Medium Easter Eggs all £1 in ASDA
Medium Easter Eggs all £1 in ASDA

Medium Easter Eggs all £1 in ASDA

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All the medium sized Easter Eggs are currently £1, Creme Egg, Caramel, Smarties, Flake, etc
Looks like its instore only for now.


thanks for this, voted hot

I'll be checking this out as soon as I get home. I seen them for £2 each last week, so if this is true, then absolute bargain!

They did this last year-just make sure you grab 'em fast! They limited them to 8 per customer last year.Voted hot!

Oh no not more chocolate, have still got a fridge full of christmas goodies !!

Off to asda it is then...:)

Voted hot !


I just spent £30 thats easter sorted at a fraction of its usual cost.....missed this deal last year.


Yup, just got back from ASDA and there were plenty of eggs there for £1 each.
Varieties I seen that were definitely £1 -

Kitkat Chunky

They had other eggs there as well, such as Terry's chocolate orange eggs that had no price, as well as eggs labelled as being £2 each, not sure if they're in the offer or not.

Yes £1 at Asda Basildon today and plenty of. I saw people buying more than 8 in one go!
In Wilkinsons they are £1.25 for the same size.

In stock at Asda Tipton our Kid ! :thumbsup:

Chocolate orange also £1

Eggs at Hartlepool

Creme Egg
Chocolate Orange

Just been to the Kingsthorpe (Northampton) Asda. Loads of £1 eggs.


lol my gran works in asda got me 10 eggs for £8 with her discount lol


lol my gran works in asda got me 10 eggs for £8 with her discount lol


Asda Lees Killingbeck is full of em.

Do you know when the offer finishes?

I'd guess it's purely a demand thing. They'll allocate so many eggs to get people in the doors, from what I've seen they're restocked daily but the allocation is bound to run out eventually.

my local store says only 12 per person and my son says his in brum says only 10 per person.
i am in coventry by the way.

bit of a swine when u got 8 kids to buy for and u wanna give em 2 each!!!:thumbsup:

You've got kids, so you must have a spouse, that's 24 in total =P

Or better yet, bring the kids in and ask them which one they want and get them another one for a surprise on the day

Thanks for the tip, I have managed to get 10 eggs for £10!


Do you know when the offer finishes?

Staff have been told 14 Feb, though don't take that for granted as seasonal offers can be cut short or extended, pending stock levels, and sales, etc.

Don't worry, a similar thing happened last year and all the big stores had similar offers all the way up to easter. And you know which site is going to keep us all up to date on the egg hunt front

Now back to £2 each in my local asda

I Went To Asda Today At Halifax And They Were At £2 Each Bummer

Missed out on this, buddy
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