Meerkats - Part of a Team [DVD] £3.37 delivered using code @ Tesco Ent

Meerkats - Part of a Team [DVD] £3.37 delivered using code @ Tesco Ent

Found 14th Jun 2010
I think we could do with some on our team atm - i've heard they are great goalkeepers lol
Enter the secret world of the Meerkat. Meerkats live dramatic lives - they are both predator and prey, have neighbourhood wars, family intrigues and family support. There are leaders, mothers, nurses and guards. There is domination, extramarital sex and infanticide. But they are only a foot tall.

For the first time Simon King (Big Cat Diary) tries to enter their Lilliputian world and gain the trust and acceptance of these creatures through their dramatic day-today lives. Using miniature video cameras and ground level steadicam, Simon films the meerkats so they appear on screen as the size of humans. Seen this close, the scorpions and snakes they tackle are the size of monsters, and the jackals and eagles that hunt them are like your worst nightmare! As we step in amongst the families, the characters are revealed: the boss, the challengers, the dedicated mothers and the risk-takers. It may look like meerkats are united but is this really altruism? Meerkat life may not be everything it seems.
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