Mega 4 in a line (Connect 4) £99.99 @ Mail Order Express

Mega 4 in a line (Connect 4) £99.99 @ Mail Order Express

Found 16th Jun 2009
The classic game of strategy and intelligence for two or more players perfect for the whole family to play. Ring holders at the sides, can be played indoors or outdoors.


Can't believe any of those prices
I thought it was a typo, 9.99 more realistic for a couple of bits of plastic!!!

It says out of stock aswell :w00t::-D

kerri_ this is the DEAREST!! cheaper elsewere in loads of places...a few here:-

Original Poster

To be fair, all of these other products that you have compared this to are cheap imitations of the real thing. This product is the Rolls Royce of connect 4 and your comparing it to Ladas :-)

Out of stock though!

out of stock, cold and expired
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