Mega Bloks 100 pcs for only £5 INSTORE @ Asda

Mega Bloks 100 pcs for only £5 INSTORE @ Asda

Found 5th Feb 2009
Hi. Went into Asda last night and saw the Mega Blocks (Large Pieces) for only £5. Originally they were £20 then reduced to £10 in toy sale and now only £5!!!

Item code on reciept is 006554108817

The bloks are in a long plastic bag. The 80 bloks are more expensive.
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Not available online!

I will take a photo of the pack when I get a chance.


Does include only 2 pink pieces for some bizzare reason.
Bargain - heat added
I bought mine from Asda Minworth and they had around 8 more bags on the shelf. It is not store specific. There was no yellow sticker. The shelf had a normal white label showing £5. I was gonna buy a pack last week at £10 but resisted. At £5 I bought 2!
My kids still love these aged 6 and 3. Voting hot - though I don't need any more
Sorry for the poor pic. Camera needed charge so used phone.


I got the 80piece set from the Boots sale for £3.75
Might have to have a look for the 100piece set so its even more
Just been to my nearest ASDA. travelled 7miles and they only had 80pieces for £14.00. When I mentioned the £5 one they just looked at me !!!
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