Meet The Parents & Meet The Fockers Box Set - £13.58

Meet The Parents & Meet The Fockers Box Set - £13.58

Found 13th Aug 2006
Two features. In 'Meet The Parents' Greg Focker wants to propose to his girlfriend, but before he can do this he needs to get her father's permission. The only problem is, when her father sets his eyes on Greg he takes an instant dislike to him. In 'Meet The Fockers' the chaos continues when Greg introduces the conservative Byrnes family to his wholly unconventional parents...


i was a little dissapointed with the sequel but the oiginal film was a classic ! well worth having in your collection :thumbsup:

Cheaper to buy the Meet The Parents Special Edition for £6.99 at ]http//ww… and Meet The Fockers at SelectCheaper ]http//ww…htm at £5.39. Total = £12.38.

I prefer the first to the second also De Niro and Ben Stiller a total mismatch that works lol
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