Medium selection boxes 62p at Sainsburys

Medium selection boxes 62p at Sainsburys

Found 2nd Jan 2009Made hot 2nd Jan 2009
Medium selection boxes (Cadburys and Mars) reduced by 75% making them 62p.
Instore at Sainsburys.
Don't know how to add pic but I'm sure you all know what a selection box looks like!


i got the Mr T one with 2 snickers, 2 Mars, 1 Twix, 1 mars planets and 1 Mars Delight - for 62p :w00t:

Oh, and a tin of Roses for £2.24 and 2 big Lindt santas for 62p and another selection box for 62p and - I think that's all!

just picked some up and the last 5 boxes from my local store thanks hot!!!!!!

nice ....heat and rep added
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