Meet The Parents/Meet The Fockers Double DVD £3.89 @ Sendit

Meet The Parents/Meet The Fockers Double DVD £3.89 @ Sendit

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Not sure if the discount code ( boxset ) works for this.

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The smash hit comedy MEET THE PARENTS is paired here with its equally successful sequel, MEET THE FOCKERS.
MEET THE PARENTS stars Ben Stiller as the unfortunately named Greg Focker, a neurotic nurse intent on marrying his girlfriend, Pam (Teri Polo). But when the couple visits Pam's family home for her sister's wedding, he must first win the approval of her father, Jack (Robert De Niro), an overprotective ex-CIA agent. Before long, the awkward Greg and the suspicious Jack go head-to-head, resulting in hilarious scenes that feature a lie detector test, a suburban car chase, a toilet-trained cat, and a mean game of water volleyball. As the misunderstandings and mistakes reach an almost nightmarish peak, it seems as though Greg may never win over Pam's unflinching guardian. Featuring the inspired pairing of Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller (and an excellent appearance by Owen Wilson), director Jay Roach's clever comedy exemplifies every man's worst fears about courtship. When things for Stiller's character get bad, they just continue to get worse, culminating in a ridiculously funny airport scene. In the tradition of ANNIE HALL and FLIRTING WITH DISASTER, MEET THE PARENTS is an intelligent yet slapstick comedy about the eccentricities of the American family.
Director Jay Roach keeps the jokes razor sharp with the hilarious sequel MEET THE FOCKERS. This time around, young engaged couple Pam (Teri Polo) and Greg (Ben Stiller) are getting their parents together a few months before the wedding. Greg nervously plans out every detail of the trip, only to be usurped by Pam's domineering ex-CIA-man father (Robert DeNiro). Not only has he purchased an RV, insisting they'll be driving from New York City to the Fockers' home in Miami, but he's bringing along his perfect baby grandson. When they finally arrive at the Fockers' house, Greg's parents, Bernie and Roz (Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand), turn out to be sex-addicted hippies and not at all what the Byrnes (DeNiro and Blythe Danner) had expected. With one pitfall after another, the film takes the concept of awkward in-law experiences to new heights, from stories about past sexual experiences to detailed discussion of current ones. What's worse, the Fockers are teaching the baby curse words and weaning him on rum, to the shock of his overprotective grandparents. Every conversation is totally inappropriate and downright embarrassing, keeping audiences braced for the next disaster. Along the way, all six cast members turn in stellar performances, with Hoffman, Streisand, and Stiller leading the charge in true Focker spirit.


Love both of these films!

Desperately poor :-(
Just what is someone with the talent of De Niro doing with t*ssers like Stiller??? Just the $$$$$ ???


Desperately poor :-( Just what is someone with the talent of De Niro … Desperately poor :-( Just what is someone with the talent of De Niro doing with t*ssers like Stiller??? Just the $$$$$ ???

But that's the beauty of it! Well in the first one anyway.

Third one is going to be called 'Little Fockers'. Genius.

Coming up at £4.89 now?

£6.89 now
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