Medium easter eggs 95p @ Morrisons

Medium easter eggs 95p @ Morrisons

Found 23rd Mar 2010Made hot 23rd Mar 2010
Cadbury Crunchie Egg 167G
Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Egg 172G
Nestle Smarties Medium Egg 158g
Cadbury Crunchie Egg 167g
Nestle Aero Medium Egg 174g
Cadbury Mini Eggs Egg 162g
Cadbury Creme Eggs Egg 177g
Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Egg 172g
Nestle Rolo Egg 224g
Cadbury Flake Egg 153g
Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Medium Egg 220g

They are staying at this price until Easter now!
- cacaroca


95p instore today

Same deal going on in Sainsbury's too!
It seems 'wait and buy' is a good trick to save money on these seasonal items!

same at tescos too

97p in my local

Hhmmm. I might have to sample one or two for myself before I buy more as gifts

Weird, these were just at 96p from 18-21 March at my store...

Anyone know if this offer is still on? Sainsburys and Tesco have ended their similar promotion, but Morrisons don't have a website to check.
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