antenna Built-in
Colour Silver
Expandable memory type SD/MMC extension slot
Processor Samsung 266MHz processor
Warranty 90 day RTB


delivery is £6.95 so total would be £85.62

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I have now added the postage costs in, thanks Matt-C

Still think its not bad for a gps system. :thumbsup:

regards to all Billyhl

It appears to be an old model however it is a good price,
At the time of writing this there are only 11 left
You might want to read this thread before deciding if it is for you…t=0

Is it re-ferb as it only comes with 90 day RTB instead of the standard 1 year?

Further to my message above I've just looked on the Medion UK site and the last firmware update was January 2005 which makes me think there may be no more support for this.
Given that the thread I mentioned above refers to freeze problems and not being able to put speed cameras on to this unit, even though the price is tempting I think I'll pass on this one. Another question I have is about map updates and I can't find anything to say if these are available and how much they cost.

Would not recommend this.

This model is very dated-hence the price. The maps are going to be several years out of date plus Medion's support IMO is appalling at the best of times and with Sat Nav Ive found support is everthing. Also with only 90 days warranty you could be left with a lemon in 3 months time

there's a newer model, Medion Go-Pal PNA210-S, going for £99 on amazon ]http//ww…-21

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Well for £85.62 Delivered you are not going to get an all singing and dancing sat nav system, we know you get what you pay for, i was just suggesting that anyone on a tight budget who needs a relatively cheap navigation system should consider this one!. Recommended or not the price is not bad. If anyone can recommend a system as cheap with better quality's then please do so.

regards to all Billyhl

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And considering there was quite a few in stock when i posted this and now they are out of stock i think a lot of people have gone for the cheap navigation option.

regards to all Billyhl

It shows 18 in stock now

These units are awful my brother had one and could do nothing with it, product support is non existant and maps are completely out of date...

He sold his on ebay for 50 quid to someone who hadn't done there homework...I suggest you do your homework about this product before buying it....Good luck..

Does any one know if TOMTOM can be installed on this sat nav.


Is it re-ferb as it only comes with 90 day RTB instead of the standard 1 … Is it re-ferb as it only comes with 90 day RTB instead of the standard 1 year?

I seem to think it might be refurb stock - there are refurb models for sale on the Medionshop website with 90 days warranty


Does any one know if TOMTOM can be installed on this sat nav.

If you would care to look at the thread on gpsworld that I refer to above you would have seen the following

We got a question from a user of this device in Norway:

"Can I install TomTom on this?"

After reading the part of the Rewiew about picking up the WinCE full part, I see a "maybee" here.

Is this possible?
Gunnar Nystul, Forum Admin, TomTom Forum Norway and Nystul Navigasjon

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Sadly no, TTN3 fails because of the Landscape screen orientation. Perhaps the future Navcore version 'may' work but I cannot verify this.
Darren Griffin

Do we know if it has full postcode search and what level of detail on the Europe maps?
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