Mega bargain: Dell Dimension C521 + 15" TFT - £229 del (from 10 am today !!!!!)

Mega bargain: Dell Dimension C521 + 15" TFT - £229 del (from 10 am today !!!!!)

Found 14th Nov 2006Made hot 14th Nov 2006
Dell Dimension C521 + 15" TFT - £229 delivered from

Offer available from 10am today !!!! Only limited quantity available at this price. If you need one be quick !! Offer advertised in today's Metro.

Use coupon code PCW88M2GRPJ?2G to get this price.

DimensionTM C521 : AMD SempronTM processor 3400+ | Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition | 512MB DDR2 RAM | 80GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM)| NVIDIA® GeForce® 6150 LE GPU

Special price £229, with coupon code, ONLINE ONLY! | Memory - To 512MB (From 256MB) 2 DAYS LEFT! | Free Upgrade to Microsoft Media Center from XP Home 2 DAYS LEFT! | FREE Optical Upgrade: Combo Drive to DVD RW - 2 DAYS LEFT! | FREE Shipping Due to End 29/11/2006.

- hotdealsuk


Hows this deal look?? Used to be clued up on all of this jargon!! :-(

We're sorry, the coupon code you have entered has previously been redeemed.

This is what I am getting.

Looks good. But how do I find the deal? Should the code have a question mark in it?


hey, edi

I've been told that this couple has already been redeemed. Anyone else getting this error?

Typical , i been checking dell out all morning and didnt spot this

I cant even get onto the website

It is only for the first 25 orders... and it seems that they have already had that many. Now expired!

Site not even working for me Good find though for the lucky 25!

Anyone manage to get one?

So hot it crashed and burned! Blinding deal for the lucky 25...

It was working for me at 10am , but because it's so close to xmas , the wife said something along these lines
"excuse me dear , but I think we have more important things to buy in the lead up to christmas"

SO I had to clear my screen :x

Gun! Nooooo!

I hope someone got in on it! What's with the first 25 orders thing. Bah.

Yeah nice find edi Shame they only let 25 go at this price, but their obvious aim to draw people to their other deals will have worked! There've been some pretty good ones over the last week too ;-)

Perhaps they'll run this kind of thing on a weekly basis, with Christmas drawing near...

Original Poster

Thanks Ray

Looks like the site crashed. Fine print does say first 25 orders ;-)

bummer.........left it in basket too long, now my shopping session has expired!

So did anyone get one? Damn shame to you two who had them and then couldnt complete purchase! Anyone know the next best deal to this anywher ein the UK? I am actively searching for a new computer but deals are so confusing

Always wanted to know this. Can these Dell system's be upgraded by generic hardware components in the future or does it only work with Dell branded components?

ahelast - Dell systems can be upgraded with generic components. I know in the past they had odd power supplies but I think they are using generic ones now. Really the only thing that you couldn't buy elsewhere is the case.

Ach poop this has gone now, I ordered exactly the same spec with half the ram for £293 a few days ago!! :(:(:( grrrr

"excuse me dear , but I think we have more important things to buy in the … "excuse me dear , but I think we have more important things to buy in the lead up to christmas"

I think you'll find she was wrong.


I think you'll find she was wrong.

She obviously means beer :thumbsup:

I can't wait till she complains about the computer over the next couple of weeks .....:giggle:

any similar coupons for systems at this spec/price that are still valid ?? ;-)
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